USA Roadtrip : Daily Blog

Day 13 – 14 – 15


After this it was time for some relaxation. We went to Monterey for some epic chilling. There are a few things that we did that are worth mentioning :

-Monterey Bay Aquarium : this is the most beautiful aquarium I have ever seen. I saw fish, octopus and jellyfish that I had never seen before. It was a very clean and magical aquarium. 

– Clam Chowder. This is a typical dish that my dad really likes. People eat this soup in a big bread and after they drank the soup they eat the bread. I am not a big fish fan but because my dad said that it was so good, I gave it a try. It was delicious!

– Normally we were going to Big Sur but because of an enormous fire that was going on south of Monterey, the skies were filled with smoke and we could’t see anything. And the smoke is also kind of dangerous. So sadly, we couldn’t do this but I will come back to see this magnificent place one day.

Day 12


This park blew my mind. This is the most beautiful park I have ever seen! The nature in this park is just magnificent. It is so beautiful that it doesn’t seem real. We took 2 hikes in the park and they made me realize two things. One : there are so many beautiful places in the world, and we take our planet for granted way to much. Second : I need to do more sports because the last hike was very heavy for me :p . I saw some wild Deer. These animals are so majestic and these animals are now one of my favorite animals in the world. My favorite is still the white tiger though 🙂 . The views that I experienced were so beautiful that the park will definitely see me again. 

Day 11


Today we walked through the forest with the biggest trees in the world. (We did one trail called the Big Trees Trail). They were so big and tall. It makes you think about how small we actually are. We are just a small piece of an enormous puzzle. It was extremely beautiful. We hadn’t seen any green for 10 days and this was a very nice change of scenery. It was very beautiful and definitely worth the visit. We saw General Sherman Tree. It is the biggest tree in the world! I had high expectations and the tree didn’t disappoint. It was magnificent to see. After our visit we drove up to YOSEMITE. 

Day 10


This was yet again, a car day! We drove for about 6 hours and made one stop at a Ghost town called Calico. This was so epic! When you take a roadtrip through these parts of the USA, you just have to see a ghost town. It was very western. There was a saloon, old stores and an old mine. It was very hot but this was one of my favorite stops in the USA.

Day 9

Today was a very long drive. We sat in the car for about 7 hours. Destination : Las Vegas. This city… This city has two faces. You have the happy, fun side. People from all over the world take planes to this city, to have fun, to celebrate that you are getting maried, for birthdays, to party and to have the time of their lives. By night, this city looks like a party heaven. Beautiful lights everywhere, so many kinds of foods, everyone seems to have fun and the hotels are extremely original and fabulous. You see limos, big hotels, women in beautiful dresses and there is even one hotel with tigers in its backyard. But when you look closely, this city is actually really sad. It gave me such a sad feeling. You see so many people sleeping in the bushes, smelling like they haven’t washed in ages. You see people asking for money. But you know that they will not use the money for food or for water. You know that they will go to a casino and sit there all night while watching their money disappear. I saw one guy, sitting at a gambling machine, with his guitar next to him. He probably made some money by playing some songs on the busy Las Vegas streets only to lose everything once again. You wouldn’t think it, but this city is one of the cities with the most suicides in the world. People go to this place, not only to have fun. There are so many people that go to this place just because they want to try and win some money. They want to try and get lucky one last time. And when this doesn’t happen, they just give up. This city gave me such a weird feeling. It gave me a wow-feeling because when you walk through these streets you don’t know where to look first, but it also gave me a very sad feeling. But I am happy that I saw this city. It was very eye-opening and it’s something you have to see in your life. 

Day 8 

Today we drove to Monument Valley! We took a horseback ride through the valley, and this was one of the most epic experiences of my life. At first I was a little afraid because of rattlesnakes that could possibly scare my horse. But after a few minutes, my fear faded away. The horses took us to some magnificent view points in the middle of nowhere. It was very nice because it was extremely silent. It was relaxing and it made me think about how beautiful the world actually is. The fact that I was horseback riding through the places where there used to be cowboys sitting on their horses, gave me an amazing feeling. It is definitely something I recommend to everyone who visits this beautiful valley!

After this we went to the hotel and I drank some delicious Strawberry/watermelon mocktail (no alcohol because you can’t drink when under 21 years old in the US, yay.. 😉 )

Day 7 

Today we went to Antelope Canyon. We had to book a tour and we went to the canyon with jeeps. The indians only allow a limited amount of people to go visit the canyon to keep it well preserved. We sat in open air (like a safari jeep). It was a really bumpy ride but it was really fun! The canyon itself was beautiful. I haven’t seen anything like this in my whole life. We could walk through the canyon and it was an amazing experience. Our guide was a small chubby cute indian woman. My boyfriend hit it off with her immediately and she helped us take some amazing pictures. We have some epic footage from this magical place.

After this unforgettable experience, it was time for the Kajak tour. It was very fun and we had a very funny surfer guy kind of guide. We splashed each other till we were soaking wet and my boyfriend also Cliffjumped (also had a mini-heart attack at this particular moment). We swam in the lake and I have to say that this is the nicest lake I have ever swam in. It was very warm and very clean. It is definitely something you have to consider doing when you visit Lake Powell, it was a very fun experience and I have some amazing GoPro footage to prove it to you guys! After this amazing day we headed for some delicious pizza’s to end our day perfectly.

Day 6


The first thing we did was The Horseshoe Bend. When we arrived at the parking there was a big sign warning us for extreme heat. This scared me a little but I really wanted to see this place so I just did it. It was a 2,5km walk in the hottest weather I have ever experienced. The walk to Horshoe Bend was not too hard. The view was magnificent. It was just liked I thought it would be. It was beautiful. But I was a bit scared because there was much wind. My boyfriend has a new camera and he wanted to make some nice pictures. He wanted to stand on the edge and my heart stopped a few times. After watching this nice scenery, we had to walk back to the car. Extreme heat, uphill, wind. It felt like I was walking towards hell. We didn’t have much water left and I was extremely out of breath. But I survived, the view was worth it. 

Normally we were going to take a Kajak tour that day too but due to too much wind it was cancelled. It was moved to the next day. So we decided to relax a little bit at the pool with a view over Lake Powell. But first we went to Big John’s Texas BBQ and I ate some delicious BBQ tacos. The meat had been in the BBQ for about 17 hours! 

Day 5


We went to 3 view points : 

1. Mather point : This is the closest view point to the visitor center and also the most popular one.

2. Yavapai point : this one is about 1 km from Mather point. Vert beautiful views here!

3. Desert view : we drove to this point to instead of walking because it was too far away. 

The Grand Canyon. Where do I begin. This place is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It is so majestic and big, it seems like it’s a painting… Like it is not real. I was a bit scared when I stood near the edges but after a while my fear decreased. The views were magnificent and this place is one of the places you have to see before you die, definitely. You can’t stop looking at this beautiful scenery and I will definitely go back there one day with my kids. 

Day 4 

Today we went from Needles to Grand Canyon. First we drove to Kingman, a typical route 66 town. We drank some delicious Banana milkshakes in a diner, and the diner made me think of Back to the Future! It was amazing! Then we drove along the historic route 66 and we experienced some beautiful views. We went to Wopatki National Monument (indian ruins) in the middle of magnificent scenery. It was really nice because we were all alone and the sunset gave this place a magical touch. It was really fascinating to see how the indians lived back in the day. I really like the Native American culture, they go back to the little things in life and that way you can see that every little thing in life matters. After that we stopped at a trading post where they had very cool Indian/Navajo stuff (most of it handmade). We ate some Navajo Tacos and they were delicious

Day 3 

As we drove away from Los Angeles the Temperature went up and up and up. Soon it was already 45 degrees. So hot!! I almost melted (true story). This day was mostly a day on the road although we did some stops along the way! 

– Palm Springs (famous for hosting the Coachella Festival) : we ate some delicious burgers here!

– Joshua Tree national park : Joshua trees are a combination of cactus and palmtree (absolutely beautiful!). First we went to Indian cove (rock formations where indians used to live, it is very breathtaking and majestic). After that we drove through Joshua Tree National park. It was mice because we were all alone and that gave us a very special feeling. The scenery was very nice altough the temperatures were very very high! 

We slept in Needles, a typical Route 66 town. Today we continue our adventure to Grand Canyon! 

Day 2

UNIVERSAL HOLLYWOOD! I went to Universal Orlando  last year and most of the attractions were the same but that didn’t make it less cool! The wizarding world of Harry Potter blew my mind once again! This park is so epic, every detail is perfectly made. I can’t even imagine the amount of time that has been spent to make this park. The hollywood studio tour absolutely blew my mind! I love movies and to see where they are made was an experience of a lifetime. Also the King Kong 360 3D experience was incredible. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it felt so real! The technology of today is absolutely unbelievable!

The Universal Parks are so amazing and so worth your visit! It has attractions for everybody! It has many epic 3D rides and it also has classical rollercoasters. These parks (together with the disney parks) are my number one Entertainment park in the world!

Day 1 

The day after the flight ( the day of the flight we didn’t see anything because of tiredness). Today we explored Los Angeles. We started by driving through the streets of Beverly Hills. We spotted some celebrity tour busses and decided to follow one of them. But that didn’t really work out because we lost him after 10 minutes. The streets are beautiful and the houses are enormous. I love the palmtrees!! I wish I could afford one of those houses! After that we went to Rodeo Drive and we looked at some expensive stores. This is also a very beautiful street, altough the stores are way too expensive. It gives you a monaco kind of feel. After this we went to Hollywood Boulevard. Most people told me that it is not as cool as you think, but I actually found it really nice! The Dolby theatre, the Chinese theatres, the walk of fame,… As a movie/series freak, I found this street very nice and I didn’t think it was overrated. But it was very very crowded. There was always somebody in my way, but it didn’t really matter because I really liked the experience. And then it was time to head to the beach and the Pier. The famous Santa Monica Pier! There was a really nice vibe. The sea, the wooden pier, the rollercoaster, the fresh sea breeze and the beach in the background. It looks exactly like what you think of when you think of California! It’s amazing. To end the day, we took a walk on the Venice beach boardwalk. 

I really like the Los Angeles vibe. Everybody seems so relaxed. It has a nice beach city vibe and I could really see myself studying here! (In UCLA : we also paid a quick visit to this amazing university. I fell in love with the campus and I bought myself a super cool sweater! Maybe in a few years I will be walking the streets of this awesome university!) 


Hi. This is a daily blog on which I will keep you guys up to date on my incredible adventures in the U.S.A.. I’m going on a roadtrip to the West coast of the USA. You can also follow me on snapchat (laura_lachertje) and on Instagram (@lauralynnsworld)

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