The Exam Survival Guide by Laura Lynn

Hi guys! It’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted. Yet again my apologies. But I have my reasons being studying and exams. Today I’ll be talking about my main tips to survive the exam period. It’s been a highly requested blogpost so here we go!

  • Put your phone aside! I know this is a very hard one but it’s the most important one of them all. Even tho you may not want to admit it, I bet that your phone is your biggest distraction during exams. I am 100 percent more productive when my phone is in the other room so that’s my number one biggest tip! You can only use it to watch my Live StudyBreak on Instagram at 16:00 every day. But that’s it guys!
  • Make a checklist. This is my number one strategy during exams. I make a very comprehensive checklist with all of the things I still need to do for a certain course. There’s nothing more fun than crossing of something of your to do-list during exams. It gives you more motivation and it gives you the feeling that you’re getting shit done and that you want to keep getting shit done. My checklist is very big, f.e. I make a checklist of how many pages I still need to read. 1-20, 20-40, … Each time I read 20 pages I can check of one of my to do’s! It’s great and it motivates me a lot! It also helps me to get an overview of what I still need to do. It helps me from panicking about what I still need to do and it helps me organize the chaos in my head. It also helps for procrastination! It’s a lot easier to finish a small task then to start with a big task that doesn’t seem to have an ending.
  • PLAN PLAN AND PLAN. Make a plan for yourself. If you need to finish those 50 pages that day, you will finish them because you need to finish something else tomorrow. It really motivates you if you have a plan because you’ll really want to stick to it! But don’t be to hard on yourself if you didn’t finish what you had to do that day because you’re still human and some days you’ll just have an off day.
  • Drink a lot of water. It not only helps you concentrate more because your brain needs water, it also helps your body be healthy. This way you can feel good about your healthy lifestyle and stay focused and energized during studying.
  • Coffee helps every time! But not too much guys!
  • Eat healthy! It helps you be more energized and more concentrated and it takes care of your body!
  • Get enough sleep. It’s very important to SLEEP during the exam period. It helps you stay focused during the entire month full of exams and it helps your brain remember everything better (scientifically proven fact guys, look it up!).
  • One of the things I like to do is work out. It keeps my stresslevels low and it helps me feel more energized and that helps me to study better and longer without being distracted. You don’t need to do a big workout of two hours because you know, AIN’T NOBODY GO TAIM FO THAAT. But just a half an hour workout can help a lot!
  • Treat yoself once in a while. Give yourself a treat if you studied well that day. Watch an episode of your favorite series or eat some ice cream. You deserve to enjoy life during exams and you deserve to be rewarded for all of your hard work. This refuels me at the end of the day and helps me to study even better the next day.
  • Keep a calendar. Cross of every study day you have and it will keep you motivated. This horrible period WILL END. Just kick ass for a month and you won’t have to study for another 3 months or so! Every day you cross of a day on your calendar, you are one step closer to freedom.
  • Tell yourself that you can do it. Hang up some inspirational quotes above your desk and tell yourself that you really want to succeed. If you just work hard this month and give it your everything, you won’t have to study during summer! Wouldn’t that be great!!! Keep in mind that it’s just a few weeks of working your ass of and after that you can lay your fine ass in a beach chair all day. After rain there is sunshine people. Keep a positive mindset and work hard to get a big reward afterwards.
  • Take a break from time to time to recharge your brain. It will only help you remember more if you take a break once in a while. Take a quick shower or go for a walk. Don’t check your phone as a break. Let your brain just rest for a little while.
  • If an exam didn’t go the way you planned and you don’t think you’ll pass, don’t get to worked up about it. It’s important to stay focused and to try and nail all the other exams coming your way. Don’t get kicked down by one setback but try to learn from your mistakes and kill the rest of your exams. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t be to hard in yourself and move on to the next one.
  • Try to have fun studying. Recite your textbook to your cat or make a color book out of it (the textbook, not the cat lol). Studying can be fun. Be positive and the exam period will be over in no time
  • WATCH @LAURALYNNSWORLD LIVE STUDY BREAKS EVERY DAY AT 16:00. This is the best tip I can give you lol.

Okay so these were my best tips. i hope you got something out of them and GOOD LUCK during this study period!


Laura Lynn

LauraLicious’ Study Tips


Hi guys, It’s been a while since I’ve posted but that’s not my fault. The crime is committed by my books and my professors. But since I have a little time now, I thought it would be nice to give you guys some very effective study tips to get you through this rough period! These are the things that help me the most!

1. Make sure that your little mini-office is organised. 

It’s very important that you have a clean working place. It’s best to not have any distractions, so I recommand that you clean up everything. The only items that may be in your sight, are your markers and your books (and maybe your laptop WITHOUT your wifi on 😉 ). It gives you a fresh and professional feel and it helps you concentrate. So guys, make sure to throw away your garbage as soon as possible!

2. Motivational quotes

Put them everywhere. Put them on your phone, on your laptop and on your Ipad. Hang them on the wall next to your bureau or hang them on your mirror so you can see the quote all the time. It is proven that this really works and motivates you to keep going.

3. Hydrate!

It’s proven that water boosts one’s mental performance. It keeps you hydrated and it’s extremely healthy (if you drink enough water throughout the day, you might even lose some pounds). It helps the brain function more and you will have a lot more concentration. If you don’t really like water, you can always make it more fun by putting fruit into your water bottle. It not only gives your water a very nice taste, it also gives your body some very good extra vitamins. My favorite fruit water is water with mint and lemon in it. It is very fresh and healthy. Just put the fruit in your water (you don’t need to add anything else), shake your bottle a few times and enjoy!


Your phone is your worst enemy when it comes to exams. He keeps screaming your name until you give in to its powers. It’s best to put your phone some place you can not see it. And definitely shut down your WiFi. It is proven that every time you get a notification on your phone and look at it (even if it is just one second), your brain needs to start all over again when it comes to concentration. It can take over 15 minutes untill your brain is back in full study mode. So guys, just throw it out of your room.


5. cuddles

When you are tired of studying or when you are just done with your books, just go and find yourself something or someone to cuddle. I always cuddle my cats, when I’m feeling demotivated and they always give me the strength to go on. If you don’t have any pets, you can cuddle your mom, your brother or even your teddy bear. Thanks to cuddling, your body produces a hormone that makes you feel more happy. And when you feel happy, you feel more motivated to go on!

6. Sleep

You need to sleep at least 8 hours a night. It is healthy for your body and it can make sure that the brain has enough time to store all of the information in the right place. You’re going to remember a whole lot more when you have slept enough and you will be able to start a new day with a fresh head.

7. Breaks

Make sure that you take enough breaks. Not only does it give your brain some time to process everything, it is also good for the body to get out of your chair once in a while. When you take a break it is very important that you do something that is not hard on the brain. Do something literally brainless. Take a stroll in your garden, lay on your bed for a few minutes or make yourself a smoothie. But don’t take your laptop, don’t watch tv nor grab your phone. Make sure that your brain has some time to catch his breath.

8. Take a bath

It’s very important to relax now and then after you’ve studied all day. The best way for me to relax is taking a bath with a bathbomb (If you want to know which bathbombs are the best, check out my post about Lush!). But you can also relax by doing sports or yoga. Everyone has its own way to relax but this is my favorite way!

9 Don’t talk about your books

When you talk to your friends about what you have already studied and what you still have to do, your friends have ALWAYS done way more than you. Out of personal experience I highly recommend to not talk about those things with your friends. Talk about other things like movies you’ve watched or things you’ve planned for after the exams. But don’t ask her/him, How far are you in your books? Still got a lot to do?? Because I can guarantee you that you will get even more stress from it.

10 Make a summer bucket list

Make a list of what you are going to do this summer and about what you want to do. Set these things as goals and think about this for a second… If my exam results are good, I will have an amazing summer. Write everything what you want to do down and hang this paper in front of your desk as motivation. I am going to the USA and ROCK WERCHTER. So I wrote down : buying a tent for festival, buying new clothes for the US, buying stuff for my go pro, buying cool festival items… You can do this when you are taking a break, and it will give you the motivation to go on and ace those exams!

This is a summer bucket list you can print out and use for yourself!


I hope my tips helped you a lot and good luck with your exams! (Please like, share and follow my blog and instagram if you loved my post)


Laura (liciouss)