Nine Favorite Christmas Movies.


Sorry that it’s been a such a long time. But because of my terrifying exams getting closer and closer (SO STRESSED), I need to spent most of my time behind my desk. I don’t really have a life at the moment so I don’t have very thrilling and interesting things to tell you guys. But because I’m such an incredible Christmas Freak, I am going to devote my blog to my favorite christmas movies. You might know this already but I’m a huge movie addict and I love watching the best movies over and over again. The combination of MOVIES and CHRISTMAS is a little bit of heaven for me. So here are my 9 favorite Christmas movies. I strongly recommend you watching them, you will definitely not regret it!


This Christmas movie is definitely my favorite christmas movie of all time! Why, you might ask? Well, let me tell you!

  1. I love British movies. I just love(!) the British accent and I find that British Christmas movies are the best Christmas movies there are.
  2. I love Hugh Grant. This guy is one of my favorite British actors. I adore his accent and his acting skills. The role of prime minister in this movie is just made for him.
  3. I really like the concept of different stories that are mixed up and come together at the end of the movie. I also like ‘New years Eve’ and ‘Valentine’s day’.
  4. I love the song at the end of the movie! This song is my favorite christmas song. (All I want for christmaaaaaaas, iiiiiiiiis yoouhoooooou!)
  5. I also love the actor that plays the little drummer boy. I already loved him but when I noticed that he plays in ‘the maze runner’ and in ‘game of thrones’ as well… I loved him even more. Also, his accent is to die for.
  6. I just love romantic christmas movies and this movie is just one of the best combinations of love, friendship and christmas there is. Many people might agree with me.
  7. I also love Liam Neeson. But beware : He will always find you … and Kill you (reference to the movie ‘Taken’ for the non-movie addicts reading this blogpost )

It’s just a lot of love for ‘Love Actually’ !!


A Christmas Carol. 

A DISNEY movie about CHRISTMAS written by CHARLES DICKENS in which the leading role is played by JIM CARREY. AND you can watch the movie in 3D every CHRISTMAS EVE. I don’t think that I need to explain why I ADORE this movie. I watch this movie every christmas eve, and it never gets old.

Home Alone. 

This one might not come as a shock. But Yes, I really enjoy this movie. This boy can always make me smile. The way he stopped those christmas criminals is unforgettable.



I’m an enormous Disney fan and I have always cherished the disney princess movies. I might be an adult but I will never stop admiring Disney movies. And when this movie came out, I couldn’t wait to go see it. A SnowQueen. Addictive Songs. A talking Snowman. An adorable reindeer that reminds me of my dog. That’s all I need.


The holiday.

I love this movie because it’s partly filmed in England and partly filmed in L.A. I adore both these locations and I have a little crush on Kate winslet. This is a typical romantic movie with a touch of christmas magic. I love the story line and this movie is really nice to watch with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

ps : I love Kate Winslet.


The nightmare before Christmas.

As a Disney addict, this one can’t be forgotten. Tim Burton movies are beautiful and I really enjoy watching them. Halloween and Christmas are my two favorite holidays and a movie that combines both must be epic right? Well, it is EPIC indeed. The songs are really good and I always sing along when I hear them. I really adore the story line and I will never stop watching this beautiful disney movie. It’s a real classic.


The Grinch. 

When I was a little girl, i was terrified of this green monster that stole christmas. But when I got older I started to really like this movie. I started to love the characters and the story more and more. And the fact that Jim Carrey (one of my favorite actors) plays the lead in this movie, makes it complete. This is a beautiful story about a green monster/man that wasn’t loved enough and became very bitter. But when a little girl teaches him about love and the christmas spirit he begins to realize he was wrong about the world.


Christmas with the Kranks.

I really watched this movie TOO much. It’s a really funny family movie that will make you laugh every time you watch it.


Get Santa.

I just watched this movie last week. And I fell in love with it immediately. It’s a movie about Santa that crashes with his sledge and when he tries to get his reindeer and go back to the northpole, the police puts him in prison because they think he’s a crazy Santa claus wannabe. One little boy and his father make it their mission to save Santa and most of all save Christmas. This movie is British and that’s one of the reasons I treasure it so much. It’s very funny and very relaxing. It reminds you of what Christmas stands for, what love is and mostly reminds you of the fact that even the baddest people in the world were once just little boys and girls asking Santa for bikes and dolls.




I hope you liked my blogpost and that I gave you some great ideas for some Christmas/fireplace/hotchocolate/movie-nights 🙂


See you next time!


Bond… James Bond.


Long time, no see.

Today I’m going to talk about London and about the new movie ‘Spectre’.


Yesterday I went to see Spectre, the new blockbuster from the James Bond series.
This movie has everything a Bond movie should have. Beautiful and intriguing women, spectacular car races, bloody gun fights and marvelous suits.

This is one of the best James Bond movies yet. Before I saw this movie, ‘Skyfall’ was my absolute favorite because of the breathtaking scenery that was used in the movie. Scotland, so beautiful! Because of the beautiful location that was used in the movie, I thought this was definitely going to be the best James Bond film ever made… But then I went to see Spectre!

The movie starts in Mexico. James Bond is walking around Mexico City during ‘Dias de los muertos’. Not only do I Love Mexico (especially the food (I’m a real guaca-monster)), I also LOVE this holiday which celebrates the dead.  So, the movie immediately had my attention. The first fight scenes were very nicely filmed and you couldn’t get your eyes of the screen. After that first scene, just like in every James Bond movie ever made, the intro song started playing. Normally I really like the James Bond theme songs, but this time I was disappointed. I didn’t really like Sam Smith’s song…

But that’s the only negative thing I can say about SPECTRE. The plot is very good, everything falls into place. You can tie different movies together. The new Aston Martin is MARVELOUS. I didn’t understand that boys could fall in love with a car. But I changed my mind because yesterday I fell in love with the new model from Aston Martin. The car race which took place in the heart of Rome was magnificent and it was definitely my favorite part about the movie. And as if it couldn’t get any beter… James Bond went looking for clues in Austria. The snow, the mountains, the sky… definitely as beautiful as the Scotland scenery.

What I also loved about the movie is the performance from the actor who played Q. I am always very impressed by gadgets and the way Q tries to find clues is very nice in this movie.

Although most James Bond movies are extremely predictable… (Bond always gets the woman, Bond always wins the car races and  James just ALWAYS wins) … the movie was really good and less predictable than any other James movie ever made. I was extremely suprised and I’m not planning on watching this movie just once.


I was already planning on going to London this year with my boyfriend. And after seeing this Bond movie, I really really really want to go. I also want to go before the new Harry Potter Spin-off comes out. I already went to London once, but my boyfriend never did… So this is the perfect opportunity to hop on the Hogwarts train. I can’t wait to drink a warm cup of tea with a delicious piece of cake. I can’t wait to walk through the enchanting streets and talk like an intelligent English(wo)man. I can’t wait to visit every Harry Potter location in London there is. I can’t wait to hear the sentence “MIND THE GAP” 87 times a day. I can’t wait to go drink a refreshing beer in a small and intimate pub. And i definitely can’t wait to just stroll around in the small and bumpy streets in London.

One of the other reasons I want to go back to this magical City, is because I have never been to WARNER BROS STUDIOS (the place where they filmed most of the scenes in the Harry Potter movies) and I also want to buy some new wands to add to my small collection.

Hope you enjoyed my little blogpost about Bond and London. I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and lay down in the sofa.

It is our choices… that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
– Quote by Albus Dumbledore

A little bit of scotland!


Today I’m going to talk about Scotland! We went there for about a month so there is A LOT to talk about. A little bit too much to talk about actually… So this is what I’m going to do.

I’m going to talk about the things I loved the most about Scotland.

First of all, what I really liked was the fact that you can visit places they used in the Harry Potter series. You may not know this yet but I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I’m one of those fans that has wands and maurauder maps and that sort of stuff. Oh, I also have a Gryffindor scarf.

Fun fact : Although they planned on filming most scenes in Scotland, they ended up just using the scenery as background for the movie because they couldn’t film there. Wanna know why? … Because there were to much midges (a more evil version of mosquitos) and the actors couldn’t concentrate nor act because of those midges. Now, you may think that they overreacted but actually it is a very big problem for tourists in scotland because those little insects can be very devious, painful and most of all VERY ANNOYING

But back to the point. The Harry Potter Locations in scotland were my absolute favorite things to do while I was travelling through Scotland.

DSC_0678 DSC_0695 
 the Harry Potter forest used in Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban (My favorite)!

THE place where Hagrid’s Hut used to stand

DSC_0731 DSC_0734 DSC_0737 DSC_0740 DSC_0748 DSC_0754

The Harry Potter lake AND the bridge used in one of the most memorable scenes of the harry potter series! We were even lucky enough to see a train ride over the bridge! (btw is that a dementor in the corner of my last picture??)

What I also LOVED about Scotland are the many castles and the medieval feeling you get when you are driving through one of the most magnificent landscapes in the world


Now, I’m going to show you some photo’s we took of some breathtaking castles

DSC_0450 DSC_0451

This Castle is called Inveraray Castle! This Castle is used in Downton Abbey

DSC_0904 DSC_0907

This castle is called Eilean Donan Castle. This castle has been the set for many movies :

  • Bonnie Prince Charlie starring David Niven (1948)
  • The Master of Ballantreee starring Errol Flynn (1953)
  • The New Avengers (1976)
  • Highlander (1986)
  • Loch Ness (1996)
  • James Bond – The World is Not Enough (1999)
  • BBC One Television Idendity (1997 – 2002)

this is one of the most beautiful castles I have ever seen (sadly I have forgotten it’s name)

There is so much I loved about Scotland, I think I loved about everything, but one of the most nicest things I did is …

DSC_0607 DSC_0643

STAFFA! It’s one of the smallest islands in Scotland and you can go on a search for Puffins (small birds that look like penguins).

These are my absolute favorite things about Scotland, but as I said earlier, I kinda love everything about it!

Bye! x


As you might have already noticed, I’m a cat person. Like seriously, I’m actually addicted to cats. We have 14 cats at my place, I know that’s kinda crazy, but it’s not as chaotic as you might think. I love all our cats very much, but there is one cat that has a special place in my heart…

Her name is Frosty, she is a british shorthair and she is everything to me. If something might happen to her, I would probably drown in my own tears. She kinda looks like a better looking version of grumpy cat and she loves cuddling. She is white-ish and has a brown nose. She is also brownish around her eyes, paws and ears. And to make it even cuter, she has extremely blue eyes.

I first saw her in a petstore. I looked her in the eyes, and I fell in love instantly. She walked straight towards me and started making the cutest noises you can imagine.(She sometimes reminds me of a little pig because she makes pignoises in her sleep… Not very loud ones but like very small pignoises). But anyways, I bought her and I couldn’t keep my hands of her. She if extremely soft and probably the cutest cat on the planet…

So to show my love for her I wrote a poem :

Frosty, with her eyes so blue,
she always bites holes in my shoe,
she has brown socks on her feet,
and she makes my life complete,
She can always make me smile,
And she has so much style

without her I would be lost,
I will always love my frost!


My name is Laura and I’m 19 years old. My friends and boyfriend always say that I’m good at writing (I don’t think I am, but I like it so I don’t care what people think). So I started a blog. I’m going to write about my life, feelings and struggles. I’m going to talk about loads of different stuff but first I’m going to introduce myself a little…

My name is Laura, as I mentioned earlier. I have 2 brothers who regularly get on my nerves and I have lovely parents. I have loads of cats (14 to be exact) … yeah, I know OMG SO MANY… I’m kind of addicted I guess, so uhm if you’re not a cat-person I would strongly recommend you to not read my blog. You are warned… I also have 2 dogs by the way, I guess you could say I’m an animal-person (my favorite animal is a tiger… what a suprise) I sing and I play the guitar, and I also write songs. My friends always tell me I’m really good at it and that I have to do something with my “extreme talent”, but I’m too lazy I guess. I’m a student in Ghent and I’m studying psychologie. People say that most psychologists are a little crazy and that they have to be a little abnormal to become insanely brilliant. I can be a little crazy sometimes so I think I found my future job. I live in Belgium. Rain, bad politics and loads of things to cry about before you go to bed, but the chocolate helps me get through the rainy days. Just like I’m addicted to cats, I’m addicted to movies and series. I guess you could say I know a little bit about every movie/series you can think of. The series I watch are : Game of thrones ( the one with the dragons, the fire girl and the drinking dwarf), the vampire diaries (the one with the vampires and the love triangle), gossip girl (the one with the spoiled brats), glee ( the one with the singing nerds), degrassi (the high school one), desperate houswives ( the one with the four women who always fuck everything up), faking it ( the one with the lesbian and another girl who thinks she’s not lesbian but probably is and will date her best friend eventually), friends(the one with all the friends ), grey’s anatomy (the one with the doctors and the drama), pretty little liars (the one with the 4 friends who are haunted by a creep who tries to kill them but doesn’t reveal anything which will cause the series to last for probably +- 40 seasons), sherlock (the one with… i think everyone knows the story), teen wolf (the one with the … wolves) the originals (the one with all the mystical creatures you can think of), true blood (the one with all the blood), … I can probably go on like this for a while… And I’m not gonna sum up all the movies I’ve watched because my computer will probably explode from overcapacity. But I can sum up the movies that are my favorites : harry potter (all of them), back to the future, seven, the hunger games, star wars, lord of the rings, disney generally , most of the marvel movies, the tarantino movies and loads of other movies I can’t think of right now.

So uhm, I guess that’s about everything there is to know about me. If you want to know more about me I suggest you keep reading my blog