The reason I bought myself my first cat 5 years ago?

My cats. all 16 of them. My 2 dogs. I’m crazy in love with every single furry little friend that’s walking around in my house.

It all started when I was about 15/16 years old. We already had 2 dogs making our house a little bit more fun to live in, but it wasn’t enough for me.

In that period of my life, I didn’t really have many friends… I had a few good ones, or at least I thought they were good ones because most of them aren’t really my friends anymore. I could get through the regular, but very painful and depressing, schoolday with these friends by my side. But the fact that I switched classes that year, didn’t have any friends in my new class and felt lonely and left out made me very depressed most of the time. Nobody really talked to me in my new class, and I didn’t have the guts to start talking to them, so I was kind of doomed for the rest of my high school career. Most of the people in my class were girls and most of the girls in my class were or popular or they already had enough friends and they didn’t want someone to invade their perfectly made group. I was an enormous dork, was not your typical average girly girl and was very quite and shy. I guess I didn’t fit the criteria to be the typical girl BFF type and that didn’t make me very attractive/popular/wanted.

The only things that could really cheer me up were my dogs, music, the occasional shopping spree with my mom and my love and passion for movies/series. I could go days living like a cockroach in my room, listening to taylor swift/ watching “Gossip Girl” while eating chocolate or other not so healthy snacks. Some days I felt good, other days I felt like shit. I had the feeling that I had almost no friends, that nobody loved me and that my life was a living hell. But, when I felt bad, alone, depressed or afraid I could always get a warm and fluffy hug from Donald or Dino (my dogs).

Animals or pets, are so innocent. They can look you in the eye with so much love and warmth. They would never hurt someone or talk behind their back. Animals, you can always rely on. They will always be there when you are crying, when you are laughing, when you are all alone in the corner of your room or when you are in a crowded kitchen on christmas eve. They will always have their eyes on you, and they will always be there when you need them. Not asking anything in return. Just true and unconditional love.

When I came home from school, being on the vurge of breaking down, my dogs were always happy to see me. I got the feeling that I did have a purpose in Life. I had animals that I could take care of. Animals that rely on me. That and also the unconditionnal love I got from my parents and irritating but very loving brothers, helped me through my highschool hell.

So, one day, I asked my mom for a cat. Because I knew that that would make me happier when I got home. I asked for a cat for almost 2 weeks, and I didn’t give up! I had to have one! And one day, my mom woke me up on sunday and she said : “Come on, let’s go buy you a kitten!” …

And the rest is history…

Today, I have 16 cats at home. I take 2 of them with me when I need to go to Ghent from monday to friday. They still make me very happy and when I’m crying I pick them up, they start purring and I always feel less bad than before.

Today, I have lots of friends. Those friends, I can call real friends. They are always there for me when I need them and I don’t really feel alone anymore. I also have a very loving, caring and sweet boyfriend that always picks me up when I fall on the ground. My family is very close and they give me alot of love and strength to carry on. I’m studying to be a psychologist. And I hope that I will be able to help people the way that my pets and family helped me through the hard times.

I will tell them that it will always get better. That life has it’s ups and downs. Sometimes you can fall on the hard ground, and you will feel like you don’t have the strength to get up. But when you experience this feeling, remember, that there is always someone out there that can not live without you. Just get up and go on ….

…. and maybe get yourself a cat 😉

See you next time guys!



What is in my Make-up Bag?

As you guys can see, I have a very big Make up bag… I saw this bag in “Zara Home” and I fell in love with it immediately. Because I didn’t know if I should buy it or not, my boyfriend decided to buy it for me (best boyfriend ever) and it has been my make-up bag now for over a year.

Back to the point, my make-up bag is really big right? So, You guys might be wondering… What in the hell does she put in there? Well, I’m about to tell you. Be prepared !

There is a slideshow of the products I use at the end of my blog!

1.  A Dior Make-up Brush

2. A lip balm that protects my lips from the sun and the cold weather

3. A red Chanel Lipstick (I actually stole this one from my mother…)

number 3

4. Mascara from T.Leclerc :
fun fact : I normally don’t use black mascara, but I use brown mascara instead. Don’t ask me why, some beauty specialist told me it looks better on me so I don’t use black mascara alot. I only use it when I go out!

number 4

5. Pressed powder mosaïque from T.Leclerc : 
You guys may notice that this powder is yellow/pink/green-ish… No I’m not trying to look like a unicorn who had a baby with the Grinch. This powder gives you a natural look. It deals with redness of the skin and gives you a beautiful shine. And most of all it doesn’t make you look like your head fell into a bucket of orange paint! It gives you a beautiful look, and it seems like you aren’t even wearing any make-up.

number 5

6. Some silver eye-shadow that I bought in a cheap store when I was 15, which actually looks really nice

7. Make-up concealer by Covergirl (I really needed one and I quickly bought one in a grocery store)

8. Eye shadow by …… T. Leclerc (It’s a really good brand)

9. BB creme by Dior
I normally use something else instead as a  foundation but sometimes I use this one. But, Before I put it on my face, I first mix it with some face moisturiser from Vichy.

number 9

10. CC crème from T.Leclerc
This is what I use as a foundation. I know, it’s pink… But it doesn’t show pink on your face. It doesn’t give your face a browner look. It just corrects some things like pimples and it gives you the right amount of radiance. In one single step your skin is corrected, moisturised and protected. When you add some powder to your face, you will have a no make-up make-up look. I love this product!

number 10

11. a very small Chanel bottle (because a girl always needs her back-up chanel)

number 11

12. Blush from T.Leclerc

13. Lip glow (color reviver balm) by Dior

number 13

14. A black Eye pencil from Lancôme (I normally use a brown pencil because I have brown eyes but this black one is also a very nice and good one)

15. Powder from And other stories 
I normally use my other powder, but when I want to look a little browner I use this one. This is a really good powder and it isn’t that expensive

16. A white kinda pencil
I use this under my eyes, to create the illusion that I have big eyes!

number 15

17. Mascara Rocket volume express by Maybelline new york (this is the mascara I wear when I go out. It has a black colour)

17. A pink lipstick by T.Leclerc which protects my lips against cold weather/sun

18. A brown pencil by T.Leclerc

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also have cleaning wipes for my face, brushes for my eye shadown and tissues in my bag!

This is everything there is to find in my make-up bag! I hope you guys enjoyed my post! If you want to read more of me, follow me and share my blogposts with you friends 🙂

See you next time

My Must-Do’s in London

Hye! It’s been a really long time but I’m back now! And today I’m going to give you guys the must-do’s in London in my opinion. I really love everything about London because you get a different feeling everytime you get out of another subway. Sometimes you get a Harry Potter feeling, Sometimes you get a New York feeling and sometimes you get that typical british feeling. If I could I would definitely go and study there for a year. And maybe I will do this one day, but let me start with my favorite things to do in London.

The Culture Freaks.

For the Culture lovers, there is lots to do in this beautiful city. And I’m going to give you my top 3.

3. The big ben : This is the first thing you think about when you hear the word : London. So this is definitely something you need to go check out when you are wandering around this magnificent city.

2. The Tower of London : This is also one of the most imporant and most visited things in London. If you want to see guards walking around in a fortress and if you want to have a beautiful view over Tower bridge you should definitely hop in.

3. Westminster Abbey : The place where the most important kings and queens of England are laid to rest. This was one of my favorite things in London. This abbey is not only beautiful on the inside and outside, there is also a lot of London’s history to find in this place. It’s very beautiful and definitely worth your time.

The shopping Addicts

If you are into shopping, or just looking at the clothes (because you can’t buy everything… sadly), London is the place to be! There are 2 very imporant shopping streets, Oxford street and Regent street. They are both very beautiful but yet very different.

These are my favorite stores in London (you should go and take a look there, for sure)

  • The Disney Store – Oxford Street : As an incredibly over the top disney freak this is a store that can not be missed. It’s just like a little magic palace with loads of disney stuffed animals and also loads of star wars related stuff.
  • LUSH – oxford Street : This store is amazing. It has 3 floors!! 3 Floors of the best bath products in the world. It was a little bit of heaven for me, it will definitely be that for you guys too!
  • Mango – Regent Street : As some of you may know, Mango is one of my favorite clothing brands. I just love the way the clothes are very simple, yet very original and chill.
  • Hamleys – Regent street : This is by far one of the biggest and happiest places in London. We are talking about a toy store with 5-6 floors (I think). And when you walk through the front doors, it’s like walking back into your past. Back into you childhood. It’s like you are walking straight into a dream. I think they have all of the toys that are made in the world stored in this place.

People who just want to have fun : 

There are 2 things that I really enjoyed doing!

  • Madame Tussauds : I think everyone knows, what this place is. But what I really liked is that there is a temporary star wars section! It’s very nice and the actors look very real. There is also a 4D experience of Marvel that is very fun
  • London Dungeon : This was one of the most fun things I did in this beautiful city. The London Dungeon is located next to the london eye. This is a place where incredible actors walk you through the scariest events of London’s history. From Jack the ripper to the Black Plague.

Harry Potter Fans

For Harry Potter fans there is a lot to do in London. First of all you have the London warner bros studio tour. This is one of the nicest and most breathtaking experiences of my life. It was very special and I will never forget this tour. I had tears in my eyes in the beginning of the tour, it was incredible. The only negative point is that the tour is a bit expensive.. But there are loads of other Harry Potter sets to visit :

  • King’s cross : In this station you can go visit the place where they filmed (the wall between platform 4 and 5), there is a Harry Potter store and you can take a picture on “Platform 9 and 3/4”
  • the Glass house in Leadenhall Market : The house they used for the Leaky Cauldron
  • Borough market : Hagrid and Harry walked under the bridge next to this very nice market (which is very recommendable for people who love food).

These are the things I enjoyed the most in London. I hope you guys liked my post!

See you next time! XOXO


My Christmas Outfits.


Today I’m going to talk about my 3 Christmas outifts. This year I’ll be going to 3 Christmas/New year Parties . I have an outfit for every single one of these parties. I love it when I can put on some make up and fancy clothes! I feel more confident and beautiful every time.

So I’m going to sum them up. Enjoy!


My nails are going to be the same for every christmas party. Silver with glitter on it!

Christmas Outfit nr. 1

My first christmas outfit is a beautiful black and white dress. The dress is black and half of the dress is covered with a Black and White flower print. I’m going to wear this dress with some classic black High heels. I’m not going to do anything special with my hair. This is one of my favorite dresses of all time! It’s very beautiful and classic. When I have it on, it’s like I’m walking around in a fairytale

shoes : Tamaris
Dress : Rinascimento

Christmas outfit nr.2

My second chirtmas outfit is very classic. It is a black dress that I’m going to wear with silver High heels. These high heels will match my nail polish.

The dress is by mango. I really like the dress because it is very simple and elegant. It’s very beautiful when I have it on and I feel like a princess in it! I’m also going to wear the ring I got from my boyfriend. My hairstyle will be very curly! (I love curling my hair)

Shoes : Tamaris
Dress : Mango 

Christmas outfit nr. 3

My third and last christmas outfit is also a Rinascimento.  

It is also partly covered in a flower print but this time it isn’t black and white. It’s purple and black. I’m going to wear this dress with my black shoes and my hair again very curly! I fell in love with this dress from the moment I saw it! I hope you guys like it too!

dress : Rinascimento
shoes : Tamaris

So these are my christmas outfits for 2015. Sorry for the fact that my blogpost wasn’t so long this time. But I have 3 very good reasons.

  1. I have to study ALL DAY LONG. And I really want to become a succesful Psychologist so I need to make studying my number one priority!
  2. I’m going to go watch the new STAR WARS movie this evening and I need to get ready and prepare myself for one of the most epic movies of the century. I need to make sure I will not faint nor cry when the movie starts.
  3. I need to eat… Like every normal human being on this planet. Because otherwise.. I will die.

Hope you enjoyed my blogpost! See you next time



All I want for Christmas…

My Christmas Wishlist 

Hye! Christmas is coming! And that means that not only all of my cats are crawling in the tree, christmassongs are playing all day long and gigantic christmas dinners are on it’s way. Santa is loading his sledge full with presents… At this very moment!!

On christmas eve, we will destroy wrapping paper and be suprised by some amazing christmas gifts. But how will Santa know what to get us for Christmas. Well, before it’s too late, I’m going to give you guys my Christmas Wishlist! These are all the things I would really like to get on Christmas eve. (Maybe I can give the people who have no clue what to ask for christmas, some great ideas).

1. Go Pro Hero 4 Black 

As many of you guys might know. I love making movies and clips about vacations and other things. I also love travelling. I’m going to London in February and to the USA in July. With the Go Pro you can film from different perspectives. You can put it on your car, on your head and you can film under water. I would really love to get this for Christmas because that way I could make even better clips about my travels and adventures for you guys (and for me ofcourse).

Also I’m going to start a Youtube Channel with different clips on it. I’m going to film my travels, some crazy Bucketlist activities and new Song-covers.  It would be very handy to have one of the best cameras in the world in my possesion when I start this

ps : Also some Go Pro accessories are always welcome 😉


2. Perfume

I really like to smell good! I think every girl in the world would be happy with a big bottle of perfume in her hands. It makes you smell good and makes you feel more confident and beautiful!


3.  Pyjama’s 

Cosy in the sofa with a hot cup of chocolate milk, watching a disney movie on a cold winter night with the fireplace sound in the background. That’s one of my favorite things to do, like in the whole world. And what do you need for that activity? Cosy Pyjama’s!!! You can always make me happy with soms cosy pyjama’s and warm/soft slippers/socks.


4. Bath products

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is taking a bath. Warm water, bubbles everywhere, some lovely music in the background, feeling very clean and healthy, relaxing and most of all de-stressing. Hmmm, I already want to pull my clothes of and crawl into my bathtub. I love Bath products like bath salt and bath bombs. You can always put a smile on my face with such a present!


5. Harry Potter supplies 

I’m an enormously big Harry Potter Fan. That means that you can always make me super excited when you buy me Harry Potter related items. I would really really want to have a Harry Potter Book-Collection in English. Also wands and other movie props are always very welcome!

ps : SO excited about the new teaser trailer of “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”.


6. Disney Items

I am also a big Disney fan. I love Disney Collectors Items and Disney movie boxes. I love everything that has to do with Disney. You can never do me wrong with a Disney related gift!


8. Liu Jo

Like every girl in the world, I love handbags. I especially love the Handbags from Liu Jo. They are very beautiful, pratical and not overpriced.


9. A trip to London

I would love to go to London with my boyfriend. He has never been there and every excuse to go to London is a good one. What is one of the reasons why I love this city so much? Guess?? Harry Potter ofcourse. I would really like to visit the Harry Potter locations and the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio tour! That would be a dream come true


10. Babyliss Curling Iron 

This Curlin Iron is very nice because it kind of sucks your hair in the machine and it curls your hair for you! You don’t have to do all the work. You just have to put the hair in the curling iron and close it. It sucks up your hair and you have to wait a few seconds. When it beeps you just need to open the curling iron and your hair is a curl! I have seen different youtube reviews on this and I would really like to have it now!

Here is a video that shows you how it works! :


These are the gifts I would really like the most! Obviously I will never get them all but a few of these would make me extremely happy! I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas blogpost about Christmasgifts. Maybe I gave you some great ideas? Let me know!



Nine Favorite Christmas Movies.


Sorry that it’s been a such a long time. But because of my terrifying exams getting closer and closer (SO STRESSED), I need to spent most of my time behind my desk. I don’t really have a life at the moment so I don’t have very thrilling and interesting things to tell you guys. But because I’m such an incredible Christmas Freak, I am going to devote my blog to my favorite christmas movies. You might know this already but I’m a huge movie addict and I love watching the best movies over and over again. The combination of MOVIES and CHRISTMAS is a little bit of heaven for me. So here are my 9 favorite Christmas movies. I strongly recommend you watching them, you will definitely not regret it!


This Christmas movie is definitely my favorite christmas movie of all time! Why, you might ask? Well, let me tell you!

  1. I love British movies. I just love(!) the British accent and I find that British Christmas movies are the best Christmas movies there are.
  2. I love Hugh Grant. This guy is one of my favorite British actors. I adore his accent and his acting skills. The role of prime minister in this movie is just made for him.
  3. I really like the concept of different stories that are mixed up and come together at the end of the movie. I also like ‘New years Eve’ and ‘Valentine’s day’.
  4. I love the song at the end of the movie! This song is my favorite christmas song. (All I want for christmaaaaaaas, iiiiiiiiis yoouhoooooou!)
  5. I also love the actor that plays the little drummer boy. I already loved him but when I noticed that he plays in ‘the maze runner’ and in ‘game of thrones’ as well… I loved him even more. Also, his accent is to die for.
  6. I just love romantic christmas movies and this movie is just one of the best combinations of love, friendship and christmas there is. Many people might agree with me.
  7. I also love Liam Neeson. But beware : He will always find you … and Kill you (reference to the movie ‘Taken’ for the non-movie addicts reading this blogpost )

It’s just a lot of love for ‘Love Actually’ !!


A Christmas Carol. 

A DISNEY movie about CHRISTMAS written by CHARLES DICKENS in which the leading role is played by JIM CARREY. AND you can watch the movie in 3D every CHRISTMAS EVE. I don’t think that I need to explain why I ADORE this movie. I watch this movie every christmas eve, and it never gets old.

Home Alone. 

This one might not come as a shock. But Yes, I really enjoy this movie. This boy can always make me smile. The way he stopped those christmas criminals is unforgettable.



I’m an enormous Disney fan and I have always cherished the disney princess movies. I might be an adult but I will never stop admiring Disney movies. And when this movie came out, I couldn’t wait to go see it. A SnowQueen. Addictive Songs. A talking Snowman. An adorable reindeer that reminds me of my dog. That’s all I need.


The holiday.

I love this movie because it’s partly filmed in England and partly filmed in L.A. I adore both these locations and I have a little crush on Kate winslet. This is a typical romantic movie with a touch of christmas magic. I love the story line and this movie is really nice to watch with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

ps : I love Kate Winslet.


The nightmare before Christmas.

As a Disney addict, this one can’t be forgotten. Tim Burton movies are beautiful and I really enjoy watching them. Halloween and Christmas are my two favorite holidays and a movie that combines both must be epic right? Well, it is EPIC indeed. The songs are really good and I always sing along when I hear them. I really adore the story line and I will never stop watching this beautiful disney movie. It’s a real classic.


The Grinch. 

When I was a little girl, i was terrified of this green monster that stole christmas. But when I got older I started to really like this movie. I started to love the characters and the story more and more. And the fact that Jim Carrey (one of my favorite actors) plays the lead in this movie, makes it complete. This is a beautiful story about a green monster/man that wasn’t loved enough and became very bitter. But when a little girl teaches him about love and the christmas spirit he begins to realize he was wrong about the world.


Christmas with the Kranks.

I really watched this movie TOO much. It’s a really funny family movie that will make you laugh every time you watch it.


Get Santa.

I just watched this movie last week. And I fell in love with it immediately. It’s a movie about Santa that crashes with his sledge and when he tries to get his reindeer and go back to the northpole, the police puts him in prison because they think he’s a crazy Santa claus wannabe. One little boy and his father make it their mission to save Santa and most of all save Christmas. This movie is British and that’s one of the reasons I treasure it so much. It’s very funny and very relaxing. It reminds you of what Christmas stands for, what love is and mostly reminds you of the fact that even the baddest people in the world were once just little boys and girls asking Santa for bikes and dolls.




I hope you liked my blogpost and that I gave you some great ideas for some Christmas/fireplace/hotchocolate/movie-nights 🙂


See you next time!