Sporty Springy Outfit


Hi babes!  Spring is almost in town, or I’d like to think so, and that means it’s time for a little more sunny vibes. It’s time for Spring Fashion. This outfit is one of my favorites atm! I found this outfit in Berhska and I just had to have it! I’m adoring these two trends and combining them is just THE BEST. Pants with a fashionable stripe on the side and a croptop. What more does a girl need nowadays. This outfit had to be combined with some sporty sneakers and an amazing handbag. So that’s what I did. The handbag is from Mimo and the Sneakers are proud Puma’s. What do you think? Tell me in the comments! (Oh, and I just had to wear Shades with this outfit, it was a must.)



Orange is the new Black Outfit






One of my favorite outfits at the moment. I don’t know if you guys have noticed but there is a new hype in town, or in fashion stores at least. Pants with a nice colored stripe on the side! I adore this new style and I already have 3 different kinds of these pants. I found this one in ‘Bershka’. I also adore the new orange/yellow kind of colour lately so these pants were just destined to be mine. The stripe in my pants has the same colour as the shirt I’m wearing, which I bought online (Nak’d). I topped it all off with some white Puma sneakers (which are very comfortable btw) and my new black oversized jacket from Nak’d (Cheap Monday). It’s a very fashionable, but also sporty look that I just can’t get enough of. What do you guys think? Tell me in the comments below!



Xmas Glitter Dress


Who doesn’t love christmas dresses. I don’t think anyone doesn’t. So here’s a new glitter christmas outfit post for you guys. I found this dress in Pull and Bear a few weeks ago, and I fell in love the minute I saw it. I tried it on and I didn’t want to take it off again. It’s a glitter dress with stripes and I really love the fact that there are brown glitter stripes on the dress. I combined it with my adidas superstars. They have silver stripes and this way you get a festive but sporty and comfortable look. I also wore some brown eye-makeup that fits perfectly with the brown stripes in the dress. To complete the outfit, I decided to wear my fluffy bomber jacket. I bought this one in Intro Fashion store in Asse. Hope you guys had an amazing Christmas!



Black Leather and Fall Flowers


Well hello there. Fall is back in town and that means that my fall wardrobe gets it’s time to shine. This is my very first Fall Outfit on the blog( YAY!).

I adore this time of the year. Back to cosy clothes, fireplaces and hot coco. And the colours in Autumn are just the best. Brown and orange, so cosy and beautiful. Let’s hope the rain doesn’t make an appearance any time soon though, right?

Back to the outfit. It’s brand new and I bought it in ‘Zara’. I love the shirt very much and the flower details are just gorgeous. The sleeves are a little bit bigger and I am loving that style! I combined this lovely t-shirt with some fake leather shorts. It’s perfect for fall because it isn’t too cold yet and it gives your outfit a fancy but also sporty touch. It’s very comfy and I love walking around in these fashionable shorts. I used my new ‘Liu Jo’ bag and favorite ‘Nike’s’ to finish it off.

I hope you liked my FIRST FALL OUTFIT POST. Many more are coming so don’t forget to follow my blog. Right now.

See you later guys!

❤ Laura

Girly Pink Jacket


Hi guys! Another outfit blogpost? Yeah, you saw that right!

This is one of my favorite new jackets. I bought it in an Urban Outfitters store in the fashionable Antwerp. After asking my mom for some sponsoring, I decided to buy it. I mean… It is so me, I just had to have it! It is pink, it is jeans and it fits my style perfectly.  Pink is by far my favorite color. I know that’s very girly but I don’t care. I like to embrace my inner girly-ness :D.
I styled this jacket with a dark grey body (forever 21) , some ripped jeans and my beautiful pink striped adidas superstars. I really like wearing ripped jeans at the moment although my dad thinks it looks horrific (haha 😉 ). And I will never betray my favorite pair of sneakers : ADIDAS SUPERSTARS ❤

I’m leaving for Marbella this Sunday with my boyfriend and I’m planning on making a lot of vlogs, food diary posts, photo diary posts and outfit posts. I look forward to being back in that vlog/blog game! I really like creating stuff for you guys and I hope you like to read and watch my content as much as I like to make it.

Have a great day peeps, love you! ❤

(photos by : @thomasgesqueire on Instagram)

Candy Red Sweater


Hi guys! Welcome to a new outfit blogpost!

I bought this sweater about a week ago and I loved it from the moment I saw it. I am a big fan of boyfriend sweaters and sweaters in which I look small and cute. The Sleeves of this particular sweater are very big, which gives my outfit a very cosy vibe. At first I didn’t think the colour would be my thing, but after I tried it on my doubts disappeared into thin air.
I combined this Sweater (by H&M) with a very nice mom jeans by Veronique De Yong. I really like wearing mom jeans atm. They look very nice and they are way more comfortable than skinny jeans. I also really like the combination of a mom jeans with a nice pair of sneakers (in this case : Nike Airs).

I hope you guys liked my new outfit post! You can follow my blog in the sidebar and you can also follow me on Instagram : @lauralynnsworld.

My photos are taken by my talented boyfriend @thomasgesqueire.

Thanks and Talk to you Later ❤




Hi Guys and welcome to a new outfit post. Today I want to show you the princess dress I wore to a wedding this weekend. I just love this dress and the details on it so much, I had to share it with you guys. I bought this beautiful piece of clothing in a store in Tielt called Laudi. They have very nice clothes which are a little bit more expensive, but they are worth paying for. I fell in love with this pink lace dress immediately and after calling my mom about the price, I bought it instantly. The woman in the store who gave me advice about the dress told me that it seemed as if the dress was made for me. Many girls before me had tried it one but it didn’t fit perfectly because of the back of the dress or the neckline. I am very happy with this dress and I feel like a real princess when I am wearing it! I combined it with shoes by Tamaris and I curled my hair to make the Princess Look complete.

What do you think about my dress? Tell me in the comments!

The photos in this post are taken by my boyfriend @thomasgesqueire (go check him out on instagram)

Have a magical night and talk to you later! ❤