The BIG Netflix Laura Recommendation Post

Hi dudes and dudettes

Today yet another highly requested blogpost. My favorite Netflix Series. And I have a lot of them, so be prepared. I’m a very big series addict (I have already dedicated 5 months of my life to only watching fun episodes) and today I’m going to turn you into one. Let’s start this GINORMOUS LIST. (PS: I’m not going to rank them, because I just can’t choose which ones I like better than others)

Stranger Things

If you haven’t yet heard about this series… What planet do you live on exactly? This series is the best series I’ve ever watched, apart from Game of Thrones. It has kids, it has humor, it has suspense and most of all. It has 80’s. Yes, you heard it right. This series is set in the beautiful 80’S. I absolutely adore the 80’s. If I could be born in any timeframe I’d wanted, I’d choose the 80’s. This series is just everything you need and it’s very Binge worthy. It isn’t that scary, it’s more mysterious and you’re hooked from episode ONE. If you haven’t watched it yet, go to right now. Screw my blogpost. See ya later.



Hot people in high school confronted with the murder of a fellow student. What more do you need. This series is also one of my favs ATM. The characters are very interesting and they each have their own story. The characters decide to try and find the killer of the murdered student. This series takes you on a wild ride filled with suspense, teenage nostalgia, love and good acting. Definitely worth the try!



I loved Gossip Girl and I love Dynasty. What do they have in common. A hot cast, money ( a lot of it) and a huge popcorn bag of drama. I wasn’t hooked from the beginning but I kept watching and now I’m totally hooked. It’s very binge-able and it has some serious plot twists in it. Some of the lines in the script are also very well written! I absolutely love this series.


The 100

I didn’t like this series at first because I thought it was yet another SciFi series with teenagers in it. So I didn’t give it a chance for a long time, until I ran out of things to watch. I started looking at episode One.. Two.. Three.. Fourteen. F*ck. This series is AMAZING. It starts of as a typical series for teenagers but this was clearly done to get the first amount of views in. After a while it gets very good. The series has a lot of plot twists that are just heartbreaking. It takes a lot of guts from the writers to do some of this f*cked up shit with the characters. It’s like Game of Thrones for teens lol. The story line is very very original and it’s also kinda realistic although we’re talking about SciFi.



I have to warn you, this is a series fit for a particular niche. Only the people who like hardcore fantasy will be able to appreciate this series. People like me haha. If you liked the vampire diaries, you’ll love Shadowhunters. It has vampires, werewolves, warlocks, angels, demons and shadowhunters (surprise surprise). It’s based of a book series and that mostly means that it’s really good. I really like it, and maybe you’ll like it too? Go check it out and tell me in the comments.


Orphan Black 

VERY VERY GOOD. Unpredictable and insane script with good actors to play it out. Hooked from episode one and still sad it ended!! GO WATCH


Bates motel 

If you’re a serial killer obsessed weirdo like me, this is definitely something you should try. If you know Psycho and the story about Norman Bates, you should watch this series. It’s about the young Norman and how he turns into a monster. I think this is one of my top 5 series all time. The acting performance by Norman is out of this world, every episode is even better than the one before that and every season is mind-blowing. The editing and filmmaking of this series is incredible. It’s just WOW. Go watch it please, you won’t be disappointed!


13 reasons why 

I think every single person on this planet should watch this series. It’s not only extremely good, it’s also very important that people hear what this series has to say. It tells the story about a girl who committed suicide and the people who pushed her over the edge. It’s very emotional and well-acted. A MUST WATCH.



As I said before, I’m a big serial killer addict. And if you know the movie Scream and liked it. You’ll LOVE this series. It’s very suspenseful and I love the horror movie turned into a series thing. If you love horror and teens, this is the series for you! (If you like serial killers, you might also like Mindhunter)


Degrassi: Next Class

If you like brainless teenage high school series full of love and nostalgia, this is the series for you. The acting performance is surprisingly good and the storylines talk about some very important topics such as teenage pregnancy, racism and suicide. I think it’s really nice to watch (and binge)!


Other series on Netflix I watched and I highly recommend (this blogpost is getting tooo long otherwise haha):

  • Shooter (only S1)
  • Glitch
  • Manhunt: Unabomber
  • Alias Grace (ADORE IT)
  • Guilt
  • You me her
  • Ozark

I’ll keep you updated on new series I try and review them for you!

I hope you enjoyed my blogpost about my favorite Netflix series! What’s your favorite? tell me in the comments below!



13 Reasons Why : The message behind the series.

Hi guys! Today I want to talk to you about the new hit-series “13 Reasons Why”.

First of all. What a performance. I loved how the actrice of Hannah Baker played the role of a lost girl in a crowded school perfectly. The series was fantastic. The fact that everything had a colder colour in the present day and that the world had a brighter colour when Hannah was still alive was an amazing touch. I loved the fact that Clay always watched what happened to Hannah from a third person perspective while she was telling her story on the tapes, also referring to the fact that Clay always watched but didn’t have the guts to do something when Hannah was still alive. The series was amazing and I was sad when it ended. It ended with a lot of open storylines and I have a double feeling about this. On the one hand I would really love a second season because this series is seriously addictive. But on the other hand, I would rather have it stop here because maybe a second season would soften the message behind the series and maybe it would make people look away from the real problem this series brings.

The message behind this series was very very strong. I also have been bullied when I was younger but I had the incredible luck of having a mother that would keep asking what’s wrong until I got tired of the sentence “There’s nothing wrong, I’m just tired.” This series is very hard to watch at some times. It’s sometimes so hard to watch that you get uncomfortable. But I think that that’s what makes the series so good. It really wants you to remember and think about the fact that bullying is not okay. It can have extreme consequences and it can kill someone, literally. And you don’t have to look at this series as if it is all bullshit. Don’t think that this wouldn’t happen in real life, because it happens every day. Suicide is the second most common death cause for teenagers. Teenagers are just learning who they are and exploring their personality. This makes those teens extremely vulnerable for bullies. If you are a little different or if you don’t fit in the way other kids do, you become a target. And this is not over-exagerated because trust me I am a first hand witness of these kind of practices. Bullies are everywhere, in every school, in every classroom. Why do they bully other kids? Who knows. Maybe they are insecure themselves, maybe they are jealous or maybe they just want to fit in with the rest of the class and think that that’s the way to do it. But the problem with these people is that they don’t realize how even little things can have a snowball effect in peoples lives. How little things like talking behind someone’s back while the person being talked about clearly sees it, can have a serious effect on someone’s mental health. So I have 2 messages here. I have a message for the bullies, not only the active bullies but also the jealous ‘talk behind your back’ bullies. And I have a message for the victims.

First of all the bullies. Just stop hurting people who don’t deserve it. Who are different from you. I know that this might seem threatening to you that someone isn’t like the rest of you, that someone looks better than you or that someone is maybe a better person than you. But why do you have to scar someone for the rest of their lives and maybe even push them into a corner leading to the fact that they think the only way out for them is suicide. Is that really worth it? Hurting someone that much? Stop treating people like dirt and like they don’t matter. Every person matters in this world and if you don’t treat other people right, how do you expect others to treat you the right way? Also, don’t believe everything you hear. If you believe one’s perspective without looking at what the other person has to say about it and if you base your actions on that one probably twisted and turned perspective… You are as bad as the bully trying to convince you that the girl in your class is a nerd, slut, whore or weirdo. You can be the reason for someone hurting and isolating themselves. You can be the reason for someone having to cry themselves to sleep every night and faking that she is sick so that she wouldn’t have to go to school that day. You can be the reason for the girl in the corner not having anyone to talk to because you convinced everybody that she is stupid, lame and weird. You can be the reason why that one boy in class has nobody to work with on a project. You can be the reason why someone’s life ends. So, instead of the bullying and talking behind someone’s back. Just go to the person and say “Hello”. You don’t have any idea how good it feels if someone just takes an interest in you and talks to you for a few seconds when you feel lonely or depressed. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life. Maybe there’s a reason for her acting weird, maybe there’s a reason for her being so silent all the time. And if you are scared that other people will bully you because you talked to the weird girl (which is fucking bullshit but anyways), just send her (or him) a message on facebook. “Hi! How was school today?”. That’s all it takes for someone to not take the next step, the final step. Instead of investing all that time in destroying someone else’s reputation and regretting it later. Instead of listening to all the gossip someone is spreading about someone without hearing what that someone has to say about it. Instead of looking at her or him that certain way (you know how… Like there’s shit on his or her’s head or something). Just. Say. Hi. Don’t invest time in scarring people’s personality, confidence and soul. Because it has consequences. If it isn’t suicide, it is a scar for the rest of her or his life. And it will never heal, doesn’t matter how much you try. The scar will always be there. Invest time in BEING NICE TO EVERYONE. And you will get so much in return. Just try it and stop the bullying. And if you aren’t convinced, just watch this series. And then come back to this post.

Now. The message for the victims of bullying. If you are in anyway being bullied or if you have been bullied and you don’t see a way out. Just try to tell yourself that it gets better. Life has it’s ways of fucking people over. And it uses other people to do it. Don’t care about what other people say. I know that is very very easy to say, trust me. But just try and remember that those bullies and backstabbing people are more insecure than you and probably hate themselves more that they can’t stand you. They are feeling threatened by you and they want to destroy you to protect themselves from falling. They want to bully you, so that they aren’t bullied or because they like fucking with people. They are just bad people, to the core. They like bullying because it gives them a sense of power over you. They like talking behind your back because they don’t have anything interesting in their lives to talk about. I know it’s very very hard to think, I’m better than them, they are insecure themselves, I don’t care. But just think about it. How pathetic are they if the only thing they have to talk about is other people. How pathetic is it that they talk shit about someone else because they feel better that way. It’s just extremely pathetic. Think about it this way. If you get through this, and you keep fighting and going, you can prove them wrong someday. The bullies will never get as far as you. They know that you are better than them and that’s why they want to pull you down, so that they can stay on top. But trust me, there will be one day that you will stand on top. They will want to talk to you then, but you just will not bother. Think about how AMAZING that feeling would be. Isn’t that worth all the pain?

Also, if you feel bad and you can’t get a hold of yourself, please just TALK to someone. ANYBODY. Your parents, they love you so much. And even though it might sometimes seem as if they don’t care, they are busy, they don’t have time. They will ALWAYS make time for you if you are suffering. Just tell them what’s wrong. And if you can’t find the words, just look at them, start crying and let it all out. They will drop everything in an instant because you are their child. They would die for you. And I am not making this up, every parent loves their child. Just talk to them. They will do everything in their power to make you feel better. You want to know why, because they LOVE YOU.

If you don’t want to talk to a person, talk to your pet. I have always told everything to my pet because he didn’t judge. He was always there when I felt bad. Just Talk to somebody. It really really helps. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, just dare to go to a psychologist or a therapist. Or go onto a talk platform online where you are anonymous. Hell, you can even talk to me if you like. I will always answer and never judge because I know how it feels to be bullied and lonely. Just remember that it isn’t worth it. Don’t let the bullies win, life gets better every time. Even though it might seem that it is never going to get better, it does. Just trust me on this. I know what I’m talking about. I have been through it and I survived and I am happy now. Don’t do something you’d regret and don’t hurt the people that love you (because there ARE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU) in the process. Just don’t take the step into suicide, it’s not worth it and there is always a second chance. Change schools, talk to someone or write about it like I did. There is always an option. Suicide isn’t one of the options.

I also highly recommend you to watch this series and realise that there are so many people feeling sorry for their mistakes and so many people hurting when you’d do something like this.

If there is ever something you want to talk about with me. Don’t feel ashamed to send me an e-mail or PM on instagram. I will always take the time to answer every single one of you if that helps you feel better.

Thank you for reading and watch this amazing series. It’s one of those series that might change the world.



Disney’s Jungle Book

Hi Guys! Today I’m going to tell you guys something about when I went to  “The Jungle Book” this Wednesday.

Last Wednesday me and my boyfriend decided to go check out the newest Disney movie! I’m a huge Disney freak and I absolutely adore the Disney classics. That’s why I definitely wanted to see this anticipated movie in cinemas. We first went to Bavet. This is a small Spaghetti place. You can only eat spaghetti there, but it is absolutely delicious.

After this incredible Spaghetti adventure me and my boyfriend went to a small movie shop beneath the cinema complex. This shop is awesome, it’s like you’re walking into a very very small version of comic con. Last week I saw the last episode of “The walking dead” and I really wanted to know what happened in the comics after the amazing but devastating ending of the sixth season. (don’t worry I’m not one of those horrible human beings that will always end up telling you all the spoilers you don’t want to hear) …


But I can tell you one thing. It’s not Daryl nor Carl or Rick. It’s non of the girls, it’s not the ginger. And Maggie is very very sad about who dies… 😉


Back to the new Disney movie! After buying myself a medium popcorn and some frozen strawberries, we went to our seats. I had almost finished all my popcorn BEFORE the movie started and then… The Disney theme song. Goosebumps every time..

The movie was one of the best Disney movies I have seen in a long time. I was very amazed by the acting performance of  Neel Sethi. This kid has an incredible talent. Acting in a movie in which you are the only thing that isn’t animated, wow. This kid gave an amazing performance playing against a green screen, I can’t even imagine how hard this must be.   Not only this jaw-dropping performance blew me away but the CGI was breathtaking. The animals, especially Baloo and Bagheera, in this movie looked so real that I sometimes forgot that they were animated. I can honestly say that these graphics are maybe the best graphics in film that I’ve seen so far. I don’t know how they did it, but I will definitely look for an article of documentary to find out! Also, the voices fit the animals perfectly. The british accent for the panther is a perfect match and I think that Bill Murray might have been a bear in a previous life. His voice is the best bear voice I’ve ever heard. And last but not least, the baby wolves… They were A-DOR-ABLE! I’m not exaggerating, they are enormously cute!

This movie was truly amazing. The acting performance by such a young and talented boy is stupefying. The voices fit the animals perfectly. The CGI is astonishing. This movie gives you a nostalgic feeling and I will guarantee you that you will walk out of that cinema with a smile the size of Baloo’s butt! So get in your car and drive to the nearest Cinema! Right now!!

Hope you enjoyed my post, give it a thumbs up and share if you want to make me happy!

Laura (licious)

Nine Favorite Christmas Movies.


Sorry that it’s been a such a long time. But because of my terrifying exams getting closer and closer (SO STRESSED), I need to spent most of my time behind my desk. I don’t really have a life at the moment so I don’t have very thrilling and interesting things to tell you guys. But because I’m such an incredible Christmas Freak, I am going to devote my blog to my favorite christmas movies. You might know this already but I’m a huge movie addict and I love watching the best movies over and over again. The combination of MOVIES and CHRISTMAS is a little bit of heaven for me. So here are my 9 favorite Christmas movies. I strongly recommend you watching them, you will definitely not regret it!


This Christmas movie is definitely my favorite christmas movie of all time! Why, you might ask? Well, let me tell you!

  1. I love British movies. I just love(!) the British accent and I find that British Christmas movies are the best Christmas movies there are.
  2. I love Hugh Grant. This guy is one of my favorite British actors. I adore his accent and his acting skills. The role of prime minister in this movie is just made for him.
  3. I really like the concept of different stories that are mixed up and come together at the end of the movie. I also like ‘New years Eve’ and ‘Valentine’s day’.
  4. I love the song at the end of the movie! This song is my favorite christmas song. (All I want for christmaaaaaaas, iiiiiiiiis yoouhoooooou!)
  5. I also love the actor that plays the little drummer boy. I already loved him but when I noticed that he plays in ‘the maze runner’ and in ‘game of thrones’ as well… I loved him even more. Also, his accent is to die for.
  6. I just love romantic christmas movies and this movie is just one of the best combinations of love, friendship and christmas there is. Many people might agree with me.
  7. I also love Liam Neeson. But beware : He will always find you … and Kill you (reference to the movie ‘Taken’ for the non-movie addicts reading this blogpost )

It’s just a lot of love for ‘Love Actually’ !!


A Christmas Carol. 

A DISNEY movie about CHRISTMAS written by CHARLES DICKENS in which the leading role is played by JIM CARREY. AND you can watch the movie in 3D every CHRISTMAS EVE. I don’t think that I need to explain why I ADORE this movie. I watch this movie every christmas eve, and it never gets old.

Home Alone. 

This one might not come as a shock. But Yes, I really enjoy this movie. This boy can always make me smile. The way he stopped those christmas criminals is unforgettable.



I’m an enormous Disney fan and I have always cherished the disney princess movies. I might be an adult but I will never stop admiring Disney movies. And when this movie came out, I couldn’t wait to go see it. A SnowQueen. Addictive Songs. A talking Snowman. An adorable reindeer that reminds me of my dog. That’s all I need.


The holiday.

I love this movie because it’s partly filmed in England and partly filmed in L.A. I adore both these locations and I have a little crush on Kate winslet. This is a typical romantic movie with a touch of christmas magic. I love the story line and this movie is really nice to watch with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

ps : I love Kate Winslet.


The nightmare before Christmas.

As a Disney addict, this one can’t be forgotten. Tim Burton movies are beautiful and I really enjoy watching them. Halloween and Christmas are my two favorite holidays and a movie that combines both must be epic right? Well, it is EPIC indeed. The songs are really good and I always sing along when I hear them. I really adore the story line and I will never stop watching this beautiful disney movie. It’s a real classic.


The Grinch. 

When I was a little girl, i was terrified of this green monster that stole christmas. But when I got older I started to really like this movie. I started to love the characters and the story more and more. And the fact that Jim Carrey (one of my favorite actors) plays the lead in this movie, makes it complete. This is a beautiful story about a green monster/man that wasn’t loved enough and became very bitter. But when a little girl teaches him about love and the christmas spirit he begins to realize he was wrong about the world.


Christmas with the Kranks.

I really watched this movie TOO much. It’s a really funny family movie that will make you laugh every time you watch it.


Get Santa.

I just watched this movie last week. And I fell in love with it immediately. It’s a movie about Santa that crashes with his sledge and when he tries to get his reindeer and go back to the northpole, the police puts him in prison because they think he’s a crazy Santa claus wannabe. One little boy and his father make it their mission to save Santa and most of all save Christmas. This movie is British and that’s one of the reasons I treasure it so much. It’s very funny and very relaxing. It reminds you of what Christmas stands for, what love is and mostly reminds you of the fact that even the baddest people in the world were once just little boys and girls asking Santa for bikes and dolls.




I hope you liked my blogpost and that I gave you some great ideas for some Christmas/fireplace/hotchocolate/movie-nights 🙂


See you next time!