How to get warm on a cold day!

Hi guys! Since the temperature is dropping a lot today and the temperature will be under zero next week, I thought it would be fun to write a blogpost about how to get warm again after a cold day!

These are my methods to get a cosy and warm feeling!


This is one of my favorite ways to get warm again. Take a relaxing and hot bath using your favorite bath products. I really like using bath bombs and bath bubbles. You can maybe turn on some candles. Just spoil yourself! I also like to watch one of my favorite series when in my bath. Or I tend to turn on my favorite music when I am enjoying the warmth of my bath! After your bath you can dress up in your most cosy outfit, maybe a onesie, maybe a fluffy pyjama. Go sit in your sofa with a blanket and enjoy the warmth!


When you dress your house up in warm colours, it immediately feels more cosy and warm. Use orange or brown pillows and blankets. Warm candles in orange colours. Even the smell of orange and wood might help! Turn on your fireplace and enjoy the warm feeling your house gives you. Trust me it will help!


Drinking hot liquids make you feel warmer. They warm up your hands and they give you a warm feeling inside. Everyone fancies something more than the other. I like to drink coffee mocha and hot coco the most. I make my hot coco with Coté D’ôr chocolate and milk. It is a very delicious and real hot chocolate, not ons of those cecemel ones 😉 . It is very cosy to drink this under a blanket while watching one of your favorite movies!


Wearing a scarf and wearing a winter hat make you feel a lot warmer. They cover up a lot of blood vessels and when your ears and neck feel warm, your whole body starts to feel warmer. when inside you can also wear a scarf. Cover yourself with as many layers as possible!


When there are people around you, you immediately get warmer. People give an extreme amount of warmth. When you can snuggle up to each other I can guarantee you that you will be warmer in an instant. So call your boyfriend of best friend and cuddle up under a blanket watching a fun movie!


If you want to feel warm immediately, you can put your clothes on the radiator. Or you can iron your clothes again just before you put them on! The feeling you get when putting on hot clothes is amazing! I like it most with socks. I love the feeling of warm feet :O


I am not suggesting that you should get yourself drunk and start puking all over the place. But one glass of wine, a little bit of whiskey or a cup of gluhwein can help you a lot when you are feeling really cold. Alcohol is a real life saver when you nothings makes you feel any warmer!


If there is nothing left to do, you can always start moving. Get your ass out of the sofa and go for a walk. Maybe walk a little faster than u usually would do or jump around a little. You will be warmer in an instant!

I hope you guys like my blogpost. If you did you can always start following my blog on the home page. Hope you guys feel a little warmer already 😉



What I want to do before I die

This is something I ask myself a lot! What do I want to have done before I die! Well I am going to tell you guys some of the things I want to do before I die, TODAY! Here we go :

  1. I want to visit India : I don’t know why but I am in love with this country. I love the colours and the religion. It is my dream to go there one day.
  2. I want to go to Coachella one day! This is a festival in the USA.
  3. Write a book. I really want to write a book one day. I don’t know about what. Fiction or non-fiction. But one day I will write a book!
  4. I want to have lived in another country. I don’t know for how long. I don’t know which country. But I really want to do this. Maybe study abroad for a semester, who knows? A girl can dream right!
  5. I want to picnic on the beach while watching the sun set.
  6. snorkeling in the great barrier reef
  7. Road tripping in the USA, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA
  8. I want to go to DIAS DE LOS MUERTOS in Mexico
  9. I want to buy a Samoyed (dog)
  10. I want to learn something about the stars, so that I can tell everyone a fact about the stars. That way I look really smart hihi.
  11. I want to see the northern lights
  12. I want to have a princess wedding
  13. I want to celebrate St Patricks day in Ireland
  14. I want to have flown First class in my life. Just once! Just to know how cool it is.
  15. I want to see a musical on broadway
  16. I want to celebrate new years eve in new york one day
  17. I want to go out in Las Vegas for one night!
  18. Attend a REAL fashion show
  19. I want to have driven a Jeep Wrangler in my life. This is my dream car. I think I will never be able to afford it, but just one drive please?
  20. I want to see a wild ice bear or brown bear
  21. I want to raise children
  22. I want to visit Iceland
  23. I want to attend a movie premiere
  24. I want to eat space cake, just once in my life, just to know what it feels like
  25. I want to visit Disneyworld Orlando

These are 25 things I want to do before I die. There are many more things I want to do but I don’t want to make you guys fall asleep so, I just gave you guys 25 of my must-do’s before I die!

What do you absolutely want to do before you die? Tell me in the comments

I hope you guys have an amazing day!




Hi there! Sorry for the long time no see, but I’ve just been really busy. This blogpost is going to be a little deeper.

About one month ago I posted a bikini picture of myself on instagram. It got a lot of positive reactions. It got over 1500 likes and over 150 comments! There were a lot of girls who started looking up to me from that moment because of my confidence. “You are my hero”, “finally a girl with a NORMAL body”, “I love your confidence”. I didn’t expect this photo to be so huge but that’s how it turned out. Since that moment I have gotten a lot of private messages from girls who are unconfident. They told me that they looked up to me and they asked me how I do it. How am I so confident in this hard world. These girls told me that they don’t feel pretty, that they sometimes don’t like who they are. I always try to give them my advice and try to tell them that everyone is beautiful in their own way. But since I’ve gotten so many messages I thought it would be nice for you guys, maybe for people who are too scared to message me, to write a blog about confidence.

What does confidence mean? Being happy with who you are. Not caring about what people say about you. Never changing who you are just to fit in. It is really hard sometimes to just be yourself because you are scared that people might judge you. Don’t get me wrong, there are always going to be people who judge, who hate and who are jealous. The thing is, you need to learn how to just shut those people out. You need to learn how to NOT care about these people. These people are the kind of people who can’t handle it when an individual is unique. They can’t handle it when other people have their own style. They start to talk behind your back, not only because they are secretly jealous of the people being themselves but also because it is a part of the human nature to find something or someone to talk about. And especially the jealous, bored, insecure  humans of the world (who btw also probably have an IQ below average) are going to look for a prey.

I have always tried to stay me. It is really hard sometimes. I wasn’t popular in school, boys didn’t like me or stopped liking me because of gossip. I didn’t have a lot of friends and sometimes I cried after school. It was really hard not to just go with it. But it was against my nature to be someone I wasn’t. I didn’t want to change my personality for some more friends, or some less gossip. But trust me! It is better to just be yourself, have 2 REAL friends and be happy with who you are. After a while, I didn’t hear the voices in the hallway of my school anymore. I knew that I was going to show them, one day, that they were wrong.

Now I have 8000 + followers on instagram and people who look up to me. But you guys need to know, that I am just like you. I also have been bullied, I also go through rough times sometimes. I have had my fair share of pain. But through everything I stayed me. That is the key to confidence.

First of all, you need to realise that the people judging you and hating you have way more insecurities than you have. They are usually jealous of you. They don’t know who they are, and when they see that you have everything figured out, they get jealous and they want to destroy your happiness. The people bullying you, most of the time, are so insecure that they just hate on people who look happy. They don’t know who they are, what their style is, who they want to be and what their life is going to look like. They live in their bubble of hate and hate on everything that doesn’t fit in with the rest. Because they don’t want to be popped out of their naive dream bubble. When they see someone who has everything figured out, who knows who she/he is, who is happy with how she/he looks. They wake up from their dream. They don’t like this so they go for the kill. Remember that!

Second. This is really hard, but you guys need to realize that everyone is beautiful in their own way. If you want to change yourself do it for the right reasons. Do it for you, not for some ideals. Not for the magazine photos. For example, if you want to be skinnier, do it because you want to change for yourself, because you want to be healthier. Please, don’t do it because other people don’t like you the way you are. They are always going to find something new to gossip about. And you know what, life is too short to think about what other people think! Just be yourself, enjoy life, let people be their jealous selves. All that matters is that you are happy with who you are, not for other people but just for you. Just realise that you can’t change the way you are, and that you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are (Yay bruno mars 😉 ).

One day all the haters will realise that they were wrong about you. It is better to try and show them that they are wrong then to be consumed by their gossip. I see it this way. Their are 2 roads you can take, the very smooth flat one. No bumps in the road and just going easy. It is nice to drive on these roads or walk on these roads, but you will never really find out who you are. The other road is a road with a lot of bumps, dangerous bridges, mud and sometimes storms on the way. This road is harder to walk, but you WILL have an adventure and you will have experiences that will teach you who you are. You will discover who you are and when you get to the end, you are going to be so much more happy, satisfied and proud that you took the harder road. You, in contrast to the smooth road, will be a lot happier in the end than the people who never find their true selves.

Never start believing them and never ever think that they are better then you. When you don’t let them win and show them they are wrong, YOU are better than THEM!

Third. Instagram is an amazing app, an amazing place where you can discover new styles and get to know new people. But NEVER feel less about yourself because you think you see the amazing lives of bloggers and celebs. Bloggers and celebs are normal people just like you. They go through rough times and they have some bad moments in their life.

It might seem that I’m extremely confident, but actually I have a lot of insecurities. I don’t trust people very fast, I am scared that I will not be good enough in school. I am a perfectionist and that’s not always something good. I also sometimes don’t like my lovehandles and my cellulite. It is really hard to try and learn to live with yourself and try not to let people influence you as a person. It is hard not to change your style because EVERYBODY DOES IT. There is no shame in updating your style as long as you are updating it because you like it, not because you want to look like an instagram girl. It is always going to look like you are trying to hard that way.

Insecurities are painful. They make you cry sometimes. But everyone is insecure sometimes, that’s what makes you human. But please, LOVE YOURSELF! It breaks my heart when people message me and say that they are insecure, that they are not liked in school because they don’t follow the popularity rules. But take me as an example! I was bullied and talked about from kindergarten till the end of high school. I was weird, I didn’t drink enough to be cool enough, I didn’t wear the right shoes, my grades were good, I didn’t come to school with a handbag and straightened hair, I was too close with my family and I was too shy and vulnerable. I had just 3 friends and everyone liked to talk behind my back at school. Now, I have an amazing boyfriend, a lot of friends, all the pets I want, I have an instagram with over 8000 followers, people are looking up to who I am and to my confidence, I’m killing it in university and I just started a youtube channel without caring what people might think. Some girls say, they want to be like me. But how do you think that I have all of this now? I stopped caring about other people in the world and I started to do the things I love without worrying about gossip. Why not wear those shoes if you like them, why not begin with instagram if you like it, why not start a youtube channel? The people talking behind my back are now extremely friendly to me, because they realise THEY WERE WRONG!

Just do what makes you happy, don’t let others get to you and don’t compare yourself to other people!

I hope I helped you guys feel a little better. If you want some more peptalk or advice you can always sent me a message on instagram or e-mail me (

See you next time


Laura (Liciouss)

Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float

Hi guys!

This is my first “NEW IN” post. Today I bought this amazing Giant Flamingo! I have wanted this pool float for ever!

I fell in love with the Giant Unicorn a few months ago and I entered a competition to win it. But as usual, the odds were not in my favor and I didn’t win. (I never win anything, cry cry). After 2 weeks of insane depression (maybe not depression but definitely extreme sadness 😉 ). I started to notice lots of other cool pool floats floating around Instagram (pun intended). A giant pink donut, a nice swan and … A beautiful pink giant flamingo! This pool float looks so epic, it is pink and it is gorgeous. I didn’t buy it at first because I thought it would cost me a lot of money.

But today, I went to a toy store to buy myself some new school stuff and there it was. In the pool section of the store. All those incredibly nice pool floats. The Flamingo was there too and when I saw the price (which wasn’t a lot, it was 30 euros), I didn’t hesitate for one second and I ran up to my mom to beg on my knees if I could have it (Okay, I didn’t really get down on my knees and begged to my mom in front of the whole store. But I begged alright). After endlessly begging ( 2 minutes ) my mom said that I could have it!

So now, I am the proud owner of this amazing must-have for the summer. I have a pool at home and I am going to Marbella in September so I will be using this awesome pool float a lot.

I think it is very nice because it has a very nice darkish pink colour and it isn’t like any other ordinary pool float. It is very original and it already makes me have wet dreams ( and then I mean wet as in pool water ) about Marbella. Everybody is loving these new kinds of pool floats and everybody wants to have them! And now I have one too.

I bought this amazing must-have in the store : Dreamland. But I think you can find it anywhere if you just search for “pool float flamingo” on Google!




LauraLicious’ Study Tips


Hi guys, It’s been a while since I’ve posted but that’s not my fault. The crime is committed by my books and my professors. But since I have a little time now, I thought it would be nice to give you guys some very effective study tips to get you through this rough period! These are the things that help me the most!

1. Make sure that your little mini-office is organised. 

It’s very important that you have a clean working place. It’s best to not have any distractions, so I recommand that you clean up everything. The only items that may be in your sight, are your markers and your books (and maybe your laptop WITHOUT your wifi on 😉 ). It gives you a fresh and professional feel and it helps you concentrate. So guys, make sure to throw away your garbage as soon as possible!

2. Motivational quotes

Put them everywhere. Put them on your phone, on your laptop and on your Ipad. Hang them on the wall next to your bureau or hang them on your mirror so you can see the quote all the time. It is proven that this really works and motivates you to keep going.

3. Hydrate!

It’s proven that water boosts one’s mental performance. It keeps you hydrated and it’s extremely healthy (if you drink enough water throughout the day, you might even lose some pounds). It helps the brain function more and you will have a lot more concentration. If you don’t really like water, you can always make it more fun by putting fruit into your water bottle. It not only gives your water a very nice taste, it also gives your body some very good extra vitamins. My favorite fruit water is water with mint and lemon in it. It is very fresh and healthy. Just put the fruit in your water (you don’t need to add anything else), shake your bottle a few times and enjoy!


Your phone is your worst enemy when it comes to exams. He keeps screaming your name until you give in to its powers. It’s best to put your phone some place you can not see it. And definitely shut down your WiFi. It is proven that every time you get a notification on your phone and look at it (even if it is just one second), your brain needs to start all over again when it comes to concentration. It can take over 15 minutes untill your brain is back in full study mode. So guys, just throw it out of your room.


5. cuddles

When you are tired of studying or when you are just done with your books, just go and find yourself something or someone to cuddle. I always cuddle my cats, when I’m feeling demotivated and they always give me the strength to go on. If you don’t have any pets, you can cuddle your mom, your brother or even your teddy bear. Thanks to cuddling, your body produces a hormone that makes you feel more happy. And when you feel happy, you feel more motivated to go on!

6. Sleep

You need to sleep at least 8 hours a night. It is healthy for your body and it can make sure that the brain has enough time to store all of the information in the right place. You’re going to remember a whole lot more when you have slept enough and you will be able to start a new day with a fresh head.

7. Breaks

Make sure that you take enough breaks. Not only does it give your brain some time to process everything, it is also good for the body to get out of your chair once in a while. When you take a break it is very important that you do something that is not hard on the brain. Do something literally brainless. Take a stroll in your garden, lay on your bed for a few minutes or make yourself a smoothie. But don’t take your laptop, don’t watch tv nor grab your phone. Make sure that your brain has some time to catch his breath.

8. Take a bath

It’s very important to relax now and then after you’ve studied all day. The best way for me to relax is taking a bath with a bathbomb (If you want to know which bathbombs are the best, check out my post about Lush!). But you can also relax by doing sports or yoga. Everyone has its own way to relax but this is my favorite way!

9 Don’t talk about your books

When you talk to your friends about what you have already studied and what you still have to do, your friends have ALWAYS done way more than you. Out of personal experience I highly recommend to not talk about those things with your friends. Talk about other things like movies you’ve watched or things you’ve planned for after the exams. But don’t ask her/him, How far are you in your books? Still got a lot to do?? Because I can guarantee you that you will get even more stress from it.

10 Make a summer bucket list

Make a list of what you are going to do this summer and about what you want to do. Set these things as goals and think about this for a second… If my exam results are good, I will have an amazing summer. Write everything what you want to do down and hang this paper in front of your desk as motivation. I am going to the USA and ROCK WERCHTER. So I wrote down : buying a tent for festival, buying new clothes for the US, buying stuff for my go pro, buying cool festival items… You can do this when you are taking a break, and it will give you the motivation to go on and ace those exams!

This is a summer bucket list you can print out and use for yourself!


I hope my tips helped you a lot and good luck with your exams! (Please like, share and follow my blog and instagram if you loved my post)


Laura (liciouss)

My weekend 2/03/2016 : My shopping mission + going to the zoo

Hi guys! Today I ‘m going to tell you something about what I did last weekend.

The past 2 weeks I’ve been studying my butt off while my family has been enjoying Spain without me (“crying in a small corner of the room while eating chocolate”). I know, I know… It’s better to stay in Belgium because that doubles my chances of not failing my upcoming exams… But it’s not so fun knowing that your family is eating Tapas in the warm sun of Spain, while you are studying at your boring desk while it’s raining outside. The only things I have seen the past 2 weeks are my unshaved boyfriend walking around in his joggingpants (while eating all of my bananas which resulted in the fact that I didn’t have any bananas left to make a smoothie which was the only fun thing I had all day), my cats sleeping around all day (cats…very motivating creatures…) and my computer/books. This sounds very depressing/lonely/boring doesn’t it? Well it was! I felt abandoned and I felt like I was dying inside. Yes, it was that painful.

So I decided that it would be a good idea to go somewhere for a change, and leave my desk. I decided to go to the zoo of Antwerp and go shopping afterwards on a saturday. (very good idea Laura, go to one of the busiest shopping streets in Belgium on a Saturday…). I thought it would be a nice idea to go out and have some fun instead of getting a headache from my books. So when Saturday arrived, I jumped out of my nasty joggingpants, into my skinny jeans. I bought myself a honey latte in Starbucks and hopped on the train to Antwerp. The day before the weather man said the sun would be shining, the birds would be singing and that it would be an amazing spring-day. It wasn’t… It was very cloudy and thank god for the decision I made to take my jacket with me (I already have my motherly instinct hihi).

But I didn’t really care about the weather, because I didn’t see any books! When we arrived in Antwerp we first went to the Zoo. It was very fun although the Zoo is renewing it’s interior and there are construction sites every 30 steps. Thanks to the renovations, I couldn’t see the girafes… Thank god they aren’t my favorite animals. Despite the nasty weather and the less than nice accommodations, I enjoyed watching the animals! It was really nice because I haven’t been to a Zoo in a long time. The animal I enjoyed the most was the panther (surprise, surprise … big cats are my favorite animals! Yes I know you can stop dropping your jaws). After this nice Zoo-trip we headed to Macdonalds (my little heaven on earth) and enjoyed some cheeseburgers. I ate a little bit too much, but that was okay because I was heading to the shopping street and I could use all the energy I could get.

I had 3 missions that day. First of all I wanted to find the adidas superstars with the baby rose stripes (That I could not find anywhere!). I had been searching for them for a long time, losing hope of their existance. But this shopping street was my last resort. I entered almost every sneaker shop I saw, and just as I was about to give up… King of Trainers. There they were… Only having eyes for those shoes I walked up to them almost falling over some black guys feet when he was putting on his Nikees. I started looking for my size, I didn’t see it. But my hope wasn’t lost just yet! A saleswoman walked up to me and I asked if they still had them in my size… Looking at her with my puppy eyes almost about to cry, I saw her lips making a movement that I didn’t want to see… “No…” She said… Hope was almost lost yet again but then… “But I can order them online for you if you like?”. My heartbeat started rising, I started sweating while she looked on her Ipad if they were still available… “Oh, I’m so sorry, they are completely sold out…”. I looked up to my boyfriend feeling super disappointed. Again my dreams were crushed right in front of my eyes. But my boyfriend had that look in his eyes. It was going to be alright, his eyes told me. One day I will find them beautiful heavenly shoes.

Missions 2 en 3 were very successful. I wanted to buy a colourful jacket because it’s spring and it’s going to get warmer. You might think why do you need to wear a jacket when it’s warm outside. Well, I bought myself a scooter a few weeks ago and It’s kinda cold when I driving with just a T-shirt, that’s why! I almost didn’t find a jacket…  But just as I decided to go home, back to Ghent, I saw it, just hanging there… and without any doubt I bought the jacket. My last mission was to find some nice T-shirts which I found in “Pull and Bear”.

It was a day full of ups and downs, but it was very fun!

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Bye! xoxo

The reason I bought myself my first cat 5 years ago?

My cats. all 16 of them. My 2 dogs. I’m crazy in love with every single furry little friend that’s walking around in my house.

It all started when I was about 15/16 years old. We already had 2 dogs making our house a little bit more fun to live in, but it wasn’t enough for me.

In that period of my life, I didn’t really have many friends… I had a few good ones, or at least I thought they were good ones because most of them aren’t really my friends anymore. I could get through the regular, but very painful and depressing, schoolday with these friends by my side. But the fact that I switched classes that year, didn’t have any friends in my new class and felt lonely and left out made me very depressed most of the time. Nobody really talked to me in my new class, and I didn’t have the guts to start talking to them, so I was kind of doomed for the rest of my high school career. Most of the people in my class were girls and most of the girls in my class were or popular or they already had enough friends and they didn’t want someone to invade their perfectly made group. I was an enormous dork, was not your typical average girly girl and was very quite and shy. I guess I didn’t fit the criteria to be the typical girl BFF type and that didn’t make me very attractive/popular/wanted.

The only things that could really cheer me up were my dogs, music, the occasional shopping spree with my mom and my love and passion for movies/series. I could go days living like a cockroach in my room, listening to taylor swift/ watching “Gossip Girl” while eating chocolate or other not so healthy snacks. Some days I felt good, other days I felt like shit. I had the feeling that I had almost no friends, that nobody loved me and that my life was a living hell. But, when I felt bad, alone, depressed or afraid I could always get a warm and fluffy hug from Donald or Dino (my dogs).

Animals or pets, are so innocent. They can look you in the eye with so much love and warmth. They would never hurt someone or talk behind their back. Animals, you can always rely on. They will always be there when you are crying, when you are laughing, when you are all alone in the corner of your room or when you are in a crowded kitchen on christmas eve. They will always have their eyes on you, and they will always be there when you need them. Not asking anything in return. Just true and unconditional love.

When I came home from school, being on the vurge of breaking down, my dogs were always happy to see me. I got the feeling that I did have a purpose in Life. I had animals that I could take care of. Animals that rely on me. That and also the unconditionnal love I got from my parents and irritating but very loving brothers, helped me through my highschool hell.

So, one day, I asked my mom for a cat. Because I knew that that would make me happier when I got home. I asked for a cat for almost 2 weeks, and I didn’t give up! I had to have one! And one day, my mom woke me up on sunday and she said : “Come on, let’s go buy you a kitten!” …

And the rest is history…

Today, I have 16 cats at home. I take 2 of them with me when I need to go to Ghent from monday to friday. They still make me very happy and when I’m crying I pick them up, they start purring and I always feel less bad than before.

Today, I have lots of friends. Those friends, I can call real friends. They are always there for me when I need them and I don’t really feel alone anymore. I also have a very loving, caring and sweet boyfriend that always picks me up when I fall on the ground. My family is very close and they give me alot of love and strength to carry on. I’m studying to be a psychologist. And I hope that I will be able to help people the way that my pets and family helped me through the hard times.

I will tell them that it will always get better. That life has it’s ups and downs. Sometimes you can fall on the hard ground, and you will feel like you don’t have the strength to get up. But when you experience this feeling, remember, that there is always someone out there that can not live without you. Just get up and go on ….

…. and maybe get yourself a cat 😉

See you next time guys!