The Exam Survival Guide by Laura Lynn

Hi guys! It’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted. Yet again my apologies. But I have my reasons being studying and exams. Today I’ll be talking about my main tips to survive the exam period. It’s been a highly requested blogpost so here we go!

  • Put your phone aside! I know this is a very hard one but it’s the most important one of them all. Even tho you may not want to admit it, I bet that your phone is your biggest distraction during exams. I am 100 percent more productive when my phone is in the other room so that’s my number one biggest tip! You can only use it to watch my Live StudyBreak on Instagram at 16:00 every day. But that’s it guys!
  • Make a checklist. This is my number one strategy during exams. I make a very comprehensive checklist with all of the things I still need to do for a certain course. There’s nothing more fun than crossing of something of your to do-list during exams. It gives you more motivation and it gives you the feeling that you’re getting shit done and that you want to keep getting shit done. My checklist is very big, f.e. I make a checklist of how many pages I still need to read. 1-20, 20-40, … Each time I read 20 pages I can check of one of my to do’s! It’s great and it motivates me a lot! It also helps me to get an overview of what I still need to do. It helps me from panicking about what I still need to do and it helps me organize the chaos in my head. It also helps for procrastination! It’s a lot easier to finish a small task then to start with a big task that doesn’t seem to have an ending.
  • PLAN PLAN AND PLAN. Make a plan for yourself. If you need to finish those 50 pages that day, you will finish them because you need to finish something else tomorrow. It really motivates you if you have a plan because you’ll really want to stick to it! But don’t be to hard on yourself if you didn’t finish what you had to do that day because you’re still human and some days you’ll just have an off day.
  • Drink a lot of water. It not only helps you concentrate more because your brain needs water, it also helps your body be healthy. This way you can feel good about your healthy lifestyle and stay focused and energized during studying.
  • Coffee helps every time! But not too much guys!
  • Eat healthy! It helps you be more energized and more concentrated and it takes care of your body!
  • Get enough sleep. It’s very important to SLEEP during the exam period. It helps you stay focused during the entire month full of exams and it helps your brain remember everything better (scientifically proven fact guys, look it up!).
  • One of the things I like to do is work out. It keeps my stresslevels low and it helps me feel more energized and that helps me to study better and longer without being distracted. You don’t need to do a big workout of two hours because you know, AIN’T NOBODY GO TAIM FO THAAT. But just a half an hour workout can help a lot!
  • Treat yoself once in a while. Give yourself a treat if you studied well that day. Watch an episode of your favorite series or eat some ice cream. You deserve to enjoy life during exams and you deserve to be rewarded for all of your hard work. This refuels me at the end of the day and helps me to study even better the next day.
  • Keep a calendar. Cross of every study day you have and it will keep you motivated. This horrible period WILL END. Just kick ass for a month and you won’t have to study for another 3 months or so! Every day you cross of a day on your calendar, you are one step closer to freedom.
  • Tell yourself that you can do it. Hang up some inspirational quotes above your desk and tell yourself that you really want to succeed. If you just work hard this month and give it your everything, you won’t have to study during summer! Wouldn’t that be great!!! Keep in mind that it’s just a few weeks of working your ass of and after that you can lay your fine ass in a beach chair all day. After rain there is sunshine people. Keep a positive mindset and work hard to get a big reward afterwards.
  • Take a break from time to time to recharge your brain. It will only help you remember more if you take a break once in a while. Take a quick shower or go for a walk. Don’t check your phone as a break. Let your brain just rest for a little while.
  • If an exam didn’t go the way you planned and you don’t think you’ll pass, don’t get to worked up about it. It’s important to stay focused and to try and nail all the other exams coming your way. Don’t get kicked down by one setback but try to learn from your mistakes and kill the rest of your exams. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t be to hard in yourself and move on to the next one.
  • Try to have fun studying. Recite your textbook to your cat or make a color book out of it (the textbook, not the cat lol). Studying can be fun. Be positive and the exam period will be over in no time
  • WATCH @LAURALYNNSWORLD LIVE STUDY BREAKS EVERY DAY AT 16:00. This is the best tip I can give you lol.

Okay so these were my best tips. i hope you got something out of them and GOOD LUCK during this study period!


Laura Lynn

This was 2017 & This will be 2018

Hi guys!

Today I want to talk about 2017 and about what’s to come in 2018.

2017 was a big year for me. I grew much more on Instagram and I grew into a better person. This year I got out of my comfort zone. I had always been a very shy girl, afraid to do things alone. I always thought about what other people would say about me when I walked in the room and my heart started racing when I had to talk in front of a group. I have been struggling with a little bit of social anxiety my whole life. I know you might not have thought this about me, because I am so open on Instagram and on my Instagram stories. But in general I’m a very timid person. This year, however, I stepped out of my comfort zone. In school I had to talk more and more in front of people I didn’t know. I made a lot more friends in school. (I didn’t have a lot of friends there, because I was so afraid all the time). I went to class a lot more and I learned that other people aren’t that scary at all! I went to events, by myself… This was a very big step for me. I normally didn’t dare to go to Antwerp by myself without Thomas. But this year, I did and I felt like a true boss-babe.

I came out of my comfort zone not only on this level, but I also learned how to wear other fashion items. Not only sneakers all the time. I also did things I would’ve been afraid to do when I was younger on my travels. I drove around in Spain, I did a big hike in Vietnam, I discovered new foods, I asked people I didn’t know where I needed to go. And I don’t plan on stopping. In 2018 I’m going to get out of my comfort zone even more. I’m going to India with my boyfriend, for the first time in Asia without my parents. I’m going to keep on challenging myself into becoming the woman I want to be. I’m going to work out more, be healthier, go to more events alone, vlog more, be even more open with my followers. You haven’t seen everything yet people!


This year I also learned that it’s okay to let things go. To let people go. Some people are just not meant to be in your life. It’s not their fault but they just don’t fit into your lifestyle and mindset. If they make you feel like a less better version of yourself, it’s time to let them go. This year also taught me to take things more lightly. Don’t take everything so serious all the time. I only have one life to live and I don’t want to worry all the time and let life pass me by. I enjoyed the little things more. TV and pizza with my bf, shooting photos with my boyfriend, enjoying a movie, time with my mom, cuddles with my dog,… Life can’t be a big experience every single day. So enjoy the little things, and make the best of every day you have.


I learned to be healthier, to feel better, to not feel depressed all the time. I travelled to lots of places and I got more conscious about the world. It made me realize that I want to see a lot more of this planet. I let life take me on adventures and I made my life an adventure just by enjoying every minute of it. Thanks to Instagram I had great opportunities. I got to go to a lot of events (like this amazing TUI event), I have a collaboration with L’oréal and I got free food from Deliveroo (I mean does it get any better than free food?).


I started vlogging more often and I discovered that I love this so much. I started cooking more, and discovered that this is also something I really love to do. I also got closer to a lot of people. Friends became best friends. I realized what real friends are this year. I also realized that it’s okay to feel bad sometimes. Just pick yourself up the next day. I also got a lot closer to my animals. This year we got a new dog, a White Sheperd. She made me fall in love with dogs again. I smiled to almost every person I came across. I tried to better myself on Instagram. Better quality, more personal, more sharing. I love sharing everything with you guys so much and I want to try to keep doing it as long as I can. I just love sharing my life with the world. I have always loved this and I won’t stop it for anything. I don’t do it for the collabs or the events, I do it just for me.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-03 om 13.22.38schermafbeelding-2018-01-03-om-13-24-34.png

This year was a game changer for me. Me and my life have gotten better on so many levels. And I don’t plan on changing this in 2018. I’m going to travel a LOT. India, Ireland, Mauritius, Rome, … Maybe even other countries. I’m going to improve my photos and feed on Instagram and make everything a lot more professional. I’m going to work on a logo for my blog and YouTube. Talking about YouTube. You’re going to see me on there a lot this year. Also my blog will be a lot more active. I will be healthier. Not only will I work out more and feel better, I will also eat healthier. Maybe a little less meat. I will go on as many adventures as I can, and I will finish my Bachelor in Clinical psychology this year! I will reach 20K and I will hopefully get more opportunities thanks to Instagram. I will do a lot more fun things with my friends and with my boyfriend. But most of all, I will be sharing everything with you guys. Hopefully you will be part of my 2018.



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My Christmas Wishlist

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. I’ve been busy with a lot of school stuff and youtube lately, and I completely lost sight of my awesome blog. So to start with some new year resolutions, I am back! Today I’m going to tell you about my Xmas wish list! You can bring me anything of this list, send me a message and I’ll give you the address (LOL, just kidding… Or am I?) Let’s begin!


I want this each year. I am addicted to everything you can buy in this store (especially the bath stuff). The christmas collection is always so cute and amazing, and I love trying them out as a relaxation during my exams. You can always make me smile with some bathbombs and christmas lush presents.



I am very into being healthy and fit at the moment, and you can’t workout without the proper workout clothes. I have been in love with these workout sets for a long time, and I would love to find on of these cute outfits under my christmas tree. It will help me be even more motivated to workout and die in the gym :D.


I think every girl likes getting this for christmas. It’s fun to wear, fluffy and it makes you feel like a 12 year old again. I mean who doesn’t want that, right? I really love fluffy socks and pyjama’s by hunkemöller etc. Especially the pink cosy stuff is adorable. I already have a lot of these kind of things, but you can never have enough. Socks, pyjama’s, cosy pants, … Just anything that’s warm, fluffy and that makes me look like an exploded bunny will do.


I am in need of a new cover for my macbook. I really like the glitter-y one I have now but it’s time for a new one. I love the marble ones a lot! They are very classy and insta-worthy, and I love that! Other cases that are also timeless and instaworthy, like a cool palm tree print, are also very nice.



I really want a nice big handbag to go to school with in which I can put my laptop. I have my eye on a few. I am addicted to Karl Lagerfeld, so any bag of his with a cat on it will make me cry. I also like the new handbags by gigi hadid from Tommy Hilfiger. And the handbags that you can buy in Essentiel are also to die for.


You can always make me happy with some new eyeshadow or lipstick by for example MAC COSMETICS. I really like to experiment with different kind of styles lately and I enjoy it a lot! I love the new personality palettes (picture 1) and the Snowball collection is sooo pretty, especially the matte lipsticks are gorgeous! (colors: pink and the one in the left corner below haha 🙂 )schermafbeelding-2017-12-10-om-15-44-24.png

So these are some of the things that I would really like to have for Christmas. Maybe I gave you guys some ideas to ask for yourself as well. What do you want for Christmas? Tell me in the comments!!






How to get that bikini body : My Journey #1

Hi guys!

Today I want to talk to you about my newest addiction. SPORTS and BEING HEALTHY. About a month ago (one month and a half or so) I started doing Blogilates on Youtube because I wanted to get rid of all the fat that I didn’t want to see anymore. I didn’t like the way I looked anymore and I didn’t feel good. I didn’t feel healthy at all and I felt like a loser a lot of the time.

So I started with PIIT (Pilates Intensity Interval Training) and Muscle workouts for my legs and abs. I really wanted to look better and feel better asap. At first, it was very hard to do the sports and to have the perseverance to do it. I was very lazy and I just watched Netflix all the time. This resulted in the fact that I stopped doing my Blogilates Calender after one week.

But 2,5 weeks ago, I saw myself in the mirror. I really didn’t like how my body looked and I saw a lot of flaws on my body. I normally had a lot of confidence but I just felt lazy all the time, I felt like a loser and the only thing I saw when I looked in the mirror was my cellulite and my fat. I could literally cry.

I didn’t start doing sports because of other people, because I really don’t care about what other people think. I am also of the opinion that you only need to start a diet when YOU don’t like the way you look. You never need to start doing this for others because it will not make you happier. You need to do it for yourself and if you feel good the way you are, just keep feeling that way and don’t care about what other people say! You also don’t need to care about all the extremely skinny girls in the world. Every body is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. You never need to start dieting because you want to look like a supermodel because there is this thing called photoshop and it makes girls look like BayWatch babes when they are really just like anyone else. You only need to start working out when you want to feel en look healthier, not because you want to look like the girls in the magazines. (I do recommend to you that you have to try and eat as healthy as possible because that is way better for your body and maybe it will make you live a little longer 😉 )

I started working out because I wanted to feel and look better for myself. And I also wanted to feel a lot more energized. So I just did it. I downloaded the Blogilates Calender and I started doing sports every two days. One day I would do cardio and two days later I would do abs or legs. I started drinking much more water and I started eating healthier.

After a few days I wanted to do more. I started to try and walk a lot more throughout the day because I had the feeling that I didn’t walk enough. (I’m a student and I spend a lot of time behind my desk). I began to go take fast walks with my dog and I really liked it. I also started doing cardio and abs/legs on the same day, every two days.

I also wanted to get rid of my cellulite so I started taking a lighter contraceptive pill and I started putting on cream every morning and evening. And after one week I already see the results!

I just wanted to write this blogpost because I wanted to let people know that everyone can lose weight and feel healthier if they really put work into it. If you feel bad about yourself on a daily basis and if you really don’t like the way you look. Just change it. You have the power in your hands and if you really want it, you can do it.

I have been doing all of the above (intensely) for about three weeks and I eat healthier every day. I already feel and see the results. I feel very energized ( my boyfriend is sometimes frustrated about it haha) and I really like the way my body is starting to look. I’m only doing this for a few weeks and I already look and feel much much better.


So, now I am going to tell you what I do every day (every two days)  :

  • every two days I do my workout : I start with a PIIT video from Casey Ho on youtube. After this I do a cardio video from Casey Ho.
    • If I want to work on my abs I do one of the EXTREME ABS videos (once or twice)
    • If I want to work on my legs I do one of the LEG videos (I mostly use the videos that you can find on Casey Ho’s Calender for my leg workouts)
  • Every day I try to take a 30 minute walk (I try to walk as fast as I can) with my dog.
  • I try to drink 2 liters of water every day
  • I use the app : LifeSum
    • It helps me track my calories and it helps me to not eat unhealthy snacks. If you go over the maximum amount of calories for one day, you circle turns red. I really feel bad when this happens so I try to avoid it and I succeed most of the time.
  • I try to eat a healthy breakfast. I normally don’t eat breakfast (yeah, I know it’s not healthy) but I am trying to change that!
  • I try to not eat unhealthy snacks. I push myself to eat as healthy as possible (but sometimes I take one little chocolate if I want to 😀 )
  • I mostly try to eat NORMAL. I don’t STARVE myself, I just try not to eat unhealthy and not to eat too much! (mindful eating)
  • I only drink Cola Zero if I want something other than water

So this is what I do to feel healthier and to look better every day. I hope I inspired you to be healthier. Maybe I gave you the push you needed to try this all yourself.

I hope you liked my post a little bit! What do you like to do to be healthier?

Tell me below!


Laura (licious)

13 Reasons Why : The message behind the series.

Hi guys! Today I want to talk to you about the new hit-series “13 Reasons Why”.

First of all. What a performance. I loved how the actrice of Hannah Baker played the role of a lost girl in a crowded school perfectly. The series was fantastic. The fact that everything had a colder colour in the present day and that the world had a brighter colour when Hannah was still alive was an amazing touch. I loved the fact that Clay always watched what happened to Hannah from a third person perspective while she was telling her story on the tapes, also referring to the fact that Clay always watched but didn’t have the guts to do something when Hannah was still alive. The series was amazing and I was sad when it ended. It ended with a lot of open storylines and I have a double feeling about this. On the one hand I would really love a second season because this series is seriously addictive. But on the other hand, I would rather have it stop here because maybe a second season would soften the message behind the series and maybe it would make people look away from the real problem this series brings.

The message behind this series was very very strong. I also have been bullied when I was younger but I had the incredible luck of having a mother that would keep asking what’s wrong until I got tired of the sentence “There’s nothing wrong, I’m just tired.” This series is very hard to watch at some times. It’s sometimes so hard to watch that you get uncomfortable. But I think that that’s what makes the series so good. It really wants you to remember and think about the fact that bullying is not okay. It can have extreme consequences and it can kill someone, literally. And you don’t have to look at this series as if it is all bullshit. Don’t think that this wouldn’t happen in real life, because it happens every day. Suicide is the second most common death cause for teenagers. Teenagers are just learning who they are and exploring their personality. This makes those teens extremely vulnerable for bullies. If you are a little different or if you don’t fit in the way other kids do, you become a target. And this is not over-exagerated because trust me I am a first hand witness of these kind of practices. Bullies are everywhere, in every school, in every classroom. Why do they bully other kids? Who knows. Maybe they are insecure themselves, maybe they are jealous or maybe they just want to fit in with the rest of the class and think that that’s the way to do it. But the problem with these people is that they don’t realize how even little things can have a snowball effect in peoples lives. How little things like talking behind someone’s back while the person being talked about clearly sees it, can have a serious effect on someone’s mental health. So I have 2 messages here. I have a message for the bullies, not only the active bullies but also the jealous ‘talk behind your back’ bullies. And I have a message for the victims.

First of all the bullies. Just stop hurting people who don’t deserve it. Who are different from you. I know that this might seem threatening to you that someone isn’t like the rest of you, that someone looks better than you or that someone is maybe a better person than you. But why do you have to scar someone for the rest of their lives and maybe even push them into a corner leading to the fact that they think the only way out for them is suicide. Is that really worth it? Hurting someone that much? Stop treating people like dirt and like they don’t matter. Every person matters in this world and if you don’t treat other people right, how do you expect others to treat you the right way? Also, don’t believe everything you hear. If you believe one’s perspective without looking at what the other person has to say about it and if you base your actions on that one probably twisted and turned perspective… You are as bad as the bully trying to convince you that the girl in your class is a nerd, slut, whore or weirdo. You can be the reason for someone hurting and isolating themselves. You can be the reason for someone having to cry themselves to sleep every night and faking that she is sick so that she wouldn’t have to go to school that day. You can be the reason for the girl in the corner not having anyone to talk to because you convinced everybody that she is stupid, lame and weird. You can be the reason why that one boy in class has nobody to work with on a project. You can be the reason why someone’s life ends. So, instead of the bullying and talking behind someone’s back. Just go to the person and say “Hello”. You don’t have any idea how good it feels if someone just takes an interest in you and talks to you for a few seconds when you feel lonely or depressed. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life. Maybe there’s a reason for her acting weird, maybe there’s a reason for her being so silent all the time. And if you are scared that other people will bully you because you talked to the weird girl (which is fucking bullshit but anyways), just send her (or him) a message on facebook. “Hi! How was school today?”. That’s all it takes for someone to not take the next step, the final step. Instead of investing all that time in destroying someone else’s reputation and regretting it later. Instead of listening to all the gossip someone is spreading about someone without hearing what that someone has to say about it. Instead of looking at her or him that certain way (you know how… Like there’s shit on his or her’s head or something). Just. Say. Hi. Don’t invest time in scarring people’s personality, confidence and soul. Because it has consequences. If it isn’t suicide, it is a scar for the rest of her or his life. And it will never heal, doesn’t matter how much you try. The scar will always be there. Invest time in BEING NICE TO EVERYONE. And you will get so much in return. Just try it and stop the bullying. And if you aren’t convinced, just watch this series. And then come back to this post.

Now. The message for the victims of bullying. If you are in anyway being bullied or if you have been bullied and you don’t see a way out. Just try to tell yourself that it gets better. Life has it’s ways of fucking people over. And it uses other people to do it. Don’t care about what other people say. I know that is very very easy to say, trust me. But just try and remember that those bullies and backstabbing people are more insecure than you and probably hate themselves more that they can’t stand you. They are feeling threatened by you and they want to destroy you to protect themselves from falling. They want to bully you, so that they aren’t bullied or because they like fucking with people. They are just bad people, to the core. They like bullying because it gives them a sense of power over you. They like talking behind your back because they don’t have anything interesting in their lives to talk about. I know it’s very very hard to think, I’m better than them, they are insecure themselves, I don’t care. But just think about it. How pathetic are they if the only thing they have to talk about is other people. How pathetic is it that they talk shit about someone else because they feel better that way. It’s just extremely pathetic. Think about it this way. If you get through this, and you keep fighting and going, you can prove them wrong someday. The bullies will never get as far as you. They know that you are better than them and that’s why they want to pull you down, so that they can stay on top. But trust me, there will be one day that you will stand on top. They will want to talk to you then, but you just will not bother. Think about how AMAZING that feeling would be. Isn’t that worth all the pain?

Also, if you feel bad and you can’t get a hold of yourself, please just TALK to someone. ANYBODY. Your parents, they love you so much. And even though it might sometimes seem as if they don’t care, they are busy, they don’t have time. They will ALWAYS make time for you if you are suffering. Just tell them what’s wrong. And if you can’t find the words, just look at them, start crying and let it all out. They will drop everything in an instant because you are their child. They would die for you. And I am not making this up, every parent loves their child. Just talk to them. They will do everything in their power to make you feel better. You want to know why, because they LOVE YOU.

If you don’t want to talk to a person, talk to your pet. I have always told everything to my pet because he didn’t judge. He was always there when I felt bad. Just Talk to somebody. It really really helps. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, just dare to go to a psychologist or a therapist. Or go onto a talk platform online where you are anonymous. Hell, you can even talk to me if you like. I will always answer and never judge because I know how it feels to be bullied and lonely. Just remember that it isn’t worth it. Don’t let the bullies win, life gets better every time. Even though it might seem that it is never going to get better, it does. Just trust me on this. I know what I’m talking about. I have been through it and I survived and I am happy now. Don’t do something you’d regret and don’t hurt the people that love you (because there ARE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU) in the process. Just don’t take the step into suicide, it’s not worth it and there is always a second chance. Change schools, talk to someone or write about it like I did. There is always an option. Suicide isn’t one of the options.

I also highly recommend you to watch this series and realise that there are so many people feeling sorry for their mistakes and so many people hurting when you’d do something like this.

If there is ever something you want to talk about with me. Don’t feel ashamed to send me an e-mail or PM on instagram. I will always take the time to answer every single one of you if that helps you feel better.

Thank you for reading and watch this amazing series. It’s one of those series that might change the world.




Hi guys!

I want to say something. I have the feeling that I have been letting myself down a little bit. I am a little lazy and I don’t have a lot of inspiration lately because of the fact that I overthink a lot of things and there is no place left in my brain to generate new ideas. This is resulting in the fact that I have been neglecting my blog and youtube account. I really love writing and expressing myself through writing and filming. Sometimes I don’t even get a hold of myself because of the mere fact that I have too many ideas. This isn’t the case lately. I really want to push myself to write more and make more creative material not only because it is my passion but because it makes me happier. It is kind of a vicious circle. I am to lazy to write, so I don’t write resulting in the fact that I get less happy and motivated resulting in the fact that I still. Don’t. Write. And not only this but the fact that I am really insecure about my writing ability and talent to entertain people stops me from doing what I love. I am really insecure about what I am good at or not good at. I never think anything is good enough to post and I never want to post things that aren’t perfect. I always want my ideas to be very original and cool, and I don’t want to share things that aren’t original or perfect. I am just a difficult person I guess (ask my friends and former friends haha). Normally I don’t really care about what other people think of what I do or what I say, but in this case it’s different. Writing makes you vulnerable in a way that you sometimes express feelings and emotions that you are to scared to share with the world. And I know that I don’t always have to write about heavy things, and I also like writing about more light stuff, but I do like to write about it. It is a way to express my feelings and I have done it my whole life. The only difference with when I was younger is that I now share my writing with you guys. I know that you will never judge me by what I write in my blogposts and that you will never gossip about it (and I don’t care about people gossiping), but it’s just harder to write knowing that people are going to read it. I also know that I don’t HAVE to post everything but I like sharing my life with the world. I always have, that is part of the reason that I was bullied. So sometimes writing a blogpost gives me mixed feelings.

But I realize now that I need to put everything aside. I love writing and I love sharing. That’s all. I need to stop overthinking things and just go with the flow, so that is exactly what I am going to do. You guys are going to hear a lot more of me. I am going to sometimes write a smaller blogpost just about what I did that day, what I wore that week or what I made myself for dinner that week. But don’t worry, I will never stop talking about the more serious things in life because I am of the opinion that someone has to write about them and I really like helping people. And I hope that me sharing my experiences in life sometimes helps you feel better or makes you change things in your life.

Sorry for the lack of creativity and posts. I promise you it will change!

See you very soon!



A day in the week of Laura #1

Hi guys! I got the idea to start a new series called : A day in the life of Laura. I will write you guys about my day in a blogpost so that you guys get to see what I like to do and that you guys can see that I’m just an ordinary human being like all of you.

10:30 AM : I wake up with my boyfriend lying next to me wondering what time it is. We would normally wake up at 9 AM to go do some sports at the fitness centre. But I have this feeling that it isn’t 9 AM. I wouldn’t know what time it is because I don’t wake up from an alarm clock in the morning. Don’t ask me why but I just think my body refuses to get out of bed. I wake up my boyfriend and ask him if he knows the time because my phone is charging in the other room. My boyfriend takes a glance at his phone and like I thought it isn’t 9 AM, it’s 10:30. That’s my boyfriend’s fault. He turned of the alarm clock when we had to wake up and fell asleep again. YAY, no sports today! Okay, maybe not so yay, because I really need to go do some sports because I want to have a rocking bikini body by summer. I am already eating really healthy, making healthy juices and working out at least 1 time a week. But the working out part needs to be more. I am going to do a Blogilates youtube video after writing this post so that my body does get some exercise today.

11 AM : Still laying in bed with my boyfriend. We are both checking our phones and we decide to get out of bed. My boyfriend takes a shower first (this is always the case) and meanwhile I post my Instagram post for the day.

11:20 AM : Boyfriend goes out to get some bread to eat for lunch and get ready.

11:40 AM : Boyfriend is back and we already start to eat because my boyfriend has to do something for school before he needs to go to class.

12:20 PM : I try to make a selfie but the lighting is off because of this horrific weather and I give up after a few minutes. I get bored and I start petting Frosty.

13 PM : Cuddling with le boyfriend

13:30 PM : Boyfriend takes off to class and I am alone. First I don’t really know what to do and I just start an Instagram session and like some of my bloggerfriends’ photos.

14:30 PM : The Instagram session got a little out of hand. It is really addictive at times (lol). But I decide to put on another sweater that looks better with my new pink raincoat. I put my hair in a ponytail and I put on some make-up. All ready to go!

15 PM : Locking the door of my apartment. It’s time to go on the hunt for some food. I decided to make some salmon/mango salsa wraps. But I needed ingredients so here I am walking through the streets of Ghent on a hunt for salmon and mango.

15:15 PM : I enter Albert Heijn and I start picking everything I need to make some dinner tonight. Where the fuck is the sour cream. I really can’t find it anywhere

15:25 PM : After 10 minutes of searching I find this little jar of sour cream. I take two of them. I also get this : Mango, Red onions, Avocado, Salmon, Lemon ( 5 minutes later : the person behind the cash register forgets to scan the lemon and I forget I even took one in the first place and after walking out of the store I realize that I don’t have my lemon. Reaction : I text my boyfriend if he can go buy a lemon after class). I also bought Peanut butter because that is kind of my new addiction at the moment also because I discovered that it isn’t making you fatter, it even helps you get more muscles when you work out after you ate some!

15:40 PM : walking home with the LA LA LAND soundtrack in my ears. I am trying to control myself because I am kind of dance-walking through the streets and I kind of look ridiculous. Not that I care but yeah, maybe I should stop.

16 PM : Back home and I decide to make myself some apple/ginger juice. I drank this in Father Carpenter in Berlin and now I am addicted to it.

16:30 PM : Juice is all done and I start writing THIS particular blogpost. (#mindfuck)

So that is what I already did today. This is what I am probably going to do for the rest of my day :

  • Exercise : video by Blogilates : probably the muffintops workout because I really need to get rid of mine.
  • Petting Frost.
  • Making dinner.
  • Looking at an episode of Jane the Virgin, Shadowhunter or The Vampire Diaries. (still deciding)
  • Making myself some fittea detox.
  • Watching ‘mijn pop-up restaurant’ = LITTLE DUTCH PART
    • wie is jouw favoriet?? Ik vind Madam P. super leuk en hun eten ziet er echt geweldig uit! Daar zou ik echt wel eens willen gaan eten. Meat en Griet gaan waarschijnlijk winnen volgens mij. Hun eten ziet er echt fantastisch uit en hun concept is super. Ook hun logo vind ik echt super origineel. En de gedrevenheid van Leena is zeer inspirerend. Ook Filly’s vind ik een super leuk concept en hun eten ziet er ook echt fantastisch uit. Hun Antwerps accent ergert me soms een klein beetje maar dat is echt het enige. Ik ben niet zo’n fan van Tjops omdat daar precies altijd zo een depressief sfeertje hangt. Ze spreken vrij eentonig en het ziet er niet echt naar uit dat ze plezier maken. Ik vind dat de jongens niet zo veel charisma hebben en dat is echt wel spijtig want hun concept is wel zeer goed gevonden. Ook vind ik dat het BBQ vlees niet mooi genoeg gepresenteerd is. Je zou echt iets veel leukers kunnen doen hiermee. Vooral ook het nagerecht vind ik niet zo goed doordacht. Een banaan met chocolade op de BBQ met een zelfgemaakt bolletje ijs in de plaats van wat ze nu hebben zou voor mij een groot verschil maken. Gewoon iets meer enthousiasme en originaliteit zou al stukken beter zijn! 🙂 Table O ben ik ook niet echt een super harde fan van. Het eten zal waarschijnlijk wel lekker zijn maar ik vind hun interieur niet echt gezellig en ik zou er zelf niet willen gaan eten. Vraag me niet waarom want ik weet het niet zo goed, maar hun pop-up spreekt me niet echt aan. Het vijfde element vind ik ook wel nog een leuk concept omdat ik persoonlijk heel erg graag verloren/vergeten groenten eet. Ik denk als ze dit nog ietsje meer uitwerken en het nog beter maken dat dit concept zeker een kans maakt. Emily lijkt me alleszins wel al een zeer goede gastvrouw, ookal is ze some een beetje TOO MUCH. 😀
  • SLEEEEEP : my favorite part of the day.


SO! this was my day in a nutshell. I hope you guys enjoyed my post. Tell me what you think about me doing a series of these kind of blogposts and go hit the follow button on my homepage (in the right bar) for more. You can also always leave a like.

Thanks for reading,