Must Do’s in Autumn!

Hi guys!

Very long time since I’ve been on here! That’s because I’ve been traveling a lot in summer and I didn’t find the time to write anything for you guys. I was mostly caught up on vlogging and editing and let this blog fade away a little. But those times are over! It’s fall and that means getting cosy in your sofa and THAT MEANS writing a blogpost now and then. 

Since Autumn is maybe my favorite season of the year. I thought it would be fun to write a Bucketlist for Autumn with all kind of fun ideas to do during this lovely season! So here we go! 

1. Go hiking in the woods or by the beach! 

There’s nothing more beautiful than the leaves changing color and being able to breath in some fresh air again. All of the colors and the animals during this season are just magnificent and it’s so fun (and healthy) to just go out and explore nature. Take your dog or your mom or your lazy bf with you and make a day out of it during the weekends. I guarantee you’ll have loads of fun! 


2. Drink and eat Pumpkin Spice everything

I don’t think I’m the only person who is addicted to the Pumpkin Spice latte in Starbucks? It’s so delicious and it tastes like your drinking Autumn! Why not try and replicate it at home? Put it into cookies or hot coco? Experiment with this delicious spice and make other people happy with a little sip or nibble! Or drink/eat all of it yourself under your blanket in the sofa with a good Netflix series on! Speaking of which…


3. Get your Binge on!

If there’s one season that’s perfect for some big Netflix Binge sessions… It’s fall! I don’t think I need to explain this to you guys. Just put on that series and enjoy it!


4. Decorate and buy some pumpkins! 

If there’s one thing I love about fall, it’s the decorations. The halloween atmosphere and the orange&brown everything! Buy some pumpkins and maybe even carve them! Buy some scented candles and decorate your house with some witches and cosy fall decorations!


5. Have a fall photoshoot! 

As I already pointed out, the colors during Fall are just the prettiest! That means that you just have to take your camera out. Go and have fun with it and take some beautiful pics!


6. Make some Cinnamon buns on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

This is just THE BEST Autumn Dessert there is! It’s not difficult to make at all and it’s just soooo delicious! Enjoy it with some hot coco and you’ll feel so happy and cosy.


7. Shop ’till you drop! 

I just adore FALL FASHION! I think it’s the most beautiful fashion season and that means that you just have to buy some pretty skirts and cosy sweaters, right? Oh, and buy a pumpkin spice latte as a shopping break ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


8. Watch some halloween movies!

They don’t have to be extremely scary, but just watch at least one! It’s so fun during this time of year! There are so many movies to choose from. It goes from ‘the nightmare before christmas’ to ‘the conjuring’. Get creative!


9. Make a delicious, warm soup!

Soup during a cold fall day is just the best thing! Make it and surprise your friends and family with a warm cup of creamy goodness.



Invite some friends, make some hot coco and put on a bonfire in your backyard! This is THE SEASON for bonfires and friends and marshmallows and all of those fun things! 


Autumn is such a pretty season and it’s over so rapidly. Enjoy it as long as you can and make the best of it! Autumn is a season in which you learn that it’s okay to let things go and to sit down and relax for a minute! I hope you guys have a lovely season! If you have some other fun Autumn ideas, tell me in the comments!

The Exam Survival Guide by Laura Lynn

Hi guys! It’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted. Yet again my apologies. But I have my reasons being studying and exams. Today I’ll be talking about my main tips to survive the exam period. It’s been a highly requested blogpost so here we go!

  • Put your phone aside! I know this is a very hard one but it’s the most important one of them all. Even tho you may not want to admit it, I bet that your phone is your biggest distraction during exams. I am 100 percent more productive when my phone is in the other room so that’s my number one biggest tip! You can only use it to watch my Live StudyBreak on Instagram at 16:00 every day. But that’s it guys!
  • Make a checklist. This is my number one strategy during exams. I make a very comprehensive checklist with all of the things I still need to do for a certain course. There’s nothing more fun than crossing of something of your to do-list during exams. It gives you more motivation and it gives you the feeling that you’re getting shit done and that you want to keep getting shit done. My checklist is very big, f.e. I make a checklist of how many pages I still need to read. 1-20, 20-40, … Each time I read 20 pages I can check of one of my to do’s! It’s great and it motivates me a lot! It also helps me to get an overview of what I still need to do. It helps me from panicking about what I still need to do and it helps me organize the chaos in my head. It also helps for procrastination! It’s a lot easier to finish a small task then to start with a big task that doesn’t seem to have an ending.
  • PLAN PLAN AND PLAN. Make a plan for yourself. If you need to finish those 50 pages that day, you will finish them because you need to finish something else tomorrow. It really motivates you if you have a plan because you’ll really want to stick to it! But don’t be to hard on yourself if you didn’t finish what you had to do that day because you’re still human and some days you’ll just have an off day.
  • Drink a lot of water. It not only helps you concentrate more because your brain needs water, it also helps your body be healthy. This way you can feel good about your healthy lifestyle and stay focused and energized during studying.
  • Coffee helps every time! But not too much guys!
  • Eat healthy! It helps you be more energized and more concentrated and it takes care of your body!
  • Get enough sleep. It’s very important to SLEEP during the exam period. It helps you stay focused during the entire month full of exams and it helps your brain remember everything better (scientifically proven fact guys, look it up!).
  • One of the things I like to do is work out. It keeps my stresslevels low and it helps me feel more energized and that helps me to study better and longer without being distracted. You don’t need to do a big workout of two hours because you know, AIN’T NOBODY GO TAIM FO THAAT. But just a half an hour workout can help a lot!
  • Treat yoself once in a while. Give yourself a treat if you studied well that day. Watch an episode of your favorite series or eat some ice cream. You deserve to enjoy life during exams and you deserve to be rewarded for all of your hard work. This refuels me at the end of the day and helps me to study even better the next day.
  • Keep a calendar. Cross of every study day you have and it will keep you motivated. This horrible period WILL END. Just kick ass for a month and you won’t have to study for another 3 months or so! Every day you cross of a day on your calendar, you are one step closer to freedom.
  • Tell yourself that you can do it. Hang up some inspirational quotes above your desk and tell yourself that you really want to succeed. If you just work hard this month and give it your everything, you won’t have to study during summer! Wouldn’t that be great!!! Keep in mind that it’s just a few weeks of working your ass of and after that you can lay your fine ass in a beach chair all day. After rain there is sunshine people. Keep a positive mindset and work hard to get a big reward afterwards.
  • Take a break from time to time to recharge your brain. It will only help you remember more if you take a break once in a while. Take a quick shower or go for a walk. Don’t check your phone as a break. Let your brain just rest for a little while.
  • If an exam didn’t go the way you planned and you don’t think you’ll pass, don’t get to worked up about it. It’s important to stay focused and to try and nail all the other exams coming your way. Don’t get kicked down by one setback but try to learn from your mistakes and kill the rest of your exams. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t be to hard in yourself and move on to the next one.
  • Try to have fun studying. Recite your textbook to your cat or make a color book out of it (the textbook, not the cat lol). Studying can be fun. Be positive and the exam period will be over in no time
  • WATCH @LAURALYNNSWORLD LIVE STUDY BREAKS EVERY DAY AT 16:00. This is the best tip I can give you lol.

Okay so these were my best tips. i hope you got something out of them and GOOD LUCK during this study period!


Laura Lynn

A-Z guide to Happiness

Hi guys! Today I will be posting a A-Z guide to Happiness. To make your lives easier and happier. Here we go!

A : ALWAYS stay true to who you are, what you want to be and where you want to go in your life. Don’t care about other people and their opinions. Only care about them if they are positive. If they are negative, the people saying them to you or behind your back are probably just pieces of shit.

B : BANANAS. Eat loads of them, it’s healthy and makes you feel happier.

C : CONFIDENCE. This is one of the most important words you need to remember. You need to believe in yourself, you need to believe that you are beautiful in your own way. And you are the best version of yourself, not what other people want you to be. (another potential C word is COFFEE, the smell of coffee just always puts a smile on your face.)

D : DREAM. Dare to Dream. And if you have a dream, go after it. It can only come true if you put some effort into it. (or DELETE : Delete toxic people from your life asap)

E : ENERGY. You need to try not to lock yourself up and get yourself to do things that you love. People with less energy are less happy. Get out there, life is too short to just stay at home.

F : FRIENDS. Everybody needs someone to tell everything to. But be cautious. Not all friends are what they seem to be. Some of them can in fact be backstabbing. Be careful who you chose to be your friend. If you don’t feel comfortable or happy near your so-called friend, you’d probably be better of without her or him.

G : GOAL. You need to set some life goals. If you don’t have any goals in life, you are probably going to end up being miserable.

H : HARRY POTTER. Makes me happy every time. Can’t imagine it not making somebody happy.

I : INSPIRE. Try to do something with your life that inspires others. It feels so good if you are an inspiration to someone and it gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

J : JAZZ. Thanks to the amazing movie LA LA LAND, I discovered that listening to Jazz actually does make you feel better. You should really give it a try.

K : KINDNESS. If you give kindness, the right people will give you kindness back. And it also makes you feel very good when you are kind to someone or help someone. Maybe you will have some GOOD KARMA in return for your kindness. WIN WIN.

L : LAUGH. The more you laugh, the better. This is the best thing there is in the world. You laugh when your happy, but you also feel happier when you are laughing. It’s scientifically proven, I mean it.

M : MUSIC. Do I really need to explain this one? No didn’t think so either.

N : NATURE. Take a walk outside, go to a forest or go for a run. Enjoy this amazing planet and try to realize that your problems are not so big as they might seem. Try to remember that we live on such an amazing and beautiful planet.

O : OPERA. haha lol no JUST KIDDING
OPTIMISE : Try to look on the bright side of life ( tuuduu tudu tudu tuduuuuu … Am I the only one singing this song right now)

P : PARENTS. A good relationship with your family and your parents will definitely have a big effect on your life. You always need to try to remember how important family is. Never take it for granted.

Q : QUIT. NEVER QUIT TOO SOON. You will regret it and this will not be positive for your happiness level.

R : ROADTRIP. If you don’t know what to do with yourself and you are very very down. Go on a road trip with the people you love. It will give  you a lot of amazing smiles, laughs and memories.

S : SING SING SING. Singing makes everything better. Why do you think people shower so long? Because it is the best place to sing and let it all go. Just let yourself go in a song once in a while! You won’t regret it.

T : TALK. If you really feel bad. Talk about it to someone. Talking to someone about why you feel sad will always help. I know it from experience. But do talk to someone you trust. You don’t want the whole school to know about your problems, right?

U : UNICORNS. Always makes me smile lol.

V : VACATION. Feel sad? Go on a vacation to the sun and recharge!

W : WAFFLES. a MUST on your path to happiness

X : XMAS. Christmas is the happiest time of the year. Celebrate this amazing holiday with all of the people you love and it will bring you so much joy!

Y : YOLO. I know this is a stupid word but hear me out. You really do live once! Don’t let life pass you by! Do all of the things you want to do because your life can be over tomorrow. Live every day to its fullest

Z : ZEBRA. It’s just so cuuuute ๐Ÿ™‚

So these are my A-Z words you will need to be happy!

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Laura ( LICIOUS)

How to get warm on a cold day!

Hi guys! Since the temperature is dropping a lot today and the temperature will be under zero next week, I thought it would be fun to write a blogpost about how to get warm again after a cold day!

These are my methods to get a cosy and warm feeling!


This is one of my favorite ways to get warm again. Take a relaxing and hot bath using your favorite bath products. I really like using bath bombs and bath bubbles. You can maybe turn on some candles. Just spoil yourself! I also like to watch one of my favorite series when in my bath. Or I tend to turn on my favorite music when I am enjoying the warmth of my bath! After your bath you can dress up in your most cosy outfit, maybe a onesie, maybe a fluffy pyjama. Go sit in your sofa with a blanket and enjoy the warmth!


When you dress your house up in warm colours, it immediately feels more cosy and warm. Use orange or brown pillows and blankets. Warm candles in orange colours. Even the smell of orange and wood might help! Turn on your fireplace and enjoy the warm feeling your house gives you. Trust me it will help!


Drinking hot liquids make you feel warmer. They warm up your hands and they give you a warm feeling inside. Everyone fancies something more than the other. I like to drink coffee mocha and hot coco the most. I make my hot coco with Cotรฉ D’รดr chocolate and milk. It is a very delicious and real hot chocolate, not ons of those cecemel ones ๐Ÿ˜‰ . It is very cosy to drink this under a blanket while watching one of your favorite movies!


Wearing a scarf and wearing a winter hat make you feel a lot warmer. They cover up a lot of blood vessels and when your ears and neck feel warm, your whole body starts to feel warmer. when inside you can also wear a scarf. Cover yourself with as many layers as possible!


When there are people around you, you immediately get warmer. People give an extreme amount of warmth. When you can snuggle up to each other I can guarantee you that you will be warmer in an instant. So call your boyfriend of best friend and cuddle up under a blanket watching a fun movie!


If you want to feel warm immediately, you can put your clothes on the radiator. Or you can iron your clothes again just before you put them on! The feeling you get when putting on hot clothes is amazing! I like it most with socks. I love the feeling of warm feet :O


I am not suggesting that you should get yourself drunk and start puking all over the place. But one glass of wine, a little bit of whiskey or a cup of gluhwein can help you a lot when you are feeling really cold. Alcohol is a real life saver when you nothings makes you feel any warmer!


If there is nothing left to do, you can always start moving. Get your ass out of the sofa and go for a walk. Maybe walk a little faster than u usually would do or jump around a little. You will be warmer in an instant!

I hope you guys like my blogpost. If you did you can always start following my blog on the home page. Hope you guys feel a little warmer already ๐Ÿ˜‰