Must Do’s in Autumn!

Hi guys!

Very long time since I’ve been on here! That’s because I’ve been traveling a lot in summer and I didn’t find the time to write anything for you guys. I was mostly caught up on vlogging and editing and let this blog fade away a little. But those times are over! It’s fall and that means getting cosy in your sofa and THAT MEANS writing a blogpost now and then. 

Since Autumn is maybe my favorite season of the year. I thought it would be fun to write a Bucketlist for Autumn with all kind of fun ideas to do during this lovely season! So here we go! 

1. Go hiking in the woods or by the beach! 

There’s nothing more beautiful than the leaves changing color and being able to breath in some fresh air again. All of the colors and the animals during this season are just magnificent and it’s so fun (and healthy) to just go out and explore nature. Take your dog or your mom or your lazy bf with you and make a day out of it during the weekends. I guarantee you’ll have loads of fun! 


2. Drink and eat Pumpkin Spice everything

I don’t think I’m the only person who is addicted to the Pumpkin Spice latte in Starbucks? It’s so delicious and it tastes like your drinking Autumn! Why not try and replicate it at home? Put it into cookies or hot coco? Experiment with this delicious spice and make other people happy with a little sip or nibble! Or drink/eat all of it yourself under your blanket in the sofa with a good Netflix series on! Speaking of which…


3. Get your Binge on!

If there’s one season that’s perfect for some big Netflix Binge sessions… It’s fall! I don’t think I need to explain this to you guys. Just put on that series and enjoy it!


4. Decorate and buy some pumpkins! 

If there’s one thing I love about fall, it’s the decorations. The halloween atmosphere and the orange&brown everything! Buy some pumpkins and maybe even carve them! Buy some scented candles and decorate your house with some witches and cosy fall decorations!


5. Have a fall photoshoot! 

As I already pointed out, the colors during Fall are just the prettiest! That means that you just have to take your camera out. Go and have fun with it and take some beautiful pics!


6. Make some Cinnamon buns on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

This is just THE BEST Autumn Dessert there is! It’s not difficult to make at all and it’s just soooo delicious! Enjoy it with some hot coco and you’ll feel so happy and cosy.


7. Shop ’till you drop! 

I just adore FALL FASHION! I think it’s the most beautiful fashion season and that means that you just have to buy some pretty skirts and cosy sweaters, right? Oh, and buy a pumpkin spice latte as a shopping break 😉 


8. Watch some halloween movies!

They don’t have to be extremely scary, but just watch at least one! It’s so fun during this time of year! There are so many movies to choose from. It goes from ‘the nightmare before christmas’ to ‘the conjuring’. Get creative!


9. Make a delicious, warm soup!

Soup during a cold fall day is just the best thing! Make it and surprise your friends and family with a warm cup of creamy goodness.



Invite some friends, make some hot coco and put on a bonfire in your backyard! This is THE SEASON for bonfires and friends and marshmallows and all of those fun things! 


Autumn is such a pretty season and it’s over so rapidly. Enjoy it as long as you can and make the best of it! Autumn is a season in which you learn that it’s okay to let things go and to sit down and relax for a minute! I hope you guys have a lovely season! If you have some other fun Autumn ideas, tell me in the comments!

Road to my Dream Body: Update #2

Hi guys! I know that I should’ve given you an update a week ago, but because I was sick that week and I couldn’t work out I decided to wait one more week. Today is a special blogpost because for the first time I will share some before-after posts with you.

First of all I want to share with you my biggest before-after post. The first pic is a pic from 2 years ago. I wasn’t healthy AT ALL and I didn’t work out, like ever.


As you can see there is a BIG difference between the both of them. I’m very proud and I feel a lot better and healthier. I’ve been destroying myself in the gym so it’s very nice to see that the hard work pays off.

There has also been a change in my weight over the past 3 weeks. It has dropped from 67,5kg to 66,2 kg. That’s still not a lot but because I train my muscles a lot and because muscles weigh more than fat, this could be expected. I AM very glad with the drop in weight though. It’s finally some proof that I am losing fat. But I still like to work more with before-after pics. Speaking of which. I have 2 more pics. One of them is a pic from December (the day I decided to change myself for the better for good) VS March. The other one the progress I made until mid February  VS my body in March.

December VS March


February vs March


As you can see there is a big change in my belly fat, saddlebags and muffintops. My legs are a lot leaner and they have a lot less cellulite aswell. You can’t see this in my pic but it’s happening guys. The cellulite is disappearing!

Now it’s time to talk to you about what I’ve experienced the past weeks and what I’ve changed in my workout and diet.


I’m still doing the same exercises for my abs, legs and butt as I described in my previous blogpost. BUT, I have discovered this new machine called a leg press. It’s very fun to use and my butt burns so much during these leg presses, OMG! I get the feeling that this is very effective. I also started using the other machines available for butt-training in my gym and the results of that are clearly showing.

I’m still walking, walking and walking (uphill) for 40 minutes but I’ve added another machine to my workout plan. A very deadly yet fun and effective one. I call it “the Space Walker”. It’s real name: Elliptical open stride.  


With this machine, your legs will be ON FIRE. It’s super fun to do and you lose a lot of calories in a short time! I use this for about 10-15 minutes and I burn 130 cals on average! I love this machine because it does not only burn calories (and it lets you sweat like a pig), it’s also a great leg exercise!

I’m also going to the gym 4 times a week now instead of 3!


There are a few things I’ve discovered and that I’ve been adding to my diet lately:

  • If I have a craving for fat or candy, I tend to eat a piece of BLACK chocolate! A little bit of this is very healthy and it destroys your cravings! It also makes me drink more water, which is great!
  • I’ve been eating apples when I’m hungry. It gets your intestines working which gives your metabolism a boost which HELPS YOU BURN FAT FASTER! And it’s very delicious and it makes you feel like a healthy butterfly when you’re eating it.
  • I’ve also switched a lot of my coffee consumption to GREEN TEA with a spoon of honey. It’s soooo good and it has an enormous amount of benefits. It’s good for your health, for your brain, for your fatloss. It can precent cancer for god sakes. Start drinking it guys, just do it! Since I’ve been drinking it, it seems like I’ve been losing more fat (and kilograms on my scale). I don’t know if this is one of the reasons, but it can’t be just a coincidence right?
  • I’ve been eating a lot of healthy fats and I’m also going to start cooking with coconut oil instead of olive oil. Chicken is the main ingredient in most of my meals and I don’t have any problems with that because I’m addicted to chicken. I also eat a lot of Eggplant, the best vegetable in the world. Don’t believe me, try it.
  • ISOSTAR PROTEIN BARS with hazelnut flavor. I eat one of these after every workout. Extremely delicious and full of healthy proteins that help your body recover.
  • I’m still having one cheat day a week on average. I’ve had four big cheat meals the past three weeks: One pepperoni pizza, One evening of Spanish tapas, Five guys and Poule et Poulette burger. I’ve also eaten cake for my brothers birthday. So I’ve been able to enjoy life and food inbetween workouts with results.

In general

So. To talk in general about my diet and exercise. I’ve been noticing that my cravings are a lot less than before. I honestly don’t mind eating healthier and eating clean. I’m even starting to like healthy food more than fat food. I can’t even believe I’m saying this. I’m also really enjoying the gym. When I’m not able to go due to f.e. school, I’m a little pissed because I like it so much. I’ve also been listening to music a lot during my workout which seems to help me push myself even harder. I’m beginning to love this lifestyle and I feel a lot more energized! I haven’t had any big problems with living this new lifestyle and I’m not going to stop with it any time soon. I’ve also been noticing that the muscle training I do with my legs and butt are making my cellulite less visible, which is something that makes me very happy. I’ve been struggling with this for a long time and it’s finally going away!

I also quickly wanted to say that I’m not dieting to look better in the eye of society. I’m doing all of this for me. When I wasn’t working out and eating clean yet, I got “depressed” very easily. I didn’t want to go anywhere, I didn’t want to get out of bed (I sometimes just didn’t), I had a lot of back pains and I felt like a loser very often. Thanks to these workouts and this diet, I’ve been feeling a lot happier. Not only with myself but just in general. I have a lot more energy and I have a lot less problems with my little “depressions”. So, I’m not doing all of this to look good for my Instagram or something, I’m doing all this for me. I feel stronger, better and happier. That’s the reason for the journey I’m going through, nothing or nobody else. I don’t want to promote the ONLY SKINY IS PRETTY society bullshit. If you have curves and you are happy with yourself, don’t let society push you into workouts you don’t like doing. The most important thing is your happiness. This is just my experience with workout and diet, it isn’t what every girl should be doing. It’s just what works for me and what puts a smile on MY face. If you want to go through this journey with me, FINE. If you don’t, FINE. I’m just sharing my lifestyle, not promoting it. ❤

This was my second update. If you guys have any further questions, you can send me an e-mail : or you can contact me on Instagram. Keep going babes, you can do this! 


My Christmas Family Tradition | 12 Days of Xmas #DayEleven

“On the Eleventh day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Eleven Pipers Piping
Ten Lords a Leaping
Nine Ladies Dancing
Eight Maids a Milking
Seven Swans a Swimming
Six Geese a Laying
Five Golden Rings
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
And a partridge in a pear tree”

Today I will be talking about my Christmas family tradition. Me, my parents, my brothers and my boyfriend always celebrate Christmas the day before Christmas Eve because I need to visit my boyfriend’s family on Christmas Eve. We open all of the Christmas presents on this day while the fireplace is burning and the christmas songs are playing. Just me, my parents, brothers and my loving boyfriend. So this is how every 23th of December goes, normally.

First of all, mom makes some delicious food. My mother is a cook so she loves cooking, but on this day we eat delicious food that isn’t to hard to prepare and that doens’t take to much time. Because it’s a family evening it would be sad if my mother isn’t sitting with us. Most of the time we eat delicious snacks from Delhaize to start. We always buy those delicious oven snacks that you can’t keep your hands off. Most of the time we buy a stuffed turkey in the supermarket and my mom makes a jaw dropping sauce and some crispy croquettes to go with it. To end everything on a christmassy note we normally eat some Christmas themed ice cream cake.

After this it is time for presents. Everybody opens their presents one by one. It is always so much fun! The christmas music sets the Christmas mood and it is the favorite time of the year for me. I love giving presents to others and seeing them smile when they see what it is! I enjoy it even more than getting a present myself.

After the presents are opened it is time for a Christmas Movie! We ALWAYS watch A Christmas Carol. Every Christmas we watch this movie and it never gets old. It is my favorite Christmas movie of all time.

After this it is off to bed because we are all tired of the package opening and eating.

This is the best time of the year for me and I love how my family is so close at this particular moment.

So! This is our family tradition! I hope you enjoyed my post and tomorrow the last post of the year will appear on my blog.

See you tomorrow!!



CHRISTMAS LUSH HAUL | 12 Days of Xmas #Day12

“On the Twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Twelve Drummers Drumming
Eleven Pipers Piping
Ten Lords a Leaping
Nine Ladies Dancing
Eight Maids a Milking
Seven Swans a Swimming
Six Geese a Laying
Five Golden Rings
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
And a partridge in a pear tree”

Tonight’s Christmas Eve!!! Yay, It’s Christmas in a few hours! The only sad thing about this is that it means that my 12 days of Christmas are almost over. This is the last blogpost. This is day 12 and that means that after this blogpost, Twelve days of Christmas is officially over. (crawls back into the darkest corner of the room and starts crying). But, there is still one more blogpost right here for you guys to read and you can always re-watch or re-read some of the things I made for you guys this year.

This is the day that I am going to talk to you about all of the Christmas Lush products I have already tried out this year!!!!! The most exciting post to end a very fun 12 days of Christmas. Let’s just begin with this amazing lush adventure.


This bathbomb. There are just no freaking words for it. What The FCK. This is the best bathbomb I have ever seen. It has sparkles, blue colors, amazing scent (orange and bergamot) and it has yellow stars that take a long while before they dissolve. And the best part is that these stars are actually little bath oils and they treat your skin like a Queen. This bathbomb has everything you need to have a relaxing and beautiful bath! I give it a 10 out of 10. (you heard it right, the maximum score)


This is also one of my new favorite bathbombs ever. It has Glitter and it is PINK! I just love the combo of glitter and pink. It also smells AMAZING. It smells like jasmine and I didn’t want to come out of my bath until the water was cold. This is definitely worth a try. 9 out of 10.


I bought this bathbomb because of the name. How promising is that name? I really want to see the northern lights one day and I just had to try this one. At first the bath looked like in the photo but after a while it turns green-ish. Just like the Northern Lights. The name is perfect for the bathbomb and I really enjoyed it. But I missed a little touch of glitter.It also had a very nice smell! I give this bathbomb a 8 out of 10.


This bathbomb sounded so very promising. GOLDEN WONDER, WOW. I immediately began thinking of a golden bath with loads of glitter and an amazing smell. But sadly, this wasn’t the case. The bath turned green and the smell wasn’t all that amazing (just a basic orange scent). The only thing I really liked about it were the little stars. This bomb was a bit of a disappointment so I give it a 6 out of 10.


This bathbomb smelled like heaven! It had this nice fresh apple kind of smell and I just loved it! And it also looks very nice!! I give this bathbomb a 8 out of 10.


This is a bathbomb that returns every year and it is just really one you need to try. It smells amazing (bubblegum smell) and the bathbomb just looks magnificent. You almost don’t want to throw it in the bathtub. The only thing i’d like to change about it, is the green. I get why it is green (because of the color of the christmas tree) but i’d rather have a red-ish bathtub!! I give it a 7 out of 10.

So these are all of the products I have tried out SO FAR. My mom, boyfriend and brothers didn’t want me to buy too much maybe because I will get a Lush Present from them! if this is the case, I will update this blogpost with other reviews about the lush christmas products!

So guys, This is the last post for my 12 days of Christmas. I really enjoyed making all these videos and posts for you guys and I hope you enjoyed them aswel. I think I will do this next year aswel if I got the time. Thank you guys so much for all the support and all of the love. You make me write and edit and film better and you make me love making things even more. Thanks for being such loyal followers!

You won’t be hearing a lot from me for the next month but I am going to Berlin in February and I am going to make a lot of fun things for you guys about that adventure.

Have a lovely Christmas and Share the love!




Christmas Hot Chocolate Recipe | 12 Days of Xmas #Day10

Hi guys!

Today I am going to tell you my secret christmas hot coco recipe. It is so good and who doesn’t love to drink hot coco during the Christmas holidays! Here we go!

What do you need! (For 2 big cups of warm happiness)

150 grams of Milk Chocolate
500 grams of Milk
Half of a tablespoon of Ground Cinnamon
A Pinch of Nutmeg
Whipped Cream

How do we make it? 

First warm up the milk in a saucepan and heat it up until it is almost cooking. After this put in the chocolate and let it melt into the milk. Mix it al together and you already have a basic hot chocolate. To give it an extra Chrismassy touch add the spices and mix it all up. When this is all done, divide the hot coco over 2 cups. You can add some whipped cream to make it even better. And to make it the best Hot Coco ever, place some Matesers on the whipped cream.

Et Voila! It’s that easy!

So go on to the supermarket and make some delicious hot coco’s right now because Christmas is around the corner!

See you guys tomorrow on the blog. There won’t be a video because I didn’t have any time to make one more… But I will make it up to you after my exams by making a Berlin Vlog.



My New Year’s Resolutions | 12 Days of Xmas #DaySix

“On the sixth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Six Geese a Laying
Five Golden Rings
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree”

Welcome back everybody! Today I will be telling you guys my New Year’s Resolutions. These are things you tell yourself you are going to do but you will eventually end up in the sofa all year. Let’s begin!

First of all, this is a cliché, I want to be healthier. I know, everybody says this at the end of the year but I really want to try. I want to try and get rid of the cellulite and fat I don’t want. I want to work out more and I want to eat healthier. I also really need to work out more not only to get red of the nasty fat around my ass, but also because of my back. If I don’t make my back stronger through exercise this can have disastrous consequences. So I just want to have a more healthy lifestyle. I want to eat better and I want to drink more water. I also want to push myself to go to the gym or to do the Casey Ho calender every month. I just want everything more tight. I still want to have all of my beautiful curves because I don’t like to be too skinny and I am proud of my curves! But I do want the cellulite to disappear and that everything is tighter, just get rid of the unhealthy fat. And not only do I want to work out more, I also want to take more care of my skin and moisturize much more!

Second of all, I want to cook more myself. I really like cooking and I am always happy when I made something for me and my boyfriend, but I am an extremely lazy person. I never have the energy, or I think I never have the energy, to go outside and buy ingredients, let alone cut and cook everything. It’s so much easier to buy something already made in the supermarket. Or to just order in. I really want to push myself to cook more next year, because I also want to get better at it. I want to try new things and I want to better my already amazing cooking skills 😉

This is a resolution I write down every year. I want to go to class more. I have extreme difficulties with going to class. Not only because my school is such a big drive away, but also because I can’t sit down for three hours. It’s so hard! But I really want to try it next year because my classes get more and more interesting every semester.

I also want to do more things with friends. I really need to push myself to get out of the house sometimes because I think I have a small case of social anxiety. But when I do get out, I think it’s very fun! So, I really want to do more with friends and try to make more friends!

What I also have been wanting to do for a few months now is to read more! I love writing and I also love reading and I would want to start reading more. I don’t only want to read famous novels but also for example the books by Zoella. Maybe this can better my writing skills and English even more.

My guitar and my singing. I really need to do that more often. I used to enjoy it so much and I am really neglecting the fact that I love it so much. I hardly play or sing anymore and that needs to stop!

So, this is about everything! I hope you guys enjoyed this Blogmas post and I’ll see you tomorrow on my youtube channel! (BUCKLYNN)




Christmas in Another City | 12 Days of Xmas #DayFour

“On the fourth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree”

 Hi and Welcome to the Fourth day of Christmas!! Today I want to tell you guys where I would like to spend the holidays one day! There are 4 cities I would really like to spend the holidays.


This is a BIG APPLE, uhm I mean DREAM of mine. I would love to spend the Holidays in New York one day. Everything is just so Christmas-y and festive over there on the holidays. There are Santa’s walking around everywhere and the Ice Skating rink looks amazing. I love New York and I think it is even better during the Holidays. The Shopping malls are also in full Christmas mode and you can sit on the lap of Santa Claus. But maybe I am a little too old for that… Or am I? (I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I am a big Christmas Freak, I inherited this from my parents who got the christmas fever from living in the USA). Everything just looks so dreamy and romantic around this time of year in New York. Also, New Years Eve. I would love to celebrate it in New York and it’s my dream to watch the ball drop on Times Square. This would be an amazing experience for me and my boyfriend!


I love the UK and I love LONDON. I can imagine that London has this amazing Harry Potter Christmas vibe and I am sure of it that I would love to celebrate Christmas over there. And Winter Wonderland seems so fun!!! It is just like a bigger version of my house on Christmas (hihi). Also the Christmas Market in London seems great! And the Lush store in London, which is huge, has all of the Christmas themed products (also called HEAVEN), and that would be the Icing on the Christmas cake!


I went there last year and I fell in love with this beautiful and romantic city immediately. It is just so cosy and medieval, I just love it. And I can imagine it being even more amazing during the holidays. I also saw that Zoella went there this Christmas and the Christmas Market looked so nice! This is definitely one of the cities where I’d like to celebrate Christmas!


Paris, the city of love. Where better to celebrate the holiday which celebrates togetherness, family and love. I adore Paris. I was born here, it has this romantic feel and I love French. It is very intimate and the food is delicious. And maybe I can make a stop in Disneyland and buy all of the Christmas Disney items I can carry. And I bet there is an amazing Christmas Market there as well. I also heard that the fireworks on New Years Eve are epic!

These are the cities I’d like to celebrate Christmas one day!

I will see you tomorrow on my youtube channel (BUCKLYNN)