Food Diary: Rome

Hi! Welcome to a new blogpost that will make your stomach growl. Today I’ll take you on a culinary journey through Rome.


People who have been following me for a while know that I like the occasional coffee from time to time. Especially in other countries, I like to try out the coffee hotspots. This one is definitely one of THE coffee hotspots in Rome. It’s called Tazza D’oro and The cappuccino was very very good! In Italy the people don’t tend to sit down to drink their coffees but they stand up next to the counter and they finish their coffees asap. Thomas drank a Granita di Caffe. It was iced coffee with whipped cream. And when I say Ice, I literally mean a kind of ice-cube with coffee taste. I forgot to take a photo of this one but you can go check it out in my vlog.


The first day we had some good old pasta in a little cute place. It looked very cosy inside and the pasta was INCREDIBLE. We started off with a combination of different kinds of bruschetta. This was very nice. I had the Lasagna afterwards and it literally blew my mind. There are still pieces of my skull on the walls I presume (haha ha .. ha ..). Thomas ate penne with some kind of cream sauce. At first it took a bit of getting used to the pasta because it was cooked very al dente, but that’s how it should be cooked. He got used to it quite quickly and the sauce was mouth-watering. We couldn’t leave our chairs before trying out their Tiramisu. WOW. You can’t find this kind of Tiramisu in Belgium, you just can’t. It was in-cre-dible.



When In Rome you need to do as the romans do, and that means eat PIZZA. We found this cute little pizza place on TripAdvisor (Pizza & Sandwich da Pasquale) and decided to go and try it out. When we arrived the owner was very charming and he gave us a taste of one of his pizza’s. We immediately decided to eat there. I can’t describe how this pizza tasted. It was the best pizza I had ever eaten, and I’ve eaten a lot of them. Definitely worth the visit.


For dinner we decided to go to this place called ‘Osteria del cavaliere’. It’s not in the city centre and we took a metro to get there, but it was seriously worth it. To begin we took meat and cheese platter. VERY GOOD. For the main course I went for a Pasta with a cream sauce and truffle (topped off with bacon) and Thomas had a Pasta with black pepper and cream sauce. Of course Thomas was jealous of my dish, because it was absolutely heavenly. I adore truffle in my pasta and this was one of the best truffle pasta’s I have ever had. Thomas also liked his pasta a lot, but my dish was definitely the winner. The tiramisu was the one that stole the show that evening. It was even better than the previous one. Just WOW.


DAY THREE (last day, already).

When we looked for the best restaurant in Rome there was this one place that popped up in the top 3. It was a sandwich bar and we just had to go and try it out. It’s called ‘Pane e Salame’ and wow this was the best freaking sandwich that ever touched my mouth. We had one with truffle cream, brie cheese and ham and we had one with cream of artichokes, smoked cheese, eggplant and salami. We both liked the one with truffle the most, but the other one was very delicious as well. Definitely worth the visit.


To finish our trip we decided to go get a good pasta. We went to ‘Saltimbocca’. To start we took one of their most famous dishes. Bread with all different kinds of tomato salsa. We also took a little cheese platter. As a main I decided to take some penne with a tomato sauce and parmesan and Thomas took a Spaghetti Pomodore e basilico. I really liked my dish and Thomas enjoyed his meal but couldn’t help being a little jealous of mine. Think he should listen to me more often, no? I liked this restaurant but I would recommend the first two more!


This was my Food Diary from rome!! Hopefully you enjoyed it a little. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and Go check out my vlog as well!




PS: Here’s a little pic of me and my bf. K bye.






Hi Guys! Long time, no see.
But I have an excuse. I was in SPAIN. Lucky for you guys, I made a lot of creative content there to share with you. Today I will be writing a FOOD DIARY. I will be telling you what I ate in Spain together with mouth-watering pictures.

NOTE : We ate bread with spanish Iberian ham, sausage, cheese and mortadella every day for lunch. It’s very delicious and very cheap in spain. So I will be talking about what we ate for dinner every day rather than what we ate for lunch. img_0065.jpg


Today we went to Benahavis to eat some delicious food. We went to LOS ABANICOS. It’s a Spanish restaurant located in a very cosy street. The food was sooo delicious. To start we had some fried baby squid (I just love squid so much, who’s with me?). And as a main, we took the Confit de Canard (duck) in Honey Sauce. There are no words to describe the taste of this dish. It was IN-CRE-DIBLE! It is a little bit more expensive, but it’s totally worth every penny.



Today we went to Puerto Banus. It’s a harbor with some very nice restaurants and bars. We decided to drink some cocktails before looking for a spot to eat. We ended up in Astral Cocktail Bar. The bar is located next to the beach and has a very nice interior and exterior. In fact, the bar doesn’t look like a bar at all, it looks like a pirate ship (on the inside and outside). It has a very nice vibe and the waiters are very kind. The cocktails are a little bit more expensive, but I guess that’s the price you’ll have to pay for the best cocktails in the world. (nope, not kidding). I drank a non-alcoholic cocktail with lemonade ( because I still had to drive and HEY KIDS, drunk driving is NOT OKAY 😉 ) and my boyfriend drank a peach beach! (a had a little nip and it tasted incredible)


For dinner that night we decided to do something very original. Something we never do. We went to eat Indian Food! (And for the people who know me, this isn’t original at all. We eat it at as many occasions as possible 😀 ). We went to MUMTAZ. You have a nice view over the most expensive yachts in Puerto Banus while eating delicious Indian food. As usual we took : CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA with GARLIC NAN and WHITE BASMATI RICE. It was very good!!


DAY THREE : I forgot to take a picture today. Luckily it wasn’t special. We made pizza’s in our house.


What we ate today, might shock you. You will probably think : “Why??”. And the answer is :  because we can. We ate INDIAN TAKE AWAY from MINI INDIA in ESTEPONA.
No we aren’t crazy, we just love Indian Food, okay! Stop judging!
We ordered : Chicken tikka masala, chicken rogan josh and butter chicken (and garlic nan and rice). The butter chicken was extremely good and the other two dishes were also very nice! When you get take away the portions are large, and that’s a very nice plus.

Yes, I already started eating. I just can’t help myself sometimes


I am enjoying it so much, I can’t even look into the camera. What Indian food does to a person.


DAY FIVE : Today we ate something really special. It was our last night and we wanted to enjoy it. We went to LA ALCARIA DE RAMOS in ESTEPONA. It’s not super expensive but it’s very fancy. As a starter we took the Salmon Carpaccio. It was very nice! I’m beginning to love raw fish very much, and this dish only made me love it even more. As a main, we took the Duck with apples and other stuff I can’t name right now. It was very good. Especially the potatoes blew my mind. And last but not least, the desert. I took profiteroles and my boyfriend took the tarte tatin. OMG, those profiteroles. I can tell you with 100% certainty that those profiteroles came straight out of heaven. They were so good. I can’t even describe the goodness of this dessert. But trust me, it was AMAZING!


So this was our last meal in Spain. I hope you enjoyed my blogpost. I enjoyed eating the food very much and I hope I gave you some ideas for whenever you guys are planning a trip to the COSTA DEL SOL.

See you next time!

❤ Laura

Best coffee shops in Berlin

Hi guys, it’s been a long time but I have been very busy with going to Berlin and stuff. But today I am going to give you guys some coffee shop tips for when you are maybe going to Berlin some day.

Here we go!

1. Father Carpenter. 

Me and my boyfriend went here immediately after we landed in Berlin and we did not only drink amazing coffee (mocha and flat white), but we also ate some delicious avocado toast. Seriously, this was probably the best avocado toast I have ever eaten in my life. It tasted incredible and I could eat this for days at a time. This coffee shop was filled with hipsters and other chill people and this place made me feel at home from the moment I set my foot in there. I definitely recommend this super cosy and yummy place to all of you guys! Oh, I also drank an incredible apple/ginger/mint juice. There are just no freaking words for this juice. The only think I can say is that I am going to steal my mothers juice maker next week so that I can try and replicate this heavenly juice. It was my favorite place in Berlin and I would definitely go back there when I visit Berlin in the future. It is hard to find because it is situated on a little square away from all the city nervousness. You can also buy some merchandise there and yeah, it’s just amazing. If there was something like this in Ghent, I would probably ask the owners if I could live there.

2. West Berlin Coffee

This coffee shop is nearby Checkpoint Charlie and at first sight it doesn’t look really cosy but once you are seated you get this really nice coffee shop feeling. They didn’t have Cafe Mocha but they did have a cappuccino. This Cappuccino was one of the best I have ever drank, it was very very very good and my boyfriend’s flat white was also very delicious according to him. There is one thing that I didn’t really like. They had a board with all of their options on it but I got the feeling that not everything they had was written on this board. I hate it when they don’t put all of the available food options on the board because that way I can maybe miss out on something very delicious.

3. The Barn Roastery 

This place was very nice! It was the coffee shop with the nicest setting. They make their own coffee beans and the place just smells amazing when you walk through the door. The coffee was also very good but it had a special kind of taste. This is probably because of the fact that they make their own coffee beans. I think it is something you just like or you just don’t like. I like a regular cappuccino better, but I think there are a lot of people who like that extra spice in their coffee. This place is definitely worth your visit, not only for the coffee but also for the setting! If you want to get an amazing coffee shop feel, this is the place to be!

4. Rose Garden

This place had nice coffee and it also had a nice feel! The coffee was great but what I really noticed were the amazing looking sandwiches. I don’t know what was on all of them but they looked so good, OMG! I saw one sandwich and it had Guacamole AND Humus on it. I mean really, that probably tastes incredible. We also ate a homemade chocolate chip cookie and it was unbelievable. I think I could get in a food coma if they gave me an unlimited supply of these cookies! I really recommend this place to you guys! and it also isn’t really far from the Alexanderplatz which is kind of the centre of Berlin.

So, these are the coffee shops I went to! I hope you guys enjoyed my post about these amazing coffee shops. I will also be writing a post about the places where I went to eat and drink that aren’t coffee shops.

Also, from now on I am going to push myself to write a blogpost every week. I will post a new blogpost every tuesday and there will be a new youtube video every friday. I will be making my youtube videos in Dutch from now on, because most of my viewers are dutch and because I just like being me in my own language. You can already go ahead and subscribe to my channel if you don’t want to miss anything. And also hit the follow button on my blog (on the homepage in the right bar) if you don’t want to miss my weekly blogposts. See you next week guys!