Hi Guys! Welcome to my first Outfit Blogpost (*loud cheering in the background*).
I am completely in love with this outfit atm and I wanted to share this with you guys.
A few days ago I went shopping with my mom and I bought myself this new sweater from H&M. I normally don’t like their clothes very much because they look cheap but I was surprised by the quality and originality. I just had to take it.
I combined it with my new ripped mom jeans which I bought in a ZEB store (Jacqueline De Yong) and topped it off with the prettiest shoes I have in my closet at this very moment. They’re Tamaris shoes and I have been stalking them online for the past month. This week I finally got them from my mom (aka the best mom in the world). They’re very comfortable (duh, it’s Tamaris) and not only are they very sporty, they are also very classy because of the bow. And a big bonus : they’re Pink (my favorite color).

I hope you liked my first outfit blogpost. Tell me in the comments if you like these kind of posts!

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The Bathing Suit Hype : NEW IN (sneak peek)

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve written something for you guys and I sincerely apologize. I have been very busy with school and I can’t seem to find the time to write or make videos. But today I made a little time to talk about my new addiction (and the addiction of a lot of girls atm) : Bathing Suits. I have noticed that Bathing Suits are very popular nowadays and I really like it. I really like wearing bathing suits because they are very practical, beautiful and they have this kind of mystery to them. When you are wearing a bathing suit, you have that little more mystery because you don’t show everything you have. I also really like bikinis (who doesn’t) but I really like the BATHING SUIT HYPE.

This resulted in the fact that I have bought myself 4 new bathing suits for summer. Today I am going to show you guys which ones I picked out and why I picked them out. BUT(!) this blogpost is a SNEAK PEEK! This means that I am going to show you which ones I bought, but I am going to keep the photos of me in them to myself for now. I want to make some beautiful photos on vacation with my bathing suits and I don’t want to give away everything in one blogpost.

So here we go guys!

LACE UP SWIMSUIT – And Other Stories

I am completely in love with this bathing suit. It has a very nice fabric and it is laced. The laced part makes the bathing suit sexy but it doesn’t show too much cleavage. I feel very comfortable in it and I feel like a beautiful woman when I’m wearing it. The fact that it’s a black bathing suit is very nice because it makes me feel en look skinnier. I am totally in love with this bathing suit (as I said before) and I think I will be wearing it a LOT this summer!


0483094001_1_100011This Bathing suit is very retro and I just love it. I’ve always loved retro clothes and I fell in love when I saw this one. It is so pretty when I have it on and it makes me feel like I am walking around in a beautiful old movie. You can’t see it on the picture but the back is partly opened. It has two of the blue stripes on the back but no white stripes. Instead of the white stripes you can see my actual back. It is very classy, sophisticated and sexy. Nothing but love for this piece.


I was shopping in Pull and Bear and I came across this beautiful bathing suit. It has an opening in the front and it is yet again sexy but not too much. I love the way my breasts look in this piece. I don’t like it when my breasts are too big in a bathing suit/bikini but I do like showing them off a little bit (hihi). And that is exactly what this bathing suit does. It is very comfy and it isn’t expensive AT ALL. I also really love the print and the light blue color very much.

BAE – New Look

I just had to have this one. I felt like a babe from BayWatch and I loved that feeling. I didn’t think it would look good on me at first but when I put it on I just had to buy it. I love the fact that there isn’t much cleavage. The back is completely open and it really steals the show. It gives a whole other definition to the word “sexy” and I love it. Not only the breasts and the butt are sexy, right? The back of a woman is also very very beautiful. It was only 19 euros and I thought “why not?”. My boyfriend also really wanted me to buy it so I just went with it.

So these are the 4 bathing suits I have purchased! I don’t think I am going to buy any more bathing suits although I can’t promise that I won’t buy a new bikini!

What do you think of the new swimsuit hype? Do you love it or do you hate it? Tell me in the comments below.

I hope you liked my post and I will be sharing photos of me in these magnificent bathing suits after my exams and during my vacation so STAY TUNED!



NEW IN : My favorite new items of November so far

Hi guys. I bought some items last week which I am going to show you guys right now! Let’s go!


I found this dress in The “And other stories” and I fell in love with it immediately. When I tried it on, there was no doubt! I was going to buy it.

I really like the sparkles on the dress and I also really love the opening. There is a little bit of cleavage, but it is still very classy. Sexy and a little bit classy, the look I was going for. I am going to post a photo of this dress when I have it on very soon!

I bought this because (A) I like the rolling stones and (B) I am going to Rock Werchter and this shirt is perfect for the occasion!

This O’rèn sweater had been on my wishlist for a long time. I am in love with everything sparkly at the moment, and this sweater really steals the show. I really love the glitter on the sweater because it gives me a holiday mood and because i just looks fabulous. This is definitely one of my favorite purchases of the moment! It is expensive, but worth the money!

These Reindeer slippers. There are no words for it. They are just so cute!!! And I always get cold feet when I am studying so now I can wear christmas on my feet while dragging me through exams. It isn’t expensive at all and it is extremely cute! I am constantly wearing them and I don’t want to go outside because I don’t want to take them off. Love the coziness of these slippers so much!

I ordered this sweater yesterday, immediately after I found out it excited. How nice is this sweater!! It is all christmas-y and pink and cute and I am so exited to wear it. Pink is my FAVORITE color and christmas is my FAVORITE holiday, so this makes this sweater my FAVORITE at this particular moment!



This bathbomb is amazing! The colors are epic and the smell is breathtaking. It is one of my favorite bath bombs at the moment. At first the colors of your bath look like the photo above. But after a while your bathtub water turns green. VERY NICE!


This bathbomb was also very nice and it smelled amazing BUT I expected it to be NICER. I thought my bath water was going to look gold-ish but instead it turned green. This was a bit disappointing because the bathbomb looked so promising. But the smell was very nice and the look of the bathbomb is very original!


These are the items I bought so far this month. When I buy some new things there will be another blogpost about that!



My first Pressdays

This Wednesday I went to my First Pressdays ever! I was very surprised that I got invitations because I didn’t expect it at all. I’m very happy that I could be part of these events.

I went to two events that day! My first event was a Lifestylelab by Miss Publicity. I tasted a new brandy by “Rooster and Wolf” and it was very delicious. It didn’t taste very strong, but it’s actually 40 %.. So be careful ;). I also got introduced to “Ananas Gold”. These pineapple pieces are very nice and they taste very fresh although they are in cans. Then there is “Linwoods”. This brand sells packages of healthy seeds you can put in your yoghurt or smoothies. They are full of vitamines and they are a nice addition to your breakfast.


My second event was a Fashion show by MaisonPR ft. MOJO antwerp. The fashion show was located @Divani in Antwerp. When I entered the event, I was blown away. I saw cupcakes, handbags, clothes, watches and models everywhere. I had never been to such an event so I had to come out of my comfort zone in the beginning but after a few minutes I began to be myself. I got introduced to loads of new and promising brands.

First of all there was VOYA beauty.
This is a new beauty brand from Ireland based on Seaweed. You can buy things like Seaweed for in your bath (good for your skin, good against cellulite and it makes your hair very soft). You can buy skin care products and body lotion based on seaweed. Not only is it good for your hair and skin, it is also environmentally friendly and against animal cruelty. This is a very promising brand and I hope to hear more about it soon!

FOOD! There were also new brands that were very tasteful.

  1. Jimmy’s Popcorn : They have a few new and amazing flavours and they taste incredible. Some taste like cheese and some taste like caramel.
  2. Amylin’s  cupcakes and macarons : These beautiful cupcakes were to beautiful to put in your mouth. My boyfriend tasted one of them and he loved the taste of the cupcake and the topping. Only the look of the cupcakes made me smile.
  3. Bongiorno don pépé : this alcoholic drink is based on Blood orange and as some of you might know, I love blood orange. It is very delicious and you can combine this drink with tonic water or pink lemonade! It is definitely worth the try.


These are the fashion brands that got most of my attention.

  1. Add my berry : Add my berry makes very basic clothes but the clothes have very nice sentences or logos on them. It is very nice to combine with sneakers and I really love this brand. I’m definitely going to buy a hoodie from this magnificent fashion brand.
  2. Issey Miyake : I loved their handbags the most. They are very nice and futuristic. I would really like to wear one around my shoulder one day!
  3. Dexters : this is the new collection by Tanja Dexters. I really fell in love with this summer collection. It has very nice colours and the skirts and dresses are marvelous. I loved one green skirt in particular (had a dream about it last night 😉 ) This brand has much potential! It kind of reminds me of a nicer version of TUTU CHIC 🙂


After walking around and discovering these beautiful brands, the fashion show started. Here is a slide show of my favorite models/outfits.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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My weekend 2/03/2016 : My shopping mission + going to the zoo

Hi guys! Today I ‘m going to tell you something about what I did last weekend.

The past 2 weeks I’ve been studying my butt off while my family has been enjoying Spain without me (“crying in a small corner of the room while eating chocolate”). I know, I know… It’s better to stay in Belgium because that doubles my chances of not failing my upcoming exams… But it’s not so fun knowing that your family is eating Tapas in the warm sun of Spain, while you are studying at your boring desk while it’s raining outside. The only things I have seen the past 2 weeks are my unshaved boyfriend walking around in his joggingpants (while eating all of my bananas which resulted in the fact that I didn’t have any bananas left to make a smoothie which was the only fun thing I had all day), my cats sleeping around all day (cats…very motivating creatures…) and my computer/books. This sounds very depressing/lonely/boring doesn’t it? Well it was! I felt abandoned and I felt like I was dying inside. Yes, it was that painful.

So I decided that it would be a good idea to go somewhere for a change, and leave my desk. I decided to go to the zoo of Antwerp and go shopping afterwards on a saturday. (very good idea Laura, go to one of the busiest shopping streets in Belgium on a Saturday…). I thought it would be a nice idea to go out and have some fun instead of getting a headache from my books. So when Saturday arrived, I jumped out of my nasty joggingpants, into my skinny jeans. I bought myself a honey latte in Starbucks and hopped on the train to Antwerp. The day before the weather man said the sun would be shining, the birds would be singing and that it would be an amazing spring-day. It wasn’t… It was very cloudy and thank god for the decision I made to take my jacket with me (I already have my motherly instinct hihi).

But I didn’t really care about the weather, because I didn’t see any books! When we arrived in Antwerp we first went to the Zoo. It was very fun although the Zoo is renewing it’s interior and there are construction sites every 30 steps. Thanks to the renovations, I couldn’t see the girafes… Thank god they aren’t my favorite animals. Despite the nasty weather and the less than nice accommodations, I enjoyed watching the animals! It was really nice because I haven’t been to a Zoo in a long time. The animal I enjoyed the most was the panther (surprise, surprise … big cats are my favorite animals! Yes I know you can stop dropping your jaws). After this nice Zoo-trip we headed to Macdonalds (my little heaven on earth) and enjoyed some cheeseburgers. I ate a little bit too much, but that was okay because I was heading to the shopping street and I could use all the energy I could get.

I had 3 missions that day. First of all I wanted to find the adidas superstars with the baby rose stripes (That I could not find anywhere!). I had been searching for them for a long time, losing hope of their existance. But this shopping street was my last resort. I entered almost every sneaker shop I saw, and just as I was about to give up… King of Trainers. There they were… Only having eyes for those shoes I walked up to them almost falling over some black guys feet when he was putting on his Nikees. I started looking for my size, I didn’t see it. But my hope wasn’t lost just yet! A saleswoman walked up to me and I asked if they still had them in my size… Looking at her with my puppy eyes almost about to cry, I saw her lips making a movement that I didn’t want to see… “No…” She said… Hope was almost lost yet again but then… “But I can order them online for you if you like?”. My heartbeat started rising, I started sweating while she looked on her Ipad if they were still available… “Oh, I’m so sorry, they are completely sold out…”. I looked up to my boyfriend feeling super disappointed. Again my dreams were crushed right in front of my eyes. But my boyfriend had that look in his eyes. It was going to be alright, his eyes told me. One day I will find them beautiful heavenly shoes.

Missions 2 en 3 were very successful. I wanted to buy a colourful jacket because it’s spring and it’s going to get warmer. You might think why do you need to wear a jacket when it’s warm outside. Well, I bought myself a scooter a few weeks ago and It’s kinda cold when I driving with just a T-shirt, that’s why! I almost didn’t find a jacket…  But just as I decided to go home, back to Ghent, I saw it, just hanging there… and without any doubt I bought the jacket. My last mission was to find some nice T-shirts which I found in “Pull and Bear”.

It was a day full of ups and downs, but it was very fun!

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Bye! xoxo

My Christmas Outfits.


Today I’m going to talk about my 3 Christmas outifts. This year I’ll be going to 3 Christmas/New year Parties . I have an outfit for every single one of these parties. I love it when I can put on some make up and fancy clothes! I feel more confident and beautiful every time.

So I’m going to sum them up. Enjoy!


My nails are going to be the same for every christmas party. Silver with glitter on it!

Christmas Outfit nr. 1

My first christmas outfit is a beautiful black and white dress. The dress is black and half of the dress is covered with a Black and White flower print. I’m going to wear this dress with some classic black High heels. I’m not going to do anything special with my hair. This is one of my favorite dresses of all time! It’s very beautiful and classic. When I have it on, it’s like I’m walking around in a fairytale

shoes : Tamaris
Dress : Rinascimento

Christmas outfit nr.2

My second chirtmas outfit is very classic. It is a black dress that I’m going to wear with silver High heels. These high heels will match my nail polish.

The dress is by mango. I really like the dress because it is very simple and elegant. It’s very beautiful when I have it on and I feel like a princess in it! I’m also going to wear the ring I got from my boyfriend. My hairstyle will be very curly! (I love curling my hair)

Shoes : Tamaris
Dress : Mango 

Christmas outfit nr. 3

My third and last christmas outfit is also a Rinascimento.  

It is also partly covered in a flower print but this time it isn’t black and white. It’s purple and black. I’m going to wear this dress with my black shoes and my hair again very curly! I fell in love with this dress from the moment I saw it! I hope you guys like it too!

dress : Rinascimento
shoes : Tamaris

So these are my christmas outfits for 2015. Sorry for the fact that my blogpost wasn’t so long this time. But I have 3 very good reasons.

  1. I have to study ALL DAY LONG. And I really want to become a succesful Psychologist so I need to make studying my number one priority!
  2. I’m going to go watch the new STAR WARS movie this evening and I need to get ready and prepare myself for one of the most epic movies of the century. I need to make sure I will not faint nor cry when the movie starts.
  3. I need to eat… Like every normal human being on this planet. Because otherwise.. I will die.

Hope you enjoyed my blogpost! See you next time