Christmas Wishlist 2020

This shitty year deserves a very large christmas wishlist. Are you ready to get some christmas gift inspo? Let’s go!

Impala Skates in Rosé Gold (!)

People who really know me know that I’m a big 80’s fan. If I could go back to the 80’s, I would. This year I discovered how much I love being outdours. I’ve always been a big fan of inline skating and I loved doing it as a child. This year I saw a lot of people roller skating in Antwerp and I kinda got jealous. So this year I would LOVE for Santa to bring me some Impala skates. I found these Rosé gold ones and I just adore them! I have a size 38 if anybody wants to buy me this haha!

Skating protective wear (!)

Ofcourse I would also like some protective wear to go skating such as a helmet! As girly as possible please!

Helmet Link

Protective wear Link

Ring light (!)

Since I’ve been able to make social media my part time job, I would love to have some supplies for making my content even better! A ring light would be very handy not only for TikTok but also for the vlog!

Ring Light Link

Lush or other cosmetics

I’m always super happy with lush or other cosmetics like bodyshop! The more christmas themed the better haha. I would also love to have the hair mist from Guerlain. It smells so good!

Perfume link

Lush link

Jewellery stand

I’ve been wearing more and more jewellery and I find it difficult to put them away when I take them off. I found this cute stand with marble and gold, and I’m in love!


Cordless vacuum cleaner (!)

Yes, I’m getting old and I would love to have a new vacuum cleaner..

Vacuum link

Curling Iron for big curls (!)

I already have a curling iron for small curls but I would really like to have one for big curls, especially since I’m growing my hair out a little!

Curling Iron link

Casio watch / a new bracelet for my fitbit

I really like wearing my fitbit but it doesn’t always go with my outfit because it’s so sporty. A more classy band would be very nice, but also a golden Casio watch is high on my wishlist!

Rosé golden fitbit bracelet link

A cute phone case

Since I’m on my phone a lot, I’d really like a cute phone case for my Iphone 11. This one from casetify is super cute, but I also think a new one by Antwerp Avenue is coming out soon. It has “Future Millionaire” on it and I LOVE the design. Can’t add a photo yet tho because it’s not out yet.

Casetify case

A new pillow set / new blanket

Our pillows/blanket for in our coach are getting worn out. I would love to have a new set of pillows/warm blanket for christmas in a pink-ish vibe. Something pastel pink or dusty pink. Something like this for example:

Link pillow

Link pillow

Link blanket

Anythink Hunkemoller Cosy Collection

Onesies, pillows, socks, slippers. If it’s cosy, I’ll love it!

Hunkemoller website

Last but not least, anything cute, cosy, fun, harry potter, cooking, girly, handbag or clothes related I would love haha

Hope you have some inspo for your wishlist, tell me what you want in the comments!



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