Where to go for Coffee in Antwerp!?

Hi guys! I’ve been in Antwerp for over a year now, time has gone by so fast! I’ve already discovered a lot of cool places to eat and drink and since I’m a total coffee addict, I thought it was time for a “Coffee in Antwerp” post! So here we go! These are my favorite places for Coffee in Antwerp!

  1. Kaffeenini

If you love a fun vibe and amazing people bringing you coffee, Kaffeenini is the place to be! They have very fun coffee combinations such as one with whipped cream and banana on top! The coffee is very good but also the setting is so cute and cosy! It’s located on a nice square in the middle of the city. And not only the coffee is great, they also have amazing bagels! Those bagels might be the best I’ve ever had. And if you’re not a big coffee fan, they also have yummy lemonades and tea! Big recommendation this place πŸ™‚

2. St Simonne

St Simonne has that neighborhood coffeeshop vibe coming straight out of Gilmore Girls vibe down! The owner is so nice and you’re always welcomed as a friend! This coffeeshop is located on the prettiest square of Antwerp, in my opinion. It’s so cosy and the coffee, but also the hot chocolate, is great! I also had an amazing chai latte here! They are always innovating and trying new things such as pizza’s to share but they also have a fun brunch formula for on the weekends. If you want to find a cosy neighborhood vibe in the middle of busy Antwerp, this is the place to be!

3. Butchers Coffee

Welcome to a coffee shop straight out of London. I love the vibe of this coffee shop, it’s always busy which makes it cosy and fun because you feel like you’re in the place to be. The coffee is great and they have amazing brunch options such as pancakes with bacon, one of my favorites! But the eggs benedict is also soooo good! Must try this one.

4. Charlie’s

No kidding, this place has the best chai latte you can find. I’ve been to India and this place nails the Chai like a boss! Not only the chai but the coffee is also yummy. The vibe is amazing and you’re in the middle of the most beautiful part of Antwerp. The place is definitely worth your visit!

So far these are my favorite places for coffee, but I’m sure that I’ll find a lot of other places this year. So stay tuned and subscribe to my blog! If you have any suggestions for me to try out, tell me in the comments!

Have a nice week peeps ❀

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