Dinner @ L’improbable

Hi guys! Last week I went to L’improbable with my boyfiend to enjoy some cosy night out. I got to eat here for free to try out the new menu. Today, I will be sharing my experience with you guys.

The restaurant is best described by one word : Bistronomy. It’s a french mix of bistro and gastronomy. It isn’t extremely fancy but it isn’t comparable to a bistro either. I had never eaten in such a kind of restaurant, so I was very thrilled to try it out.

L’improbable gave me a very cosy vibe and the music they played was ideal. I really liked the brick walls and the bar a lot.


TO DRINK : for drinks I had a mojito and my boyfriend took the house special. The mojito was very good and it had the right amount of sweet and sour. My boyfriend also really liked his house special a lot.


Before I start talking about the food, I want to talk to you guys about the bread with truffle butter we got. I am a BIG truffle lover, I put it in everything you can possibly think of. But I had never tasted it in butter before. A new world opened up for me. This butter was SO GOOD! I can’t exactly describe how it tasted. Okay yes I can… It tasted like heaven.


TO EAT : After enjoying our cocktail and bread, we decided what we were going to eat. As a starter I took the “Foie Gras with plums” and my boyfriend took the “coquilles Saint Jacques”. My Foie Gras was very tasty. I hadn’t eaten Foie Gras with plums before, but the combination was surprising. It was very delicious and I was sad when I realized my plate was empty. My boyfriend also enjoyed his scallops very much. It isn’t easy to make Coquilles but these were cooked to perfection. The plates were also beautifully decorated.


As a main I decided to go for the ‘Iberico porc with Parmesan gnocchi’. My boyfriend chose ‘chicken breast with Polenta fries”. My main… It was sooo good. I normally don’t really like a lot of meat. But this was unbelievably delicious. The porc was very soft and the Parmesan Gnocchi was the best imaginable side dish. I think my boyfriend was a little bit jealous, which was totally understandable. His dish was also very nice, but the Iberico Porc stole away the price for best dish of the evening.


DESERT TIME : We both took the banana with homemade lemon sorbet. I liked the desert but I think It would’ve liked it more if the bananas would’ve been caramelized instead of breaded. The sorbet was homemade and that was something you could really taste.


I really loved this restaurant and I’d definitely want to come back sometime. The food was incredible and I enjoyed it very much. It had been a long time since I had eaten such fantastic food. The personnel was very friendly and professional. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very cosy and home-y.
I immediately recommended it to my father, to go eat there with his clients sometimes. If you are ever visiting our beautiful Belgian capitol, you should hop into this restaurant, for sure.

I hope you enjoyed my blogpost. Talk to you soon!

❤ Laura


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