Girly Pink Jacket


Hi guys! Another outfit blogpost? Yeah, you saw that right!

This is one of my favorite new jackets. I bought it in an Urban Outfitters store in the fashionable Antwerp. After asking my mom for some sponsoring, I decided to buy it. I mean… It is so me, I just had to have it! It is pink, it is jeans and it fits my style perfectly.  Pink is by far my favorite color. I know that’s very girly but I don’t care. I like to embrace my inner girly-ness :D.
I styled this jacket with a dark grey body (forever 21) , some ripped jeans and my beautiful pink striped adidas superstars. I really like wearing ripped jeans at the moment although my dad thinks it looks horrific (haha 😉 ). And I will never betray my favorite pair of sneakers : ADIDAS SUPERSTARS ❤

I’m leaving for Marbella this Sunday with my boyfriend and I’m planning on making a lot of vlogs, food diary posts, photo diary posts and outfit posts. I look forward to being back in that vlog/blog game! I really like creating stuff for you guys and I hope you like to read and watch my content as much as I like to make it.

Have a great day peeps, love you! ❤

(photos by : @thomasgesqueire on Instagram)

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