Hi Guys and welcome to a new outfit post. Today I want to show you the princess dress I wore to a wedding this weekend. I just love this dress and the details on it so much, I had to share it with you guys. I bought this beautiful piece of clothing in a store in Tielt called Laudi. They have very nice clothes which are a little bit more expensive, but they are worth paying for. I fell in love with this pink lace dress immediately and after calling my mom about the price, I bought it instantly. The woman in the store who gave me advice about the dress told me that it seemed as if the dress was made for me. Many girls before me had tried it one but it didn’t fit perfectly because of the back of the dress or the neckline. I am very happy with this dress and I feel like a real princess when I am wearing it! I combined it with shoes by Tamaris and I curled my hair to make the Princess Look complete.

What do you think about my dress? Tell me in the comments!

The photos in this post are taken by my boyfriend @thomasgesqueire (go check him out on instagram)

Have a magical night and talk to you later! ❤


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