Hi Guys! Welcome to my first Outfit Blogpost (*loud cheering in the background*).
I am completely in love with this outfit atm and I wanted to share this with you guys.
A few days ago I went shopping with my mom and I bought myself this new sweater from H&M. I normally don’t like their clothes very much because they look cheap but I was surprised by the quality and originality. I just had to take it.
I combined it with my new ripped mom jeans which I bought in a ZEB store (Jacqueline De Yong) and topped it off with the prettiest shoes I have in my closet at this very moment. They’re Tamaris shoes and I have been stalking them online for the past month. This week I finally got them from my mom (aka the best mom in the world). They’re very comfortable (duh, it’s Tamaris) and not only are they very sporty, they are also very classy because of the bow. And a big bonus : they’re Pink (my favorite color).

I hope you liked my first outfit blogpost. Tell me in the comments if you like these kind of posts!

Follow my blog in the sidebar and check out my Instagram (@lauralynnsworld) for more outfits to come. Talk to you later! ❤

PS : all of my photos are taken by my amazing boyfriend Thomas Gesqueire. Go follow him on Instagram @thomasgesqueire


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