My favorite places to eat in Ghent

Hi guys! Today I am going to talk to you about my favorite places to eat in Ghent. Not only for lunch but also for dinner!


For lunch I really like to go to :

Le Pain Quotidien :

This is a very nice place to get a quick and healthy bite in Ghent. There are two of these restaurants in Ghent and they are both located in the heart of the city. I really like to go there to enjoy some fresh and homemade lemonade and I can really enjoy some Lebanese Mezze for lunch. “Le Pain Quotidien” has a nice atmosphere and it doesn’t have anything unhealthy on the menu.


I just love this place. It’s very close to my appartement and it has the best pasta in Ghent (in my opinion). My friends always tell me that I go to bavet too much but I don’t care because it is delicious. I ALWAYS take the Bavet Special with extra sauce ( a Large) and an Ice Tea. I go there so much that the people who work there are starting to know who I am. I think they already know what I am going to order but they keep asking me just to be sure. “Bavet” is a very nice concept. You can only choose between 5 kinds of sauces, 4 or 5 extra toppings and 2 kinds op pasta/cheese. And that is all I need. It isn’t expensive at all and it’s very close to the movie theatre. (you can also go eat there for dinner!).


This lunch spot is just amazing. Every time I go to this place I order the same kind of lunch. They have these things calles “Flaguettes”. It is a round kind of bread with something delicious in the middle (for example : mozzarella, oil and vinegar, pesto, Parma ham, etc etc). They put everything on the bread and then they put the bread in a toaster oven for a few minutes et voila. It’s soooo goood!! I really really love this place and it’s also very close to my appartement. It’s in the student district and it has this very cosy vibe. You should definitely try this one out when you visit Ghent!


Me and my boyfriend really like to go out for dinner sometimes and we have a few spots that we just adore.


This is seriously the best TAPAS BAR in Ghent. It has a very nice interior and the music is always on point. The food is just amazing. You can order all kinds of tapas. Most of the time I order : patatas bravas, nachos con carne, albondigas, chicken wings, calamares, … (and I am forgetting some things πŸ˜€ ). I am not a big fan of the cocktails (me as an experienced cocktail drinker know what I am talking about haha πŸ˜‰ ) and I think they are a bit overpriced but I go there for the food, not the drinks!



Just order the Chicken Tikka Masala with basmati rice and garlic nan. No more words are needed. (I can’t speak for any other dishes because I always order the same thing here haha).


The best BURGERS in Ghent. The guacamole burger is fantastic and the fries are delicious. The owners are actual irish people and that gives the restaurant an amazing vibe. It’s in the heart of Ghent and I really recommend this to everybody! It’s soooo good. (SLIME SLIME)


This place is just YAMMI YAMMI. (lol)

The sushi in this place is amazing. The concept is that you can order 5 rounds and you can choose 5 dishes per round. It’s a kind of all you can eat/buffet concept and you can enjoy their delicious food for 3 hours on. In the evening you can not only order sushi dishes but also other japanese specialties. It’s new in Ghent and also situated in the student district. me, my boyfriend and our best friends went there about a month ago and it was one of the most fun nights I had in while. You should definitely go here and discover all of the different kinds of sushi! You will not be disappointed!

So! These are my favorite places to eat in Ghent! I hope you guys liked my post!

If you have any suggestions for me (places to enjoy some fooood in Ghent), Tell me in the comments





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