The Bathing Suit Hype : NEW IN (sneak peek)

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve written something for you guys and I sincerely apologize. I have been very busy with school and I can’t seem to find the time to write or make videos. But today I made a little time to talk about my new addiction (and the addiction of a lot of girls atm) : Bathing Suits. I have noticed that Bathing Suits are very popular nowadays and I really like it. I really like wearing bathing suits because they are very practical, beautiful and they have this kind of mystery to them. When you are wearing a bathing suit, you have that little more mystery because you don’t show everything you have. I also really like bikinis (who doesn’t) but I really like the BATHING SUIT HYPE.

This resulted in the fact that I have bought myself 4 new bathing suits for summer. Today I am going to show you guys which ones I picked out and why I picked them out. BUT(!) this blogpost is a SNEAK PEEK! This means that I am going to show you which ones I bought, but I am going to keep the photos of me in them to myself for now. I want to make some beautiful photos on vacation with my bathing suits and I don’t want to give away everything in one blogpost.

So here we go guys!

LACE UP SWIMSUIT – And Other Stories

I am completely in love with this bathing suit. It has a very nice fabric and it is laced. The laced part makes the bathing suit sexy but it doesn’t show too much cleavage. I feel very comfortable in it and I feel like a beautiful woman when I’m wearing it. The fact that it’s a black bathing suit is very nice because it makes me feel en look skinnier. I am totally in love with this bathing suit (as I said before) and I think I will be wearing it a LOT this summer!


0483094001_1_100011This Bathing suit is very retro and I just love it. I’ve always loved retro clothes and I fell in love when I saw this one. It is so pretty when I have it on and it makes me feel like I am walking around in a beautiful old movie. You can’t see it on the picture but the back is partly opened. It has two of the blue stripes on the back but no white stripes. Instead of the white stripes you can see my actual back. It is very classy, sophisticated and sexy. Nothing but love for this piece.


I was shopping in Pull and Bear and I came across this beautiful bathing suit. It has an opening in the front and it is yet again sexy but not too much. I love the way my breasts look in this piece. I don’t like it when my breasts are too big in a bathing suit/bikini but I do like showing them off a little bit (hihi). And that is exactly what this bathing suit does. It is very comfy and it isn’t expensive AT ALL. I also really love the print and the light blue color very much.

BAE – New Look

I just had to have this one. I felt like a babe from BayWatch and I loved that feeling. I didn’t think it would look good on me at first but when I put it on I just had to buy it. I love the fact that there isn’t much cleavage. The back is completely open and it really steals the show. It gives a whole other definition to the word “sexy” and I love it. Not only the breasts and the butt are sexy, right? The back of a woman is also very very beautiful. It was only 19 euros and I thought “why not?”. My boyfriend also really wanted me to buy it so I just went with it.

So these are the 4 bathing suits I have purchased! I don’t think I am going to buy any more bathing suits although I can’t promise that I won’t buy a new bikini!

What do you think of the new swimsuit hype? Do you love it or do you hate it? Tell me in the comments below.

I hope you liked my post and I will be sharing photos of me in these magnificent bathing suits after my exams and during my vacation so STAY TUNED!



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