13 Reasons Why : The message behind the series.

Hi guys! Today I want to talk to you about the new hit-series “13 Reasons Why”.

First of all. What a performance. I loved how the actrice of Hannah Baker played the role of a lost girl in a crowded school perfectly. The series was fantastic. The fact that everything had a colder colour in the present day and that the world had a brighter colour when Hannah was still alive was an amazing touch. I loved the fact that Clay always watched what happened to Hannah from a third person perspective while she was telling her story on the tapes, also referring to the fact that Clay always watched but didn’t have the guts to do something when Hannah was still alive. The series was amazing and I was sad when it ended. It ended with a lot of open storylines and I have a double feeling about this. On the one hand I would really love a second season because this series is seriously addictive. But on the other hand, I would rather have it stop here because maybe a second season would soften the message behind the series and maybe it would make people look away from the real problem this series brings.

The message behind this series was very very strong. I also have been bullied when I was younger but I had the incredible luck of having a mother that would keep asking what’s wrong until I got tired of the sentence “There’s nothing wrong, I’m just tired.” This series is very hard to watch at some times. It’s sometimes so hard to watch that you get uncomfortable. But I think that that’s what makes the series so good. It really wants you to remember and think about the fact that bullying is not okay. It can have extreme consequences and it can kill someone, literally. And you don’t have to look at this series as if it is all bullshit. Don’t think that this wouldn’t happen in real life, because it happens every day. Suicide is the second most common death cause for teenagers. Teenagers are just learning who they are and exploring their personality. This makes those teens extremely vulnerable for bullies. If you are a little different or if you don’t fit in the way other kids do, you become a target. And this is not over-exagerated because trust me I am a first hand witness of these kind of practices. Bullies are everywhere, in every school, in every classroom. Why do they bully other kids? Who knows. Maybe they are insecure themselves, maybe they are jealous or maybe they just want to fit in with the rest of the class and think that that’s the way to do it. But the problem with these people is that they don’t realize how even little things can have a snowball effect in peoples lives. How little things like talking behind someone’s back while the person being talked about clearly sees it, can have a serious effect on someone’s mental health. So I have 2 messages here. I have a message for the bullies, not only the active bullies but also the jealous ‘talk behind your back’ bullies. And I have a message for the victims.

First of all the bullies. Just stop hurting people who don’t deserve it. Who are different from you. I know that this might seem threatening to you that someone isn’t like the rest of you, that someone looks better than you or that someone is maybe a better person than you. But why do you have to scar someone for the rest of their lives and maybe even push them into a corner leading to the fact that they think the only way out for them is suicide. Is that really worth it? Hurting someone that much? Stop treating people like dirt and like they don’t matter. Every person matters in this world and if you don’t treat other people right, how do you expect others to treat you the right way? Also, don’t believe everything you hear. If you believe one’s perspective without looking at what the other person has to say about it and if you base your actions on that one probably twisted and turned perspective… You are as bad as the bully trying to convince you that the girl in your class is a nerd, slut, whore or weirdo. You can be the reason for someone hurting and isolating themselves. You can be the reason for someone having to cry themselves to sleep every night and faking that she is sick so that she wouldn’t have to go to school that day. You can be the reason for the girl in the corner not having anyone to talk to because you convinced everybody that she is stupid, lame and weird. You can be the reason why that one boy in class has nobody to work with on a project. You can be the reason why someone’s life ends. So, instead of the bullying and talking behind someone’s back. Just go to the person and say “Hello”. You don’t have any idea how good it feels if someone just takes an interest in you and talks to you for a few seconds when you feel lonely or depressed. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life. Maybe there’s a reason for her acting weird, maybe there’s a reason for her being so silent all the time. And if you are scared that other people will bully you because you talked to the weird girl (which is fucking bullshit but anyways), just send her (or him) a message on facebook. “Hi! How was school today?”. That’s all it takes for someone to not take the next step, the final step. Instead of investing all that time in destroying someone else’s reputation and regretting it later. Instead of listening to all the gossip someone is spreading about someone without hearing what that someone has to say about it. Instead of looking at her or him that certain way (you know how… Like there’s shit on his or her’s head or something). Just. Say. Hi. Don’t invest time in scarring people’s personality, confidence and soul. Because it has consequences. If it isn’t suicide, it is a scar for the rest of her or his life. And it will never heal, doesn’t matter how much you try. The scar will always be there. Invest time in BEING NICE TO EVERYONE. And you will get so much in return. Just try it and stop the bullying. And if you aren’t convinced, just watch this series. And then come back to this post.

Now. The message for the victims of bullying. If you are in anyway being bullied or if you have been bullied and you don’t see a way out. Just try to tell yourself that it gets better. Life has it’s ways of fucking people over. And it uses other people to do it. Don’t care about what other people say. I know that is very very easy to say, trust me. But just try and remember that those bullies and backstabbing people are more insecure than you and probably hate themselves more that they can’t stand you. They are feeling threatened by you and they want to destroy you to protect themselves from falling. They want to bully you, so that they aren’t bullied or because they like fucking with people. They are just bad people, to the core. They like bullying because it gives them a sense of power over you. They like talking behind your back because they don’t have anything interesting in their lives to talk about. I know it’s very very hard to think, I’m better than them, they are insecure themselves, I don’t care. But just think about it. How pathetic are they if the only thing they have to talk about is other people. How pathetic is it that they talk shit about someone else because they feel better that way. It’s just extremely pathetic. Think about it this way. If you get through this, and you keep fighting and going, you can prove them wrong someday. The bullies will never get as far as you. They know that you are better than them and that’s why they want to pull you down, so that they can stay on top. But trust me, there will be one day that you will stand on top. They will want to talk to you then, but you just will not bother. Think about how AMAZING that feeling would be. Isn’t that worth all the pain?

Also, if you feel bad and you can’t get a hold of yourself, please just TALK to someone. ANYBODY. Your parents, they love you so much. And even though it might sometimes seem as if they don’t care, they are busy, they don’t have time. They will ALWAYS make time for you if you are suffering. Just tell them what’s wrong. And if you can’t find the words, just look at them, start crying and let it all out. They will drop everything in an instant because you are their child. They would die for you. And I am not making this up, every parent loves their child. Just talk to them. They will do everything in their power to make you feel better. You want to know why, because they LOVE YOU.

If you don’t want to talk to a person, talk to your pet. I have always told everything to my pet because he didn’t judge. He was always there when I felt bad. Just Talk to somebody. It really really helps. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, just dare to go to a psychologist or a therapist. Or go onto a talk platform online where you are anonymous. Hell, you can even talk to me if you like. I will always answer and never judge because I know how it feels to be bullied and lonely. Just remember that it isn’t worth it. Don’t let the bullies win, life gets better every time. Even though it might seem that it is never going to get better, it does. Just trust me on this. I know what I’m talking about. I have been through it and I survived and I am happy now. Don’t do something you’d regret and don’t hurt the people that love you (because there ARE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU) in the process. Just don’t take the step into suicide, it’s not worth it and there is always a second chance. Change schools, talk to someone or write about it like I did. There is always an option. Suicide isn’t one of the options.

I also highly recommend you to watch this series and realise that there are so many people feeling sorry for their mistakes and so many people hurting when you’d do something like this.

If there is ever something you want to talk about with me. Don’t feel ashamed to send me an e-mail or PM on instagram. I will always take the time to answer every single one of you if that helps you feel better.

Thank you for reading and watch this amazing series. It’s one of those series that might change the world.



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