My favorite foreign dishes!

Hi guys! today I am going to tell you what my favorite foreign dishes are. I know there are many people who don’t like foreign food and who just want to stick to the food they know. But with this blogpost I want to tell you guys that there are foreign dishes that are just fantastic! Hell, maybe you’ll even want to try one yourselves!

First of all I want to show you guys this Indian Dish :


This is seriously my favorite dish of ALL TIME. It isn’t spicy at all, so it’s nice if you want to try some indian food but you’re scared that the firefighters will have to show up and flush your mouth. This dish in combination with some garlic nan (the best nan in the world) is just amazing. I am already drooling like a dog right now.



MEXICAN FOOD!!!! I know that this might be very spicy at times but there are things that aren’t spicy like Guacamole (the best best best dip in the world). You just have to make sure that you don’t put the green, red or maybe even black peppers in your mouth if you don’t like spicy food. Mexican food is not ONE DISH in particular but mexican food is just amazing in general! Every mexican dish there is, is delicious. Burrito’s are amazing, Taco’s are basic but always sooo good, Enchilladas are a little less known but these are just so delicious(!). I can’t even explain how good all of these dishes are. But I can tell you that you won’t regret walking into a mexican restaurant. Not only the mexican vibes and margaritas will swipe you of your feet, but the food will take you to heaven.

MOROCCAN FOOD is also very very good! Especially the COUS COUS …

Seriously guys. I eat COUS COUS with everything. I eat it with chicken, with duck, with meat, with falafel,… Sometimes I just eat COUS COUS solo. I just LOVE COUS COUS. If there is one thing in the world that I’d like to eat for the rest of my life … COUS COUS. In Morocco, you can eat couscous platters everywhere. Mostly it is combined with very delicious vegetables, lamb and occasionally merguez. What I also really like to eat is HUMUS. It is made with chickpeas and delicious spices. You can eat it with some mouth watering Moroccan bread (O M G ). Also the Moroccan spices you can buy in Morocco are amazing! You can make some delicious chicken-couscous dishes at home with these spices from heaven.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST … SUSHI. This is already very well known in the Western World. But it’s foreign and I love it! There are also many people who don’t like sushi (stupid people, no haha just kidding 😉 ) which is understandable because of the raw fish and stuff. But it is such a delicacy and you just need to try it. You might not like it, but at least you tried it right! I love it very much and thanks to me my boyfriend and brothers also started loving this dish! I know it’s a very risky dish but just try it, for me?

These are all of the dishes I wanted to share with you today! I hope that you are already searching some restaurants online to try them out! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Have a nice evening and lots of love (FOLLOW FOR MORE IN THE SIDEBAR)


Laura ( LICIOUS)




One Reply to “My favorite foreign dishes!”

  1. omg te lekker allemaal!! Ik ben zelf ook gek op Aziatische Tom Kha Kai soep en Turkse linzen (is nu toevallig in de maak hihi) /kippen soep moet je ook echt eens uitproberen 😀



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