Fight the Cellulite!!!

Hi hi! Today I am going to tell you guys something about my worst (non-human) enemy. Cellulite! I have been fighting this monster for over 2 years and I am starting to defeat it. I wanted to share some tips and tricks on defeating this monster with you. I wont be able to post a blogpost Tuesday so I am writing you guys a very big one today!

First of all, drink a lot of water! Not just 2 glasses a day but a LOT more! I think everyone who already searched for Cellulite remedies has found this tip everywhere. Water is just so good for your body. It is good for your whole body and you feel a lot more healthy when you drink more and more water every day.

I also try to do some more exercise. You need to do some more legwork people. Go for a walk, a run or walk up and down the stairs in your house a few times. This gets blood flowing in your legs and it will definitely help your legs fight the cellulite. Try to do this every day! It doesn’t have to be a big workout but just keep moving and you will see the difference.

You can also do some exercises for your legs. I normally do the exercises from Blogilates on youtube. They are very good and you can feel that it’s working while your training. PLUS you can just do it at home. It’s that simple!

I also try to massage my legs from time to time because this also gets your blood flowing and it wil certainly help you get rid of the ugly bumps in your skin. There is one product that I like to use in summer for my legs and I really get the feeling that it works BUT you need to put it on every day otherwise it wont have any effect. Once you stop using this, your cellulite will come back. It is a really nice product but it isn’t a permanent solution. You really need to drink more water and exercise more if you want to get rid of it forever. The product has 2 kinds of creams. A daycream and a nightcream. The products are by VICHY. After using this cream for 14 days (every day!) you really see the result!! Let’s first talk about the night cream.

vichy_cdnight_01The Night cream has a blue-ish color and it smells really nice. 5% of the cream exists out of caffeine. Caffeine is really good for your skin and you can really see that in the results.You really have to massage it in for a few minutes to get a better effect!


The Day cream bottle is very cool. It also contains of 6 % Caffeine and it is a fast acting 14 day serum to get rid of cellulite.

These creams are very nice and I definitely recommend them to you guys but as I said before they aren’t going to get rid of your cellulite. They are going to make your cellulite a lot less visible but that’s it.

I also try to scrub my legs with COFFEE SCRUB every week. I make my COFFEE SCRUB myself. It’s very easy to make and you don’t need a lot of ingredients :

  • 5 spoons of coffee ground
  • 3 spoons of brown sugar
  • 2 spoons of coconut oil

Just mix everything together into a creamy mixture et voila!! Try to rub it in as long as you can to get a better effect and try to do this once every week.

There are also some foods that you can eat which can help you get rid of your cellulite :

  • bananas
  • chilli
  • ginger root
  • pineapple
  • sweet potatoes
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • green tea
  • salmon
  • garlic
  • cucumber
  • cider vinegar (put some cider vinegar and lemon drops in a glass of water every day!)

The key to getting rid of cellulite is HARD WORK. This is a monster that you have to fight with everything you have. If you are really serious about getting rid of it, you need to combine all of your forces and methods to get the best results. I swear to you that you will see results but you can’t give up. Cellulite is a bitch and it’s a never ending fight. Just try to be healthier on all levels. If you get rid of it eventually, you can’t go back to old habits because it will re-appear. Getting rid of Cellulite means changing your life a little bit for the better. A lot of water, A lot of exercise, A lot of massaging/ scrubbing and A lot of healthy foods will give you A BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF LEGS FOR DAAAYZ!

These are my tips against the BIG MONSTER. I hope they helped a little and that I inspired you to join the fight that 70 % of women are fighting every day.

Follow my blog for more beauty advice and fun blogposts because there is going to be a lot more coming




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