Best coffee shops in Ghent.

Hi guys

Since it is getting colder outside, I thought it would be nice to write a blog about what I think are the best coffee shops in Ghent!

Let the countdown begin

4. Cafe Labath 

This coffee shop is my number 4 on the list. This coffee shop is on a nice location, close to the shopping street. It is a very cosy coffee shop with a nice red and white wall. I like the lemonades there the most but the coffees are very nice too. The only thing I miss is some nice lounge music and a little more cosiness. But overall this coffee shop is definitely worth your visit.

3. Wasbar

I really like this one. You can do your laundry here while drinking a delicious coffee. This coffee shop has a very nice atmosphere and the coffees not only look delicious, they are delicious! There are 2 Wasbar coffee shops in Ghent. Their pastries are also very delicious. Also here I would love some more cosiness. Because of the laundry machines and blue/white colors I don’t get the warm feeling I would like to get when drinking my coffee. But the coffee is amazing!!

2. OR espresso bar

I love this one. It is close to my appartement and the coffee is amazing. Also the orange juice and lemonades are worth a try. I always feel like a professional blogger when I enter this coffee shop. This coffee shop is filled with hipsters drinking their coffee while typing on their apple macbooks. I love being surrounded by productive people! The atmosphere is amazing, the music is perfect for a coffee shop and I really love coming here.

1.  Take Five espressobar

This is my number one! First of all, I would like to say that I love the logo of this coffee shop. It is very original! The coffee … I just love the coffee here. You guys might already know that I love Cafe Mocha. This is the combination of coffee, milk and chocolate. There are not many coffee shops in Belgium with this specific coffee on the menu. But here, you can add chocolate to your latte or cappuccino and it is ALMOST a perfect mocha and it is delicious. You can add chocolate to your coffee in a lot of coffee shops, but in this specific place it tastes the best! The music in this coffee shop is perfect, the cosiness is on point and whenever I come here I never want to leave. This coffee shop is very new, but it already is a bombshell!

I hope you guys enjoyed my post! These are the coffee shops I enjoy the most! Which ones do you guys love the most in your hometown? Tell me in the comments below!


Laura (Licious)

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