How to get warm on a cold day!

Hi guys! Since the temperature is dropping a lot today and the temperature will be under zero next week, I thought it would be fun to write a blogpost about how to get warm again after a cold day!

These are my methods to get a cosy and warm feeling!


This is one of my favorite ways to get warm again. Take a relaxing and hot bath using your favorite bath products. I really like using bath bombs and bath bubbles. You can maybe turn on some candles. Just spoil yourself! I also like to watch one of my favorite series when in my bath. Or I tend to turn on my favorite music when I am enjoying the warmth of my bath! After your bath you can dress up in your most cosy outfit, maybe a onesie, maybe a fluffy pyjama. Go sit in your sofa with a blanket and enjoy the warmth!


When you dress your house up in warm colours, it immediately feels more cosy and warm. Use orange or brown pillows and blankets. Warm candles in orange colours. Even the smell of orange and wood might help! Turn on your fireplace and enjoy the warm feeling your house gives you. Trust me it will help!


Drinking hot liquids make you feel warmer. They warm up your hands and they give you a warm feeling inside. Everyone fancies something more than the other. I like to drink coffee mocha and hot coco the most. I make my hot coco with Coté D’ôr chocolate and milk. It is a very delicious and real hot chocolate, not ons of those cecemel ones 😉 . It is very cosy to drink this under a blanket while watching one of your favorite movies!


Wearing a scarf and wearing a winter hat make you feel a lot warmer. They cover up a lot of blood vessels and when your ears and neck feel warm, your whole body starts to feel warmer. when inside you can also wear a scarf. Cover yourself with as many layers as possible!


When there are people around you, you immediately get warmer. People give an extreme amount of warmth. When you can snuggle up to each other I can guarantee you that you will be warmer in an instant. So call your boyfriend of best friend and cuddle up under a blanket watching a fun movie!


If you want to feel warm immediately, you can put your clothes on the radiator. Or you can iron your clothes again just before you put them on! The feeling you get when putting on hot clothes is amazing! I like it most with socks. I love the feeling of warm feet :O


I am not suggesting that you should get yourself drunk and start puking all over the place. But one glass of wine, a little bit of whiskey or a cup of gluhwein can help you a lot when you are feeling really cold. Alcohol is a real life saver when you nothings makes you feel any warmer!


If there is nothing left to do, you can always start moving. Get your ass out of the sofa and go for a walk. Maybe walk a little faster than u usually would do or jump around a little. You will be warmer in an instant!

I hope you guys like my blogpost. If you did you can always start following my blog on the home page. Hope you guys feel a little warmer already 😉



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