Halloween Lush Haul

Hi guys

In honour of one of my favorite holidays, I tested all the halloween/fall themed lush items. And I am giving you guys a review today about all the ones I tested out! Time for some Tricks and Treats!

Boo : Luxury bath oils

This is the first one I tested. Normally I don’t really like bath oils because they don’t give a cool effect in the water. But it is great for your skin and that’s a plus! This bath oil had a kind of milky effect when you threw it in the water. If I showed you guys the water afterwards, you’d say that I didn’t use anything at all. It did make my skin feel very soft but I didn’t smell a lot and I didn’t see a lot. It is a very cool and original bath oil but I expected more of this little guy. I give this bath oil a 6 out of 10

Monster’s ball : Bath bomb

This ball was amazing! It had beautiful colours! Pink, purple and deep blue. And It smelled amazing. I really really loved this ball. It also looks extremely cute. It smelled good, looked good and it made me feel great. 8,5 out of 10

Lord of misrule : shower cream

This shower cream smelled very strong and it looked very green. It didn’t really foam when I put it on, what is to expect from a shower CREAM but I like it when it foams. The green colour was really cool and halloween though! The smell was really strong. according to the packaging it was a mixture of black pepper, vanilla and patchouli. The pepper made it smell very strong but I liked it! And my skin felt amazing afterwards. But I do like foaming shower gels with a sweet candy or flower smell more. I give it a 7 ,5 out of 10

Autumn Leaf : Bath bomb

This bath bomb smelled really good! But I didn’t get an autumn feeling. When I think of an autumn leaf I think of a dark orange, brownish colour and a strong maybe cinnamon scent? But this one was more of a spring leaf. It was green with yellow and pink. And it had a citrus smell. I love citrus smell, don’t get me wrong, it is my favorite smell for bath bombs. But I didn’t get a halloween or fall feeling. I got a begin of spring feeling. The leaf also had a nice effect! It kept floating the entire time it was desolving, like a leaf on water. and the water looked orange/yellow in the end which is kind of autumn-y. I liked the smell and the colours, but it had the wrong name. I give this bomb a 7 out of 10.

Pumpkin : Bath bomb

Last but not least. The halloween pumpkin lush bath bomb! I loved this one. It looked very halloween, it smelled amazing and the water got a cool orange effect. I loved how the bath bomb looked like a halloween carved pumpkin. It smelled like lemon and oranges and I love those smells the most when I’m bathing. It also had an amazing deep orange colour and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I give this bomb a 9 out of 10!

These are the lush halloween specials I tried out! I hope the monster’s ball will make another appearance next year and I hope you guys have an amazing and scary halloween!


Laura ( Licious )

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