Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float

Hi guys!

This is my first “NEW IN” post. Today I bought this amazing Giant Flamingo! I have wanted this pool float for ever!

I fell in love with the Giant Unicorn a few months ago and I entered a competition to win it. But as usual, the odds were not in my favor and I didn’t win. (I never win anything, cry cry). After 2 weeks of insane depression (maybe not depression but definitely extreme sadness 😉 ). I started to notice lots of other cool pool floats floating around Instagram (pun intended). A giant pink donut, a nice swan and … A beautiful pink giant flamingo! This pool float looks so epic, it is pink and it is gorgeous. I didn’t buy it at first because I thought it would cost me a lot of money.

But today, I went to a toy store to buy myself some new school stuff and there it was. In the pool section of the store. All those incredibly nice pool floats. The Flamingo was there too and when I saw the price (which wasn’t a lot, it was 30 euros), I didn’t hesitate for one second and I ran up to my mom to beg on my knees if I could have it (Okay, I didn’t really get down on my knees and begged to my mom in front of the whole store. But I begged alright). After endlessly begging ( 2 minutes ) my mom said that I could have it!

So now, I am the proud owner of this amazing must-have for the summer. I have a pool at home and I am going to Marbella in September so I will be using this awesome pool float a lot.

I think it is very nice because it has a very nice darkish pink colour and it isn’t like any other ordinary pool float. It is very original and it already makes me have wet dreams ( and then I mean wet as in pool water ) about Marbella. Everybody is loving these new kinds of pool floats and everybody wants to have them! And now I have one too.

I bought this amazing must-have in the store : Dreamland. But I think you can find it anywhere if you just search for “pool float flamingo” on Google!




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