The Best of San Francisco


After 2 days of jetlag, I finally have some time to write a blog! The last 3 days of my epic USA adventure were in San Francisco. I thought it would be a nice idea to tell you guys what I think you really should do in San Francisco. So here it goes :

  • Alcatraz … By night! : Alcatraz is one of the most famous prisons in the world. It used to hold very bad criminals and it is now one of the top attractions in San Francisco. The night tour gives your experience a special vibe. There are also many activities on the night tour. It is a really fun experience and thanks to the fact that not many people may take the night tour at once, the prison isn’t too crowded and you can enjoy your experience on your own terms. Note : you need to book this tour 3 months in advance because the tour is a tour that everyone wants to take!
  • Take a Cable Car to the Fisherman’s wharf: I have to say that this is really touristy but it is really fun to do. I had to wait a long time before it was my turn to get on the Cable Car, but it is definitely worth it. You see a lot of San Francisco in a short time and you can experience the steep streets of this magnificent city
  • The sea lions on Pier 39 : You just HAVE to see this. These animals are super cute and they are so fun to watch!
  • The Golden Gate Bridge : This is an obvious one. This is like the Eifel Tower in Paris. If you haven’t seen this, you haven’t seen San Francisco
  • Shopping : The streets around Union Square are the streets where you can shop till you drop. There are many fun shops including an Adidas store and a Disney store

The Coffee shop I visited : 

SightGlass Coffee :

This Coffee shop is very hip and trendy. It looks like a very cosy coffee factory and when you walk inside you start floating on an amazing coffee smell. The coffee itself is delicious. This coffee shop gave me the best coffee I have ever drunk. I had a Cafe Mocha (chocolate + coffee ) and I was seriously sad when I realised my cup was empty. Also, they make these very nice coffee paintings in your coffee with milk. If I would live in San Francisco, I would definitely be a regular.


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