Sneak peek of what’s coming

Hi guys!

you haven’t heard a lot of me the last month because of exams and other responsibilities but I’m back now! Currently I am enjoying the sea and the beach in De Panne and you guys have been able to follow me on snapchat and instagram, but there is so much more to come.

I’ll be doing a lot this summer and you guys will be able to enjoy everything with me. Here is what’s to expect :

First of all I’ll be going to Rock Werchter next week! This is a Belgian Rock festival. It is my first time going to a festival so I’m a little nervous but I think it’s going to be an experience that I will never forget. You will be able to follow me on instagram and on snapchat (laura_lachertje) to see what I’m doing. I am also going to be making a little youtube clip with my iPhone (because I’m to scared to take my GoPro with me, but I did buy myself a fish eye and an ultra wide lens for my iphone!) so that you guys (and maybe there are people who are sad that they can’t go) can experience the nicest Rock Werchter moments. I’m also working on blog posts about “what to bring to a festival” (festival essentials) and “how to deal with a rainy festival and how to still have an unforgettable experience”. The weather man said that there is going to be rain at Rock Werchter but I bought myself cute rain boots so everything is going to be fine ;).

Second : the 10th of july I am taking the plane to the USA. It’s the first time taking a plane and going on a vacation without my parents, and that makes me a little scared. I’m going with my boyfriend and his family and it is a big step for me because me and my family went through a very bad car accident in Sri Lanka 3 years ago. I almost lost my brother and my mother and I’m still not fully emotionally recovered from it. (I will be writing a blog about it, or maybe even a book about the most terrifying and hardest moment of my life when I’m ready for it). But back to the point, I think it’s going to be a hard step for me but it is a necessary step to get on with my life. And I’m actually really excited about the USA road trip that I’ll be doing so I think it will be just fine! We are going to explore the West Coast. From the very fabulous L.A. to the wild wild west to the Golden Gate Bridge.  I will be making a few YouTube clips about my roadtrip and there is going to be a small diary (daily blog) on my blog so I can keep you guys up to date on what I’m doing. Maybe I will even give you guys enough inspiration for a road trip next year! You will also be able to follow my adventures on foot on snapchat and instagram!

Third : I’m going to Spain in September! I am going to Marbella, Sevilla and Granada. This is going to be amazing and I’m also really looking forward to this adventure. Loads of blog posts, clips and snapchats coming!

I am looking forward to sharing everything with you guys and I hope you guys are looking forward to it aswell!


Laura (licious)


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