Strawberry Muffin Recipe


Hi guys!

I hit 4K today and I thought it would be nice to celebrate this with some homemade strawbery muffins. I really love making cupcakes/muffins and today I will be sharing one of my favorite recipes with you guys to thank you for all the support!


50 gr butter (melted)

250 gr flower

60 gr sugar

8 gr baking powder

one little bag of vanilla sugar

a little bit of salt

2 eggs

150 ml milk

150 gr strawberries


How to do it?

preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Mix all of your ingredients (exept for the strawberries) in a big bowl and mix it untill you get a nice mixture. After this, you can put the strawberries in your bowl (you have to cut them into really tiny pieces). Mix everything with a wooden spoon. Now you can put your mixture into your cupcake molds. When you are done with this, you may put your cupcakes in the oven for about 20 minutes et voilla!

Hope you guys enjoy your delicious cupcakes!


Laura (licious)

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