My first Pressdays

This Wednesday I went to my First Pressdays ever! I was very surprised that I got invitations because I didn’t expect it at all. I’m very happy that I could be part of these events.

I went to two events that day! My first event was a Lifestylelab by Miss Publicity. I tasted a new brandy by “Rooster and Wolf” and it was very delicious. It didn’t taste very strong, but it’s actually 40 %.. So be careful ;). I also got introduced to “Ananas Gold”. These pineapple pieces are very nice and they taste very fresh although they are in cans. Then there is “Linwoods”. This brand sells packages of healthy seeds you can put in your yoghurt or smoothies. They are full of vitamines and they are a nice addition to your breakfast.


My second event was a Fashion show by MaisonPR ft. MOJO antwerp. The fashion show was located @Divani in Antwerp. When I entered the event, I was blown away. I saw cupcakes, handbags, clothes, watches and models everywhere. I had never been to such an event so I had to come out of my comfort zone in the beginning but after a few minutes I began to be myself. I got introduced to loads of new and promising brands.

First of all there was VOYA beauty.
This is a new beauty brand from Ireland based on Seaweed. You can buy things like Seaweed for in your bath (good for your skin, good against cellulite and it makes your hair very soft). You can buy skin care products and body lotion based on seaweed. Not only is it good for your hair and skin, it is also environmentally friendly and against animal cruelty. This is a very promising brand and I hope to hear more about it soon!

FOOD! There were also new brands that were very tasteful.

  1. Jimmy’s Popcorn : They have a few new and amazing flavours and they taste incredible. Some taste like cheese and some taste like caramel.
  2. Amylin’s  cupcakes and macarons : These beautiful cupcakes were to beautiful to put in your mouth. My boyfriend tasted one of them and he loved the taste of the cupcake and the topping. Only the look of the cupcakes made me smile.
  3. Bongiorno don pÊpÊ : this alcoholic drink is based on Blood orange and as some of you might know, I love blood orange. It is very delicious and you can combine this drink with tonic water or pink lemonade! It is definitely worth the try.


These are the fashion brands that got most of my attention.

  1. Add my berry : Add my berry makes very basic clothes but the clothes have very nice sentences or logos on them. It is very nice to combine with sneakers and I really love this brand. I’m definitely going to buy a hoodie from this magnificent fashion brand.
  2. Issey Miyake : I loved their handbags the most. They are very nice and futuristic. I would really like to wear one around my shoulder one day!
  3. Dexters : this is the new collection by Tanja Dexters. I really fell in love with this summer collection. It has very nice colours and the skirts and dresses are marvelous. I loved one green skirt in particular (had a dream about it last night 😉 ) This brand has much potential! It kind of reminds me of a nicer version of TUTU CHIC 🙂


After walking around and discovering these beautiful brands, the fashion show started. Here is a slide show of my favorite models/outfits.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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