Disney’s Jungle Book

Hi Guys! Today I’m going to tell you guys something about when I went to  “The Jungle Book” this Wednesday.

Last Wednesday me and my boyfriend decided to go check out the newest Disney movie! I’m a huge Disney freak and I absolutely adore the Disney classics. That’s why I definitely wanted to see this anticipated movie in cinemas. We first went to Bavet. This is a small Spaghetti place. You can only eat spaghetti there, but it is absolutely delicious.

After this incredible Spaghetti adventure me and my boyfriend went to a small movie shop beneath the cinema complex. This shop is awesome, it’s like you’re walking into a very very small version of comic con. Last week I saw the last episode of “The walking dead” and I really wanted to know what happened in the comics after the amazing but devastating ending of the sixth season. (don’t worry I’m not one of those horrible human beings that will always end up telling you all the spoilers you don’t want to hear) …


But I can tell you one thing. It’s not Daryl nor Carl or Rick. It’s non of the girls, it’s not the ginger. And Maggie is very very sad about who dies… 😉


Back to the new Disney movie! After buying myself a medium popcorn and some frozen strawberries, we went to our seats. I had almost finished all my popcorn BEFORE the movie started and then… The Disney theme song. Goosebumps every time..

The movie was one of the best Disney movies I have seen in a long time. I was very amazed by the acting performance of  Neel Sethi. This kid has an incredible talent. Acting in a movie in which you are the only thing that isn’t animated, wow. This kid gave an amazing performance playing against a green screen, I can’t even imagine how hard this must be.   Not only this jaw-dropping performance blew me away but the CGI was breathtaking. The animals, especially Baloo and Bagheera, in this movie looked so real that I sometimes forgot that they were animated. I can honestly say that these graphics are maybe the best graphics in film that I’ve seen so far. I don’t know how they did it, but I will definitely look for an article of documentary to find out! Also, the voices fit the animals perfectly. The british accent for the panther is a perfect match and I think that Bill Murray might have been a bear in a previous life. His voice is the best bear voice I’ve ever heard. And last but not least, the baby wolves… They were A-DOR-ABLE! I’m not exaggerating, they are enormously cute!

This movie was truly amazing. The acting performance by such a young and talented boy is stupefying. The voices fit the animals perfectly. The CGI is astonishing. This movie gives you a nostalgic feeling and I will guarantee you that you will walk out of that cinema with a smile the size of Baloo’s butt! So get in your car and drive to the nearest Cinema! Right now!!

Hope you enjoyed my post, give it a thumbs up and share if you want to make me happy!

Laura (licious)

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