My weekend 2/03/2016 : My shopping mission + going to the zoo

Hi guys! Today I ‘m going to tell you something about what I did last weekend.

The past 2 weeks I’ve been studying my butt off while my family has been enjoying Spain without me (“crying in a small corner of the room while eating chocolate”). I know, I know… It’s better to stay in Belgium because that doubles my chances of not failing my upcoming exams… But it’s not so fun knowing that your family is eating Tapas in the warm sun of Spain, while you are studying at your boring desk while it’s raining outside. The only things I have seen the past 2 weeks are my unshaved boyfriend walking around in his joggingpants (while eating all of my bananas which resulted in the fact that I didn’t have any bananas left to make a smoothie which was the only fun thing I had all day), my cats sleeping around all day (cats…very motivating creatures…) and my computer/books. This sounds very depressing/lonely/boring doesn’t it? Well it was! I felt abandoned and I felt like I was dying inside. Yes, it was that painful.

So I decided that it would be a good idea to go somewhere for a change, and leave my desk. I decided to go to the zoo of Antwerp and go shopping afterwards on a saturday. (very good idea Laura, go to one of the busiest shopping streets in Belgium on a Saturday…). I thought it would be a nice idea to go out and have some fun instead of getting a headache from my books. So when Saturday arrived, I jumped out of my nasty joggingpants, into my skinny jeans. I bought myself a honey latte in Starbucks and hopped on the train to Antwerp. The day before the weather man said the sun would be shining, the birds would be singing and that it would be an amazing spring-day. It wasn’t… It was very cloudy and thank god for the decision I made to take my jacket with me (I already have my motherly instinct hihi).

But I didn’t really care about the weather, because I didn’t see any books! When we arrived in Antwerp we first went to the Zoo. It was very fun although the Zoo is renewing it’s interior and there are construction sites every 30 steps. Thanks to the renovations, I couldn’t see the girafes… Thank god they aren’t my favorite animals. Despite the nasty weather and the less than nice accommodations, I enjoyed watching the animals! It was really nice because I haven’t been to a Zoo in a long time. The animal I enjoyed the most was the panther (surprise, surprise … big cats are my favorite animals! Yes I know you can stop dropping your jaws). After this nice Zoo-trip we headed to Macdonalds (my little heaven on earth) and enjoyed some cheeseburgers. I ate a little bit too much, but that was okay because I was heading to the shopping street and I could use all the energy I could get.

I had 3 missions that day. First of all I wanted to find the adidas superstars with the baby rose stripes (That I could not find anywhere!). I had been searching for them for a long time, losing hope of their existance. But this shopping street was my last resort. I entered almost every sneaker shop I saw, and just as I was about to give up… King of Trainers. There they were… Only having eyes for those shoes I walked up to them almost falling over some black guys feet when he was putting on his Nikees. I started looking for my size, I didn’t see it. But my hope wasn’t lost just yet! A saleswoman walked up to me and I asked if they still had them in my size… Looking at her with my puppy eyes almost about to cry, I saw her lips making a movement that I didn’t want to see… “No…” She said… Hope was almost lost yet again but then… “But I can order them online for you if you like?”. My heartbeat started rising, I started sweating while she looked on her Ipad if they were still available… “Oh, I’m so sorry, they are completely sold out…”. I looked up to my boyfriend feeling super disappointed. Again my dreams were crushed right in front of my eyes. But my boyfriend had that look in his eyes. It was going to be alright, his eyes told me. One day I will find them beautiful heavenly shoes.

Missions 2 en 3 were very successful. I wanted to buy a colourful jacket because it’s spring and it’s going to get warmer. You might think why do you need to wear a jacket when it’s warm outside. Well, I bought myself a scooter a few weeks ago and It’s kinda cold when I driving with just a T-shirt, that’s why! I almost didn’t find a jacket…  But just as I decided to go home, back to Ghent, I saw it, just hanging there… and without any doubt I bought the jacket. My last mission was to find some nice T-shirts which I found in “Pull and Bear”.

It was a day full of ups and downs, but it was very fun!

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Bye! xoxo

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