What is in my Make-up Bag?

As you guys can see, I have a very big Make up bag… I saw this bag in “Zara Home” and I fell in love with it immediately. Because I didn’t know if I should buy it or not, my boyfriend decided to buy it for me (best boyfriend ever) and it has been my make-up bag now for over a year.

Back to the point, my make-up bag is really big right? So, You guys might be wondering… What in the hell does she put in there? Well, I’m about to tell you. Be prepared !

There is a slideshow of the products I use at the end of my blog!

1.  A Dior Make-up Brush

2. A lip balm that protects my lips from the sun and the cold weather

3. A red Chanel Lipstick (I actually stole this one from my mother…)

number 3

4. Mascara from T.Leclerc :
fun fact : I normally don’t use black mascara, but I use brown mascara instead. Don’t ask me why, some beauty specialist told me it looks better on me so I don’t use black mascara alot. I only use it when I go out!

number 4

5. Pressed powder mosaïque from T.Leclerc : 
You guys may notice that this powder is yellow/pink/green-ish… No I’m not trying to look like a unicorn who had a baby with the Grinch. This powder gives you a natural look. It deals with redness of the skin and gives you a beautiful shine. And most of all it doesn’t make you look like your head fell into a bucket of orange paint! It gives you a beautiful look, and it seems like you aren’t even wearing any make-up.

number 5

6. Some silver eye-shadow that I bought in a cheap store when I was 15, which actually looks really nice

7. Make-up concealer by Covergirl (I really needed one and I quickly bought one in a grocery store)

8. Eye shadow by …… T. Leclerc (It’s a really good brand)

9. BB creme by Dior
I normally use something else instead as a  foundation but sometimes I use this one. But, Before I put it on my face, I first mix it with some face moisturiser from Vichy.

number 9

10. CC crème from T.Leclerc
This is what I use as a foundation. I know, it’s pink… But it doesn’t show pink on your face. It doesn’t give your face a browner look. It just corrects some things like pimples and it gives you the right amount of radiance. In one single step your skin is corrected, moisturised and protected. When you add some powder to your face, you will have a no make-up make-up look. I love this product!

number 10

11. a very small Chanel bottle (because a girl always needs her back-up chanel)

number 11

12. Blush from T.Leclerc

13. Lip glow (color reviver balm) by Dior

number 13

14. A black Eye pencil from Lancôme (I normally use a brown pencil because I have brown eyes but this black one is also a very nice and good one)

15. Powder from And other stories 
I normally use my other powder, but when I want to look a little browner I use this one. This is a really good powder and it isn’t that expensive

16. A white kinda pencil
I use this under my eyes, to create the illusion that I have big eyes!

number 15

17. Mascara Rocket volume express by Maybelline new york (this is the mascara I wear when I go out. It has a black colour)

17. A pink lipstick by T.Leclerc which protects my lips against cold weather/sun

18. A brown pencil by T.Leclerc

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also have cleaning wipes for my face, brushes for my eye shadown and tissues in my bag!

This is everything there is to find in my make-up bag! I hope you guys enjoyed my post! If you want to read more of me, follow me and share my blogposts with you friends 🙂

See you next time

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