All I want for Christmas…

My Christmas Wishlist 

Hye! Christmas is coming! And that means that not only all of my cats are crawling in the tree, christmassongs are playing all day long and gigantic christmas dinners are on it’s way. Santa is loading his sledge full with presents… At this very moment!!

On christmas eve, we will destroy wrapping paper and be suprised by some amazing christmas gifts. But how will Santa know what to get us for Christmas. Well, before it’s too late, I’m going to give you guys my Christmas Wishlist! These are all the things I would really like to get on Christmas eve. (Maybe I can give the people who have no clue what to ask for christmas, some great ideas).

1. Go Pro Hero 4 Black 

As many of you guys might know. I love making movies and clips about vacations and other things. I also love travelling. I’m going to London in February and to the USA in July. With the Go Pro you can film from different perspectives. You can put it on your car, on your head and you can film under water. I would really love to get this for Christmas because that way I could make even better clips about my travels and adventures for you guys (and for me ofcourse).

Also I’m going to start a Youtube Channel with different clips on it. I’m going to film my travels, some crazy Bucketlist activities and new Song-covers.  It would be very handy to have one of the best cameras in the world in my possesion when I start this

ps : Also some Go Pro accessories are always welcome 😉


2. Perfume

I really like to smell good! I think every girl in the world would be happy with a big bottle of perfume in her hands. It makes you smell good and makes you feel more confident and beautiful!


3.  Pyjama’s 

Cosy in the sofa with a hot cup of chocolate milk, watching a disney movie on a cold winter night with the fireplace sound in the background. That’s one of my favorite things to do, like in the whole world. And what do you need for that activity? Cosy Pyjama’s!!! You can always make me happy with soms cosy pyjama’s and warm/soft slippers/socks.


4. Bath products

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is taking a bath. Warm water, bubbles everywhere, some lovely music in the background, feeling very clean and healthy, relaxing and most of all de-stressing. Hmmm, I already want to pull my clothes of and crawl into my bathtub. I love Bath products like bath salt and bath bombs. You can always put a smile on my face with such a present!


5. Harry Potter supplies 

I’m an enormously big Harry Potter Fan. That means that you can always make me super excited when you buy me Harry Potter related items. I would really really want to have a Harry Potter Book-Collection in English. Also wands and other movie props are always very welcome!

ps : SO excited about the new teaser trailer of “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”.


6. Disney Items

I am also a big Disney fan. I love Disney Collectors Items and Disney movie boxes. I love everything that has to do with Disney. You can never do me wrong with a Disney related gift!


8. Liu Jo

Like every girl in the world, I love handbags. I especially love the Handbags from Liu Jo. They are very beautiful, pratical and not overpriced.


9. A trip to London

I would love to go to London with my boyfriend. He has never been there and every excuse to go to London is a good one. What is one of the reasons why I love this city so much? Guess?? Harry Potter ofcourse. I would really like to visit the Harry Potter locations and the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio tour! That would be a dream come true


10. Babyliss Curling Iron 

This Curlin Iron is very nice because it kind of sucks your hair in the machine and it curls your hair for you! You don’t have to do all the work. You just have to put the hair in the curling iron and close it. It sucks up your hair and you have to wait a few seconds. When it beeps you just need to open the curling iron and your hair is a curl! I have seen different youtube reviews on this and I would really like to have it now!

Here is a video that shows you how it works! :


These are the gifts I would really like the most! Obviously I will never get them all but a few of these would make me extremely happy! I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas blogpost about Christmasgifts. Maybe I gave you some great ideas? Let me know!



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