My name is Laura and I’m 19 years old. My friends and boyfriend always say that I’m good at writing (I don’t think I am, but I like it so I don’t care what people think). So I started a blog. I’m going to write about my life, feelings and struggles. I’m going to talk about loads of different stuff but first I’m going to introduce myself a little…

My name is Laura, as I mentioned earlier. I have 2 brothers who regularly get on my nerves and I have lovely parents. I have loads of cats (14 to be exact) … yeah, I know OMG SO MANY… I’m kind of addicted I guess, so uhm if you’re not a cat-person I would strongly recommend you to not read my blog. You are warned… I also have 2 dogs by the way, I guess you could say I’m an animal-person (my favorite animal is a tiger… what a suprise) I sing and I play the guitar, and I also write songs. My friends always tell me I’m really good at it and that I have to do something with my “extreme talent”, but I’m too lazy I guess. I’m a student in Ghent and I’m studying psychologie. People say that most psychologists are a little crazy and that they have to be a little abnormal to become insanely brilliant. I can be a little crazy sometimes so I think I found my future job. I live in Belgium. Rain, bad politics and loads of things to cry about before you go to bed, but the chocolate helps me get through the rainy days. Just like I’m addicted to cats, I’m addicted to movies and series. I guess you could say I know a little bit about every movie/series you can think of. The series I watch are : Game of thrones ( the one with the dragons, the fire girl and the drinking dwarf), the vampire diaries (the one with the vampires and the love triangle), gossip girl (the one with the spoiled brats), glee ( the one with the singing nerds), degrassi (the high school one), desperate houswives ( the one with the four women who always fuck everything up), faking it ( the one with the lesbian and another girl who thinks she’s not lesbian but probably is and will date her best friend eventually), friends(the one with all the friends ), grey’s anatomy (the one with the doctors and the drama), pretty little liars (the one with the 4 friends who are haunted by a creep who tries to kill them but doesn’t reveal anything which will cause the series to last for probably +- 40 seasons), sherlock (the one with… i think everyone knows the story), teen wolf (the one with the … wolves) the originals (the one with all the mystical creatures you can think of), true blood (the one with all the blood), … I can probably go on like this for a while… And I’m not gonna sum up all the movies I’ve watched because my computer will probably explode from overcapacity. But I can sum up the movies that are my favorites : harry potter (all of them), back to the future, seven, the hunger games, star wars, lord of the rings, disney generally , most of the marvel movies, the tarantino movies and loads of other movies I can’t think of right now.

So uhm, I guess that’s about everything there is to know about me. If you want to know more about me I suggest you keep reading my blog


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