As you might have already noticed, I’m a cat person. Like seriously, I’m actually addicted to cats. We have 14 cats at my place, I know that’s kinda crazy, but it’s not as chaotic as you might think. I love all our cats very much, but there is one cat that has a special place in my heart…

Her name is Frosty, she is a british shorthair and she is everything to me. If something might happen to her, I would probably drown in my own tears. She kinda looks like a better looking version of grumpy cat and she loves cuddling. She is white-ish and has a brown nose. She is also brownish around her eyes, paws and ears. And to make it even cuter, she has extremely blue eyes.

I first saw her in a petstore. I looked her in the eyes, and I fell in love instantly. She walked straight towards me and started making the cutest noises you can imagine.(She sometimes reminds me of a little pig because she makes pignoises in her sleep… Not very loud ones but like very small pignoises). But anyways, I bought her and I couldn’t keep my hands of her. She if extremely soft and probably the cutest cat on the planet…

So to show my love for her I wrote a poem :

Frosty, with her eyes so blue,
she always bites holes in my shoe,
she has brown socks on her feet,
and she makes my life complete,
She can always make me smile,
And she has so much style

without her I would be lost,
I will always love my frost!

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