Christmas Wishlist 2020

This shitty year deserves a very large christmas wishlist. Are you ready to get some christmas gift inspo? Let’s go!

Impala Skates in Rosé Gold (!)

People who really know me know that I’m a big 80’s fan. If I could go back to the 80’s, I would. This year I discovered how much I love being outdours. I’ve always been a big fan of inline skating and I loved doing it as a child. This year I saw a lot of people roller skating in Antwerp and I kinda got jealous. So this year I would LOVE for Santa to bring me some Impala skates. I found these Rosé gold ones and I just adore them! I have a size 38 if anybody wants to buy me this haha!

Skating protective wear (!)

Ofcourse I would also like some protective wear to go skating such as a helmet! As girly as possible please!

Helmet Link

Protective wear Link

Ring light (!)

Since I’ve been able to make social media my part time job, I would love to have some supplies for making my content even better! A ring light would be very handy not only for TikTok but also for the vlog!

Ring Light Link

Lush or other cosmetics

I’m always super happy with lush or other cosmetics like bodyshop! The more christmas themed the better haha. I would also love to have the hair mist from Guerlain. It smells so good!

Perfume link

Lush link

Jewellery stand

I’ve been wearing more and more jewellery and I find it difficult to put them away when I take them off. I found this cute stand with marble and gold, and I’m in love!


Cordless vacuum cleaner (!)

Yes, I’m getting old and I would love to have a new vacuum cleaner..

Vacuum link

Curling Iron for big curls (!)

I already have a curling iron for small curls but I would really like to have one for big curls, especially since I’m growing my hair out a little!

Curling Iron link

Casio watch / a new bracelet for my fitbit

I really like wearing my fitbit but it doesn’t always go with my outfit because it’s so sporty. A more classy band would be very nice, but also a golden Casio watch is high on my wishlist!

Rosé golden fitbit bracelet link

A cute phone case

Since I’m on my phone a lot, I’d really like a cute phone case for my Iphone 11. This one from casetify is super cute, but I also think a new one by Antwerp Avenue is coming out soon. It has “Future Millionaire” on it and I LOVE the design. Can’t add a photo yet tho because it’s not out yet.

Casetify case

A new pillow set / new blanket

Our pillows/blanket for in our coach are getting worn out. I would love to have a new set of pillows/warm blanket for christmas in a pink-ish vibe. Something pastel pink or dusty pink. Something like this for example:

Link pillow

Link pillow

Link blanket

Anythink Hunkemoller Cosy Collection

Onesies, pillows, socks, slippers. If it’s cosy, I’ll love it!

Hunkemoller website

Last but not least, anything cute, cosy, fun, harry potter, cooking, girly, handbag or clothes related I would love haha

Hope you have some inspo for your wishlist, tell me what you want in the comments!



Our France Route

Hi! Time for a much requested post … Our France trip! I’ll tell you our itinerary and show you some photos, share some tips and sometimes some food hotpots!

Day one:
The first day we left Belgium very early in the morning (5:30) to arrive in Rouen at about 9:00. Rouen is a little city in Normandy. It’s the town where Joan of Arc was killed. The houses are very picturesque and cute. It’s very nice to walk around this little city and just take it all in. When we arrived, we first did a little walk up the mountain to get a great view of Rouen. More info about that in this link: Also the cathedral and the market square are fun to visit. We ate lunch in Rouen and drove off to our next destination!

After Rouen it was time for some fairytale action! We visited Château de Chambord in the afternoon! This castle is breathtaking and amazing to visit. The gardens are very big, you can even rent out a small golf cart to drive around the gardens. The staircase is the biggest eye catcher since it looks like it comes straight out of Harry Potter. Really loved this castle and also the region in which it is located is amazing!

After our visit to this amazing castle, we drove to Blois. A very cute little town with an amazing vibe. We had the best dinner of our trip here and I really recommend you going here if you’re visiting the region: L’assiette au boeuf. The best Confit de Canard of my life!

Day two:
The second day we visited another castle in the region. We took a beautiful drive by the Loire river and arrived at the most beautiful castle ever: Château de Chenonceau. We liked this castle even better than the first one because of the romantic feel it had. The castle has this beautiful bridge over the Loire and we noticed that you could take a kayak to go under it. We were a bit sad we didn’t know that earlier because that looked amazing! There are also a lot of gardens and animals to discover on the domain.

After the castle visit, we drove to Saint-émilion. The oldest wine region in France filled with the biggest amount of vineyards I’ve ever seen. A very cute town with medieval vibes where you can drink a lot of wine in a LOT of different wine bars. If you want wine, this is the place to be. It’s very laid back and you get a big vacay feeling when you’re strolling around the cobbled streets and getting lost in the old french vibes. After an amazing dinner, and wine ofcourse, we slept in an ibis budget not far from the city centre.

Day three:
Time to wake up and visit Bordeaux, the Southern version of Paris. And it did no disappoint, this place was one of my favorites of this trip. It’s so beautiful and it looks like a mix of Paris with a Spanish city. Bordeaux has one of the biggest shopping streets in the world and there are loads of nice places to eat! Just wander around here and take it all in. We ate lunch here in an Italian restaurant and then it was time for another must visit!

After lunch in Bordeaux, we drove to Carcassonne to make our medieval dreams come true. This walled city is gorgeous and you can wander around in it for hours. When you approach the city, you can see the walls from the old town from afar and it’s just breathtaking. Inside you have a lot of fun shops and you can walk on the walls if you like to feel as if you’re the owner of a castle. If you’re in Carcassonne, don’t forget to eat Cassoulet! There are a lot of good places where you can eat it because it’s a traditional dish with a medieval touch. Do look it up on Tripadvisor because there are a lot of tourist traps too! We slept outside of the walls in a hotel with parking. We recommend looking for a hotel with parking because Carcassonne is very busy and that way you don’t have to stress.

Day Four:
Time to go to THE FRENCH RIVIERA. We stayed in Nice for four nights and used it as a base to visit the Côte d’azur. The first day we just relaxed in Nice and had a very nice cocktail in Movida. We had dinner in the amazing La favola. The pasta portions are huge, be warned :D!

Day five:
The second day in Nice we visited the old town and the harbour. We ate Socca, one of the local dishes. Chez Theresa was the place where we found the best local lunch snacks! It’s owned by a cute family and you feel very welcomed but also the food was sooo good! In the evening we went to Saint-Paul-De-Vence. This little town with beautiful cobbled streets and breathtaking views is a MUST DO! Just walk around and take it all in, you can even walk on the walls. We ate in Le Tilleul and it was extremely good food in the most romantic setting, big recommendation!

Day six:
Today we went to Menton. We took a scenic drive (grand corniche) and had beautiful views of the coastline and Monaco on the way over. We hired a sunbed for the entire morning and we just loved it because the water was perfect! The buildings have pastel colours and they have an italian vibe. Not surprisingly because Menton is only 2 km away from the Italian border. It wasn’t touristic at all and our favorite place of the entire trip. This town is also the town of the lemons, so you can enjoy the most tasty but cheap lemonades ever!

In the afternoon we visited Monaco. We don’t recommend you going in the afternoon tho, it was almost impossible to find any parking. You don’t need a lot of time to discover Monaco and it’s not very breathtaking but it is one of those things you just have to see in your life. The harbour, casino and castle are the must sees!

In the evening we ate some of the best pizza’s we’ve ever had on the beach in Nice! They were from this place called Pizza Pili!

Day seven:
Today we just chilled by the pool 🙂

Day 8 – 12:
We stayed in the Provence for about 5 days and mostly chilled by the pool, but we also visited some nice towns. First of all we really liked L’isle-sur-la-sorgue. It’s nice to walk around here and take a peek inside all of the local shops. You can eat dinner and lunch by the water, which is very nice and relaxing. There are a lot of restaurants here to choose from and you can also eat a lot of ice cream :D! Pernes-les-fontaines was a very quiet little town and there wasn’t a lot to do, but it’s a nice place to get dinner after a pool day!

We weren’t a big fan of Gordes. It was very busy and to be honest there wasn’t a lot to see there. We did like Roussillon though! This town has very pretty colors (yellowish) and you can visit The Provençal Colorado. It looks like a little American nature park and a little hike is a perfect way to switch up the relaxing for once!

We also visited Avignon and really liked “palais de papes”. You get an Ipad with a virtual reality view of the palace. It gives you the opportunity to compare now VS then. The town is a perfect day trip in between relax days. Last but not least we also visited Abbaye Notre-Dame de Senanque. Go in the early morning to avoid crowds!

Last day:
After all of the relaxing, it was time for one last day filled with adventure! We rented a canoe at ‘Canoes Service’ in the Ardèche and it was so much fun! We saw the Pont d’arc and it was breathtaking. After the canoeing we also visited two little towns that are definitely worth a visit: Balazuc and Vogué

This was our trip to France! Let me know what you would like to visit and what you thought about my post! Subscribe to my blog for more travel routes.

Bye x

Where to go for Coffee in Antwerp!?

Hi guys! I’ve been in Antwerp for over a year now, time has gone by so fast! I’ve already discovered a lot of cool places to eat and drink and since I’m a total coffee addict, I thought it was time for a “Coffee in Antwerp” post! So here we go! These are my favorite places for Coffee in Antwerp!

  1. Kaffeenini

If you love a fun vibe and amazing people bringing you coffee, Kaffeenini is the place to be! They have very fun coffee combinations such as one with whipped cream and banana on top! The coffee is very good but also the setting is so cute and cosy! It’s located on a nice square in the middle of the city. And not only the coffee is great, they also have amazing bagels! Those bagels might be the best I’ve ever had. And if you’re not a big coffee fan, they also have yummy lemonades and tea! Big recommendation this place 🙂

2. St Simonne

St Simonne has that neighborhood coffeeshop vibe coming straight out of Gilmore Girls vibe down! The owner is so nice and you’re always welcomed as a friend! This coffeeshop is located on the prettiest square of Antwerp, in my opinion. It’s so cosy and the coffee, but also the hot chocolate, is great! I also had an amazing chai latte here! They are always innovating and trying new things such as pizza’s to share but they also have a fun brunch formula for on the weekends. If you want to find a cosy neighborhood vibe in the middle of busy Antwerp, this is the place to be!

3. Butchers Coffee

Welcome to a coffee shop straight out of London. I love the vibe of this coffee shop, it’s always busy which makes it cosy and fun because you feel like you’re in the place to be. The coffee is great and they have amazing brunch options such as pancakes with bacon, one of my favorites! But the eggs benedict is also soooo good! Must try this one.

4. Charlie’s

No kidding, this place has the best chai latte you can find. I’ve been to India and this place nails the Chai like a boss! Not only the chai but the coffee is also yummy. The vibe is amazing and you’re in the middle of the most beautiful part of Antwerp. The place is definitely worth your visit!

So far these are my favorite places for coffee, but I’m sure that I’ll find a lot of other places this year. So stay tuned and subscribe to my blog! If you have any suggestions for me to try out, tell me in the comments!

Have a nice week peeps ❤

My experience with the Keto Diet and why I’m no longer a fan.

Hi guys! Long time no blogpost. I thought it would be nice to share my experience with the keto diet since I’ve tried it twice. Actually really tried it once. Some of you may remember because I posted some recipes about it online. The first time I just tried it for a month and I didn’t really get into ketosis all the time because I still ate too many carbs (to get into ketosis). I think it was more of a “Low carb” diet experience the first time. Thinking about it, I just ate more veggies and a less carbs without counting calories or tracking my macro’s. The second time I tried keto for 2,5 months and I did get into ketosis. I did it the “right way” the second time. Tracking my carb intake and everything. Today I want to write about what I experienced when being in ketosis the second time and what my experience of it was.

I’m that kind of person that likes to try out new things that seem interesting to me. I like to experiment with things and challenge myself with something. That’s why I thought, why not try out that keto diet that literally everybody is talking about? Let’s make it an experiment and see if it works or not. The first time I just ate less carbs and didn’t really get into it very much. The second time on the other hand, I researched on the internet, bought some books and dived right in. So does it work? Yes, it works, when you’re in constant ketosis and give up a lot of your carb intake, you will lose weight. SIDENOTE: You will also lose a lot of water weight and not hold a lot of water weight anymore because you’re body doesn’t hold on to it for very long due to the low carb intake. So, you lose weight BUT there are some things that I’ve experienced that not only didn’t make it worth it, the things I experienced also made me realize that keto isn’t the best way to be healthy and happy in your own body.

First of all, when you’re on a keto diet you go through something called the “keto flu”. I was tired, dizzy and had incredible headaches. I read that you should take extra elekrolytes with salt and minerales because you’re body dehydrates quicker when in ketosis. When I started noticing that I had to drink a lot of ORS (elektrolytes) to feel good, I started realizing: “Is this diet really healthy, if I need to take extra things I normally don’t need when I’m just on a normal diet?”. If I need extra vitamins to stay healthy, than the diet isn’t healthy. Or am I wrong? I also started noticing I was tired quicker in the gym and it was hard to go on for longer in my workouts. It was very frustrating to see that I couldn’t progress in the gym. Every time I wanted to do a cheaky cheat day and get some fries, I had to go through the keto flu process all over again.

So that brings me to my second point, you notice when your body is out of ketosis and then you feel bad about yourself because that means you ate too many carbs. It’s very hard not to get obsessed with your macro’s and tracking your carb and fat intake. It’s very hard to maintain a social life and having to explain to your mom that you can’t eat pasta because you’re on this crazy diet. It’s hard to be obsessing over “how many carbs are in this?” or “does this have enough fat?”. It’s hard not being able to go to a restaurant without that feeling guilty because you know with every bite you eat, you’ll get closer to being out of ketosis. And yes, I was lighter and wasn’t hungry as much as before, but one week after stopping my keto diet, I gained weight and looked bloated. Not very good for your confidence. I did know it was going to happen because of all the research I did. I was prepared and could handle it, but I can imagine that some people can’t really go through that. I can imagine that it leads to feeling bad about yourself and going back to unhealthy ways because hell, even keto doesn’t work! This diet is very restrictive and I felt bad when I ate too many carbs. I was sad when I couldn’t eat a cookie because of the restrictions from the diet. Mentally, keto is just not the right way to go in my opinion. If you’re fragile and have mental issues easily, just maybe don’t try it? I’m just telling you guys what I experienced and what I think, but that is my opinion at the moment.

Think of going on vacay? Brings me to my third point. Don’t think you’ll be able to maintain the diet on vacation, do you even want that? When you’re in Italy under the sun and you could enjoy a big plate of pasta? When I was in France this year I noticed that I was bloated from pasta and pizza so much! More than before. I’m starting to think that it might have something to do with my keto diet. I’m totally not sure about this, but I just have a gut feeling (pun intended hehe). I have always had a lot of problems with bloating but lately it’s been painful and extreme. I can’t help but think that my body just reacts badly to white carbs now. I don’t have the problem with whole grain pasta but it’s very frustrating on vacation. Keto was fun at first. I liked getting to know new food combinations and learned to eat a lot more veggies. But you can’t maintain it for the rest of your life, and I don’t think it’s that healthy. I read that it could have some bad effects on your gut in the long run f.e. Why is it not healthy? Because when you look at it from a neutral perspective, it’s just not a balanced diet. You can’t go without all of your macro’s (protein, carbs and fat). You need all of them in some way. Yes some more veggies than meat, and no not pasta every meal. But also not fat every meal right? That’s not balanced. And that’s what I realized after a while. I was sick, tired and I couldn’t enjoy pizza hut. And when I did enjoy it, I got to go through a flu again, have guilt feelings and I got to be extremely bloated for a day or two.

So what did I do after keto. I was very bloated when I stopped and, surprise surprise, I gained weight. I knew that was going to happen because I researched it (I’m a nerd). But it did play with my head, that’s normal I think. That makes you human, having insecurities. But after the keto diet I realized, you know what. I’m just going to do it the normal way. No, I didn’t want to go to paste 4 times a week again. One thing keto had taught me is that veggies are soooo yummy and that there are so many cool food combo’s to make. So I decided to just start making balanced meals, loads of veggies, less meat, whole grain carbs but also sometimes cauliflower rice (because I really liked it). There is no magical pill or solution to being healthy and balanced, just eat balanced. I started to eat until I was full and I started listening to my body. “My plate doesn’t have to be empty, maybe I can make a lunch out of my leftovers!” I sometimes still track calories because it helps me, but not in a toxic way. It keeps me on my toes. That’s a decision you need to make for yourself I guess. And since I’ve been doing that, I feel so good about myself. I don’t feel bad after a cookie or some pasta. Due to keto I had this devil in my mind always screaming “Those are carbs, be careful!!”. Even when I stopped with keto I had that for a few weeks. That voice is gone now and now the only voice I’m listening to is my body. If I want a cookie, I’ll take one. But I’ll stick to a healthy balance because I know how I feel mentally and physically when I eat to much “junk”. I found a balance, after all of the experimenting, and I feel stronger than ever.

If you want to try keto, go ahead, I did it too and I even promoted it on my page because hell, it worked. But it’s only good on the short term. I realized that and wanted to share my experience. You can’t do keto for the rest of your life, so why not find a healthy balance that you can maintain until you’re a grandma and start being happy?

K. Bye peeps ❤